"A fun loving collection of homosapiens, grooving’ the masses with the music Gandhi loved most…Rock & Roll" E. Presley "Just good clean fun for the whole family (disfunctional or not). Ann Landers


In-Cog-Nito is a grass roots Steamboat Springs Colorado band that has Zig-Zaged thru life rolling out one great tune after another. They light up the stage with their smoking rhythms. Look for them burning up your town soon...

2006 tour highlights include:

The Rio - Bolder Colorado
Opened for Los Lobos - Steambaot Springs Colorado
Got Kicked out of The Rainbow Fest 2007 by the Forest Service (You Gotta love That).
The Stephen Talkhouse - Amagansett, NY

New Album Being Recorded May 2007

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The Lazy River

Written By: Dave Hunt/Jim Dailey

The Lazy River Flows, She flows on by.
Unaware of purpose, unaware of time.
Flows past my window, flows through my mind...
Rolls past the levies, past the silos & Combines.
Lazy river flows...

It was August in the south, 2005.
Hot and sultry days, couldnít be denied.
Porch fans whorl, trying to keep the time.
The Gulf stream stirring, the winds of change blow by.
And the lazy river flows...

When the swells had passed, and the sea turned back to green.
The landscape that once was, now remains but a dream.
When the mighty levies broke, gave way to childrenís screams.
Tales of Sodom & Gomorra, are no longer that unseen.
Lazy river flows...

By the banks of the river, in the fringes of our minds.
The relevance of nature, is the relevance of mankind.
The mighty levies, the mighty Combines.
Are but crumbling, rusting dinosaurs, in the passing of geologic time
Lazy river flow....

Trials & Tribulations

Written By: Dave Hunt

Got on the bus, there was six of us
We were headed west, going to play our best
Trials and Tribulations, were waiting round the bend.....

The bus broke down, in a po-dunk town
But all we found, was a town shut down
Trials and Tribulations, just waiting for a friend....

Sun Came up
The town woke up
Found a man, Marty had a plan
Worked all day, to get us on our way
Trials and Tribulations.....

On the road again, gotta meet some friends
They’re waiting on us,and this God damn bus
Trials and Tribulations, I know we can transcend

We played all night, gotta get it right
Larry was outta sight, guze was there at Dawn’s first light
Trials and Tribulations, I mean to make amends.....

Split the scene,Headed for Eugene
Gonna make the coast , Before we raost
Hit I-84, Can’t take no more
Trials and Tribulations

Finally made it there, almost didn’t care
Pulled in at two, felt like 2 Live Crew
Trials and Tribulations, is this life on the road.

Gig got lost, trip’s gonna cost
Bus got caught ,on some big ass rocks....
Trials and Tribulations, ripping at my soul.

Back at the crib, we went ad lib
No longer alone, we found the tone
At the start, it was from the Heart
Trials and Tribulations.

Time to leave, hard to believe
back across the nation, with the ovation sensation
Trials and Tribulations, heart is on the mend.....

Finally made it home, don’t feel alone
Got on the phone, Klyph must think I’m stoned
Trials and Tribulations, ain’t buyin’ this at all....

At last pulled in, bus stunk of gin
No paper in sight, ate it all last night
Can’t get off the bus, fear I’ll lose the trust
Trials and Tribulations.


Trails & Tribulations - 2006 - Full Length CD

(Several cuts played on local Steamboat radio KFMU 104.5)

The band will be in the studio this spring recording their second album, which should be released by mid-summer 2007.

Set List

Typical Set List:
60% -80% Original material;
20%-40% Covers.
(Depending On The Gig)

All set lists can be viewed on our web site:

Length of sets: 1.5-2 hours