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"Garage Band Emerges"

Garage Band Emerges

‘Garage band' emerges
Local rockers In-Cog-Nito release debut CD

By Mike Lawrence

Friday, February 24, 2006

Stringed instruments of all kinds hang on the walls and lie on the floor. Recording equipment, amps and speakers are piled in corners, topped with crushed Coors cans beneath vintage concert posters and a hip-swinging Elvis cutout.

Heavy black Styrofoam soundproofs a sloped ceiling that is so low the drummer almost has to duck to play. Moving around requires stepping over wires and ducking under microphone stands. The neighbors get mad if the music doesn't stop by 10 p.m.

The effect is a familiar, beautiful scene.

"We're a garage band for sure, baby -- it's rock ‘n' roll," said Melanie Dailey, bass player and vocalist for the North Routt-bred band of fun-loving tricksters that calls itself In-Cog-Nito.

The latest incarnation of a group that has played on Routt County stages since about 1980 -- as various parts of bands including The Earplugs, Midlife Crisis, Incognito and the Nashville Rejects, Dr. Wu and More Spores -- this version of In-Cog-Nito has been together for about two years and recently released its debut CD, "Trials and Tribulations."

On Saturday, the band is scheduled to play a benefit performance for local speed skier Tim Magill at the Glen Eden Restaurant and Tavern in Clark.

North Routt is a favorite stomping ground for the band, which plays original and cover songs in rock, blues, reggae and jam band styles. Lead guitarist and vocalist Dave Hunt, a primary songwriter for In-Cog-Nito along with guitarist and vocalist Jim Dailey, lives in the Moonhill area near Hahn's Peak, where the band has played several shows.

During the summer, In-Cog-Nito had a frequent Sunday gig at Mambo Italiano in Steamboat Springs, and Melanie Dailey said they often play private parties and weddings.

Putting the CD together was a different gig altogether, the singer said.

"We went to this incredible studio in Denver and just got spanked, schooled hard," she said about Rocky Mountain Recorders.

That drove the band -- which also includes drummer and ski patroller Charlie Reynolds, keyboardist Jeff Clark and percussionists Khabir Salahadyn and Kimco (a Steamboat resident who prefers the single name, and, as Jim Dailey said, "is going Prince-style") -- to take its music to a new level.

"We've been practicing a bunch of stuff, and we've gotten so much better, even since the CD," Melanie Dailey said. "We're wanting to go back to the studio."

Judging by how they sounded in their east Steamboat garage Tuesday night, jamming to Hunt's vocals as they played the CD's cover track, another trip to the studio soon could be in order.

As long as they don't wake the neighbors.
- Steamboat Today

"Rainbow Fest Weekend"

Rainbow Weekend - 7/5/06

July 5th, 2006

On the 4th of July 230 years ago a document was signed that separated "The United States of America" from an Oppressive government that forced tariffs, denied rights of speech, rights to bear arms, rights to choice of a Religion, rights to assemble, and the rights to Redress the government. This document was titled the” Declaration of "Independence" and included "The Bill Of Rights". These documents are and remain the Foundation for what has become one of the greatest, civil, democratic, melting pots of society.

Today a local musical ensemble went to provide joy and entertainment to a group of "American" citizens who had congregated in a peaceful manner on federal land to exercise their rights under under the aforementioned Document to "assemble", and share their music.

When the musical ensemble arrived, they were met by Forest Service officials who stated that they were not allowed to be here for they were "taking part in an "Illegal assembly". They were then asked to produce Identification; asked for their purpose for being here: asked who they where hired by: and asked what compensation they would receive for performing. The ensemble explained they had not been hired, they were merrily coming to the gathering to share their music. They explained that they had received permission the prior day from the elders of the gathering, and asked why they needed to produce identification?

The officials gave no answer to the identification question, and stated that “We are in charge here, not the elders”, and if you stay you are assembling without a permit and will be ticketed”. The ensemble provided ID’s to the officials, and were told to wait. After 30 minutes the officials returned and told the ensemble, that they have two choices: leave now or be arrested. When the ensemble ask on what charges they would be arrested, they were told again that they were participating in an illegal gathering. The ensemble asked specifically under what federal Regulations they had the right to arrest anyone who assembled on federal land, and they were met with the answer, "No Permits Were Signed". The ensemble then asked where in the constitution (the law of the land), when we as "Americans" had to ask permission to assemble. When one of the ensemble asked again for specific statutes, one forest service officials produced a “pocket document”, and read at a rapid pace, an alleged regulation without citing any source. When the member requested clarification, the Forest Service official’s threatened to place the individual in handcuffs and take him to the local magistrate to answer his questions further.

After 60 more minutes of banter, two things became clear. The ensemble had the right to play music on forest service land (just not in the arbitrally created area know as the “Gathering”); and two if they did not leave they would be placed in handcuffs and arrested. The ensemble exercised their right to leave, but not before being told that they had no idea what this group was comprised of and how many subversive elements attended. One officer even went on to say that the ensemble’s music (of which he owns a CD) may trigger some animosity with some of the religious factions of the gathering. He felt that they may consider it to be “Satanic” and it may cause problems if we were to perform. He then stated that it would be the forest service’s responsibility to protect the ensemble if this were to take place. (Ironic, cops protecting hippies from hippies on public land. Strange days indeed). The ensemble was then escorted from the “Gathering” site.

We realize that many readers look at the “Rainbow Gathering” as a movement of the past. But the true nature of their cause touches each American citizen and it should examined more closely. The right to assemble is a precious privilege. It allows groups to congregate and air their opinions, openly and freely. This right transcends religious groups, political parties, and yes even hippies. Our fore fathers recognized this, for they witnessed first hand what happens when groups are not allowed to congregate. They become oppressed. We also recognize that for some the “permit” issue seems trivial at this point, and most groups would sign it without giving it a second thought. But each year new rules and regulations are added. And at some point groups may not be allowed to congregate simply because they don’t meet one of the criteria for the permit. We believe that when that day comes, it may take more than a friendly discussion with your local politician to correct matters.

(We would like to note, that we realize the Forest Service officials had their orders and the incident command team has their protocols, and we do not hold any ill feelings towards them {with the exception of the one ranger who would benefit by attending the next anger management training provided by the Forest Service – ASAP. We as a group are concerned and we are - The Local - Steamboat Springs Colorado


Trails & Tribulations - 2006 - Full Length CD

(Several cuts played on local Steamboat radio KFMU 104.5)

The band will be in the studio this spring recording their second album, which should be released by mid-summer 2007.



In-Cog-Nito is a grass roots Steamboat Springs Colorado band that has Zig-Zaged thru life rolling out one great tune after another. They light up the stage with their smoking rhythms. Look for them burning up your town soon...

2006 tour highlights include:

The Rio - Bolder Colorado
Opened for Los Lobos - Steambaot Springs Colorado
Got Kicked out of The Rainbow Fest 2007 by the Forest Service (You Gotta love That).
The Stephen Talkhouse - Amagansett, NY

New Album Being Recorded May 2007

Please visit our web site at