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The four-piece ensemble Incendio's debut, Misterioso, is driven to varied-tempo levels of exotica and energetic excitement by the Strunz & Farah-like dual-guitar interaction of leader Jim Stubblefield (who plays the lead melodies) and Jean-Pierre Durand (who carries the rhythm lines). The two are certainly capable of those astounding, lightning quick passages that sound like dueling bumble bees. On "Luna," for instance, Stubblefield darts off the main melody line every few bars for sparkling solos that dare Durand to roll along faster.

But the real joys of the disc come when the two go after a more lilting sound closer to that of Ottmar Liebert, but with more aggressive percussion pizzazz. The title track is a fitting example: the guitars swirl like hypnotic harp strings over a tender soundscape and then Nicole Falzone's pitter-patter percussion. Stubblefield and Durand then sway along beneath a lush, emotional violin solo by guest Novi Novog. While the guitar and percussion weavings are the core of the Incendio sound, Novog's few appearances and the staccato horn-section accents of "Festival Del Luces" add some necessary color. Durand also reveals a nice touch on acoustic piano, calling forth lush harmonies beneath Stubblefield's sweet, loping melody on "Emerald Sea."

Recorded live at two separate concerts, one during daytime and the other at night, “Dia y Noche” is an exploration of the fusion of Latin rock with Latin jazz and various South American styles like bossa nova, salsa, and others. The day show was recorded at the Strawberry Festival in early 2004 while the night show was from the Countrywide Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza later that year. Both shows expose Incendio incendiary instrumentation and crafty arrangements. -

9 out of 10!
With a sensational mixture of music from all around the globe, Incendio, which means fire in Italian and Spanish, lives up to its name. The latest installment from the band, Dia y Noche, creates the experience of a live performance wherever you listen to the album. The sultry Spanish guitar resonates through every track and is accompanied by Celtic, Middle Eastern, Jazz, and many other styles to produce incredible melodies. The talent of the musicians is evident on each track. In each song, you can hear the love and passion Incendio has for music. Dia y Noche is more than just an album, it is a showcase of excellent talent. -

"Incendio" is the Italian word for fire. Considering the aural pyrotechnics on display with this release, it's not hard to see that the name is quite fitting. INCENDIO is an album of Spanish guitar virtuosity with a healthy dose of ethnic spice thrown into the mix. The music has a smooth fluidity, reminiscent of "nouveau flamenco" innovators like Ottmar Liebert or Jesse Cook. The four-member group gets points for style with their sinuous Middle Eastern flavors, energetic Latin rhythms and playful jazz. Passion, however, remains the music's central attribute, and INCENDIO proves that the group can still balance fire and romance with the greatest of ease.
- Music Design

Diversity of style is what makes Illumination an engaging listen. While purists may be offended by the electronic grooves in a few numbers, such as the poppy "Rambla Pacifica" and the Arabic-flavored title track, Incendio's Jim Stubblefield, Liza Carbe, and Jean-Pierre Durand--playing Spanish and steel-string guitars--get away with it because they're playing live and not sampling themselves. The threesome also utilizes the skills of many notable guest musicians, including drummer and percussionist Joe Shotwell, viola player Novi Novog, and flautist Steve Marsh. The beat-driven "Prajapati" plays off an Indian vibe, "Capetown Juerga" employs a jazzy approach, "La Corrida" invokes traditional flamenco, and the romantic ballad "Sophia" exudes immense crossover appeal. In fact, crossover is the operative word for the whole album. Old-school Latin and flamenco guitar buffs might not be as impressed as other listeners, but throughout Illumination, Stubblefield, Carbe, and Durand prove they have the chops to generate some gratifying Latin guitar fusion. -

The title of the opening song on Incendio's acoustic INTIMO gives an idea of where the quintet is coming from -"Jaco y Paco". World beat, fusion, and nouveau flamenco are a few of the elements that intertwine with dashes of Pastorius and de Lucia- all delivered with danceable and sweating intensity. Guitarists Jim Stubblefield and Jean-Pierre Durand will automatically draw comparisons with Strunz and Farah, although I've also read comparisons with Ottmar Liebert. That may have been more the case on the group's Illumination (from 2001- on Paras), where Middle Eastern and new age influences crept in, but this stripped-down, live-in-the-studio set, which the band released on it's own label, has more cajones than anything I've heard Ottmar do. - Vintage Guitar Magazine

If you're looking for a cookie-cutter, formulaic Smooth Jazz recording, start looking elsewhere. That being said, I view the fact that Incendio doesn't fit into any mold as a positive thing. Fresh and vibrant, SEDUCTION, their 5th release, is akin to sitting in a smoky bar and then stepping out into pure mountain air... just breathe it all in and relish the liberation. Based in Los Angeles, the trio (Jean-Pierre Durand on guitar and keyboards; Jim Stubblefield on guitar; and Liza Carbe on bass and guitar) perform extensively throughout the country with the Catalina Jazz Festival, the Strawberry Folk Music Festival in Yosemite, the Verizon Music Festival in L.A., the Sundance Film Festival and the NAB and NATPE Conventions in Las Vegas being just some of the highlights. Their music has been heard on television shows (i.e.: HBO's "Resurrection Boulevard") and radio stations throughout the world. Scorching and resplendent with vitality from the very start, "Isla Verde" exudes passion and tangible electricity. Equally delicate and turbulent, "Secret Traveler" is another standout track. Many layers of exquisite showmanship had me hitting the repeat button several times. Steeped in romance, both "Malaga Sunset" and "Ledges Road" are beguiling and hypnotic and not to be missed. Incendio couldn't have chosen a more apt title for this release, as SEDUCTION is truly just that... a seduction of both the ears and heart. -


Misterioso (Natural Elements Records, 2000)
Illumination (Paras Recordings, 2001)
Intimo (Incendio Music, 2003)
Incendio (New World Music, 2003)
Dia y Noche (Incendio Music, 2005)
Dia y Noche (Incendio Music, 2005) CD+DVD
Seduction (New World Music, 2006)
Vihuela (Incendio Music, 2009)



The veteran Los Angeles-based songwriter/musicians collectively known as INCENDIO knew the kind of inspired passion and energy they wanted to convey when they named their band in 1999. The Latin guitar world fusion created by guitarists JIM STUBBLEFIELD, JEAN-PIERRE DURAND, and LIZA CARBE' has received international acclaim, and their reputation as a live act has spread. The band creates a polyrhythmic swirl of multiple Latin American music forms (boleros, cumbias, salsa, tango, mambo and the indigenous Peruvian valses criollos) and combines them with Indian, Arabic and Celtic flavors. Then they add just the right touch of jazz improvisation and dynamics, and the sizzling result is what one Incendio fan calls edge of your seat music. On the strength of touring to promote their seven CD's, The very-much-in-demand INCENDIO has built a core fan base (many of whom follow the band from city to city, club to club, festival to festival) and a yearly touring schedule that averages 150 shows a year.