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Incline and FavelaFamily

 Centerville, Massachusetts, USA


Press Release, Spring 2010: New Album!

Incline is from Jamaica, with a classic reggae voice, clear as a bell, and a boundless spirit. DrO is from Brazil, multi-instrumentalist and producer extraordinaire. Together they are Incline and Favela Family and they are creating a grooving fusion of the coolest sounds, with a vibe you can depend on.

The first track, My People sets the tone for the album. It's not a reggae song, but with Incline's uplifting vocal and DrO's percussion you will feel as if you might be listening to a lost track from The Harder They Come. Second up is Reach Out, featuring an inspiring rap from Bobby Fray, Incline keeping the mood going with an upbeat reggae rhythm, electric piano by Yusaku Yoshimura (MASSPYKE-GHETTO PEOPLE BAND), and bass
work from Nate 'Dog' Edgar (JOHN BROWN'S BODY).

Johnny is a standout. The feel-good chorus captures the dedication of these musicians to their art, for the sheer love of it: "Keep on doing what you're doing, Johnny / It's not all about fame and money / Living the passion of your dream because you love it / You gonna be alright". on guitar, master sound engineer and producer, Will Holland; on drums, Nathan Sabanayagam (CHINNA SMITH, KING'S HIGHWAY); and the
wonderful Sara Brindell on backing vocals.

Ain't No Sunshine is a cover of the classic Bill Withers song, with Inigo Rizo Pathon from DELTA WAVE on piano and keys, making everyone's soul shake. What follows is another highlight, Smoke Me Up, an exuberant funky paean to getting stoned. Here, we've got Nathan Sabanayagam again on drums, and keyboardist Zack Brines, from Boston old-school reggae band, PRESSURE COOKER. The funk now transitions seamlessly to the blues/rock of Rebel, kicking off with a pitch-perfect guitar intro from Kevin Irlen and held down by the fever-hot drumming of Drummie Zeb of the original BOB MARLEY AND THE WAILERS (plus ISRAEL VIBRATION, EEK A MOUSE, a reggae tribute to BOB DYLAN, GREGORY ISAACS, THE RAZOR POSSE, KENNY
CHESNEY, and so many others...).

Sunny, a cover of Bobby Hebbs' 1966 hit, is a triumph. The horns, performed by Jeevas, trombone player with
one of Brazil's most famous bands, SKANK, and the bossa nova rhythm put down by Drummie Zeb -- instantly transport the listener to the 60's without at all attempting to mimic the original.

Finally we have Fast Lane, a true reggae song. At this point, you realize that most of what's come before hasn't been reggae, but nevertheless all shares that unmistakably soulful sound. The instrumentals that complete the album: Talk to Me, featuring on guitar, Alex Gonzales from DELTA WAVE, and Favelize - se (roughly translated as "mix your soul"), featuring Kevin Irlen and Jeevas on guitar and trombone -- serve to further showcase Incline and DrO's knack for working with a multitude of different musicians to lay down consistently tight, soulful tracks.

The vibe of My People is spreading rapidly around the world, spinning out from its roots in Jamaica, Brazil,
and chilly Cape Cod. The album was mixed by Will Holland, DrO, and Incline, and mastered by the brilliant Eric Welsh of CHILLHOUSE STUDIOS, who (among countless other accomplishments) has toured the USA and UK recording live concert CD's for likes of THE PIXIES, BILLY IDOL, KENNY LOGGINS, and THE DOORS OF 21st CENTURY.

Now, with the release of My People stateside, we can all join the extended Incline
and Favela Family and groove to these inspired new sounds!


My People

Written By: Kevin Haywood

My People

Every time I think about my people
I seems to think about pain
Rather like an instrument
And the song it plays
Like no other instrument can
I’m a living on a cold, hard street
And not a dusty road
Not a cotton bale left a load
I’m singing, pain on my people holding hands
As they go along the road

I here my mama sing
Hush, don’t you cry my son
Cause every thing is just for a while
Mama lovie sing, Hush, don’t you cry
Even though it hurt inside my child
Mama lovie sing, Hush, never you cry
Even though we've been down on slaver's wage
Salvation last for ever, never feel the pain
It's gonna take my people away
I said it's gonna take my people away

It seems to me no matter where my people go
They fighting to leave the pain
What so painful? Moving out of one tenement
Into another tenement again
When you been living in a miserable lane
Between gloom and dispair
Paradise it ain't seem so near
Better living, pain on my people holding hands
As they trod the street of fear

I here my mama sing...

It’s gonna take my people away
Take my people away...

My mama say
You got to live thing down sometime my son
And forget the pain
Let my word be redeemed and proceed to believe
That only change can't remain the same
Mama, now I know it's such a complicated life
But when you settle down ina the flow
You deal with the good and bad
As it comes along , whoa-oh , and keeps on the go

I here my mama sing...


Written By: Calvin Wiggins


Through the passage of time, I'm trying with the clothes line
It seem like the people they no love me design
It makes me wonder, if me should-a resign
And go look a job down on the front line
Forget the dream that I have in my mind
Live my life one day at a time
Find me a girl who really don't mind
If we drive a hoop-tie with the wheels out a line
We reminisce on the past, chilling on me recline
Incline in time...

I said to keep on doing' what you're doing', Johnny
You might-a end up over there, with a Grammy
You might-a end up with your pocketful of money
You're gonna be all right
I said to keep on doing' what you're doing', Flemmo
You might-a end up over there, in a limo
You might have them girl feedin' you jello
You're gonna be all right

I tried dishwashing, down at the steakhouse
I tried bar tending, down at the brew house
I tried some painting, but that was just a tryout
I did mechanic, but that didn't work out
I love entertainment, but it na payout
But no give up, their must be a way out!

I said to keep on doing' what you're doing', Johnny...

Perseverance, with the right attitude
That will make you do anything you want to do
So clean up the wrath from out of your heart
Let some positive thoughts, Be your reward
To accomplish you have to analyze this
Ignorance, my friend, just don't make it
No, we tell the kids that...

I said to keep on doing' what you're doing', Johnny...

I said to keep on doing' what you're doing', Johnny
It's not all about fame and the money
Living the passion of your dream because you love it
You're gonna be all right
Keep on doing' what you're doing', Flemmo
It's not all about riding in the limo
Setting an example for the world to follow
You're gonna be all right

Smoke me up

Written By: Calvin Wiggins

Smoke Me Up
Incline & Favela Family

Smoke me up
I said to smoke me up
Come on, and smoke me up
I said to smoke me up

Give me the weed, no give me no seed
Give me the weed, the real good weed
The high grade, me no want no seedy weed
Farmer man, me a-go give all the seed
In-a the field him have all kind of weed
Him have Blueberry and the Afghani
Juicy bud and the Marley Cali
Come api-ji, now with the sensi
Smoke and make music for everybody

Smoke me up...

Him have, Scooby doo, And lazy too,
Cushion ping and the Indica
Tell me Hydro, which one you prefer?
Come, Jack Stone, just pass the chillum
When him burn it he build brand new rhythm
Oba-gar-do, we have a new song to sing!

Smoke me up...

I'm high, Bobby high, Jack high, Nate-dog high
Hydro get high when he burn 'im finger
Tell me, isn't he a crazy fellow?
I don't give a damn, he's still my brother
Anywhere we go we a-go jam together

Smoke me up...


Written By: Calvin Wiggins

Incline & Favela Family

If you don't see me smiling
Not in the mood for no talking
So if you ask me a question
And get just a head signal
That mean I don't like your profile
Coming over with fake smile
This I want you to realize
That I already recognize

I'm a rebel in this fight
I'm a rebel in this fight
I'm a rebel in this fight
I'm a rebel in this fight

Say I might be in a bad mood
And looking for someone
Just looking for someone
To take out all of my frustration
So if you rub me the wrong way
You might not like what I have to say
Go and come back another day
To avoid another foul play

I'm a rebel in this fight...

I'm in the game for awhile
Eat from dogs and rob food from swine
Put down my foot for what is rightfully mine
Walk the walk and stop the talking
Before you be the next victim

I'm a rebel in this fight
I'm a rebel in this fight
I'm a rebel in this fight
I'm a rebel in this fight

Rebel, rebel, rebel...

Fast Lane

Written By: Calvin Wiggins

Fast Lane

Life in the fast lane
It risky and dangerous
Mixed up in guns and drugs
You lose it just like that
Life in the fast lane
Risky and dangerous
Mixed up with thugs and drugs
You lose it just like that

I'm way over here, looking out in the world
So much options to life, you can't imagine
'Cause experience teaches knowledge
And knowledge is a virtue
Nurture it
I've seen it before, that's how I can tell you
That life in the fast lane
It risky and dangerous
Risky and dangerous

As I see, that's what I speak
Stop and look, make sure it make sense
Before you get deep involved
In-a the project
You can learn from your mistakes
But you might not recover, no, no, no
Life in the fast lane
It risky and dangerous
Risky and dangerous

You a-run down the dollars, and na watch your back
When the feds them a-watch you from you a-set up shop
Give you the length of the rope to set your own trap
Initiate operation pressure point
Tap your phone, an take you from back
Take you out of the business
With no hopes to come back
Behind bars under security watch
Nine years of your life, just wasted like that

Risky and dangerous...


Talk to Me Single
My People CD

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