BandEDMHip Hop

Creating an atmosphere like no other, Incog utilises all of his technology to preform sets that will make the whole room bounce with a blend of his won original recordings to live on the fly remixes. It's not be missed!!


Incog has just finished a 6 month dj residency in spain and has returned to the uk. He started creating music at the age of 18 and in the past ten years he has created his own unique style which blends together every aspect of every genre he loves.

Having lived in many different countries and travelled the world practically he whole life there is a definate international feel to his music, which ranges from glitch- hop to chilled out dub step tracks. there is no specific genre...its just incog.


Stuck in a Rut
stomp it
are you ready
back to basics

Set List

its a surprise!!