Incident 14

Incident 14


Incident 14 is a 5 piece "Spunk Rock" band from Boston, Ma. Besides a unique sound and 2 full-length albums, I-14 also packs an explosive and entertaining live show.


Founded in the summer of 2001, Incident 14 is a 5-piece Spunk Rock band from Boston, Ma. For the past 2 years the band has been touring, promoting and recording their unique and self-proclaimed Spunk Rock sound. The Spunk Rock genre is a spiced up mixed of punk rock with a blend of alternative and pop, leaving out the angry teenage angst and other common traits found in the increasingly growing group of teen pop/punk bands. Over the past few years, I-14 has released two full length albums: Devil In Disguise (2002) and Spunk Rock Revolution (2003). With a variety of influences and backgrounds, Incident 14 exposes themselves with a unique and refreshing sound, and fills the stage with one of the most explosive stage shows in New England.


Big Ol' Behind Single EP (2002) (c)
Devil In Disguise LP (2002) (c)
Spunk Rock Revolution LP (2003) (c) (p)

Hello Best Friend (Spunk Rock Revolution)
Promise Me Something (Spunk Rock Revolution)

Set List

Incident 14 plays gigs that ask for a wide varety of set times ranging from a half hour, to a full 2-hour set.

Typical 30 minute set includes:
1)Beggin' For More
2)Six Feet Under
3)Time Machine
5)Generic Love Song #1
7)Hello Best Friend
8)Big Ol' Behind

Incident 14 also has a large repertoire of cover material that they use sparatically throughout their longer sets.

cover material includes songs from:
Weezer, Good Charlotte, The Proclaimers, Ozma, Lit, Nada Surf, and Green Day, as well as theme songs i.e. Ghostbusters, Fraggle Rock, and a Disney Medley.