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"Thanks Gathering"

Thank you , for making this years thanksgathering unique. Every year brings
surprises and you guys were the biggest ! Great music and wonderfull fans !
Hope you had as much fun as the fans did . - Mark Bloomburg

"Music Menu"

The Charlotte-Based Mosquito (Ansley Wynn,Chad Thompson, Ryan Persaud, and William Stone) fomed back in '03, but do the party thing like it's 1999. There's tons of reference points here -- STS9, LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk, Phish, instrumental Beastie Boys, and Herbie Hancock, for starters -- but it's and enjoyably mellow melange nonetheless, and not one you have to check your cranium at the door for.... - Creative Loafing

"Councious Vibes benefit defines kyndmusic and right action"

"......Incognito Mosquito is probably one of the fastest and hottest bands out there in the scene. A Charlotte native, this quartet truly exemplifies what it means to be a funky “jam” band. Original as original can be with rapid buildups and with four different sounds coming from each player, thought out jazz compilations are only complemented with William Stone’s horrendously fast drum beats. Incognito Mosquito started off the evening with Pink Floyd’s “Run,” led by Ansley Wynn’s delicious funky licks and true maestro quality improvisational playing had us running. Incognito Mosquito has a pretty large following with people from all over coming to check these guys out, every time that I see them, I am blown away by how much better they get. Songs like “Run Far Away,” truly illustrate how deep this band is, transient jams, cognitive guitar interplay, and just plain unfair crescendo changes. Drop of the Dime funky sweetness and the impeccable soulful switches were met with a full dance floor, and the benefit was in full effect, with organizations stopping what they were doing to catch Incognito’s performance. So if you like well thought jazz/funk jams that really couldn’t be described in words check out incognito Mosquito and I promise you would not be disappointed."

June 4th, 2006
By Fadel Zeidan -

"Asheville Music Jamboree - June 1-3, 2007"

"...Out of Charlotte, NC, this band, consisting of Ansley Wynn, Chad Thompson, Ryan Persaud and William Stone, is a self-proclaimed “improvisational funk jam band.” Together since 2003, Incognito Mosquito has proven themselves to be musically connected while performing. “We tend to make it up as we go along, the music,” says Ansley Wynn. “Improvising is our thing and it works for us.” They write their own music, not having to use any “outside” writers. “Making music for us is a long process, usually done live,” explains Wynn.
The band is touring heavily this year and you can catch their schedule on their myspace page at After hearing these guys play, I don’t think they will be “incognito” for long!..." -


Still working on that hot first release.



Incognito Mosquito was created in the fall of 2003, when circumstances brought these four budding virtuosos together to play an unrehearsed show for an expecting crowd. The Quartet instantly found an uncanny chemistry amidst funky rhythms and impressive improvisation. In the years since, Incognito Mosquito has formulated an amazing repertoire of original music, as well as a relentless promotions and marketing structure, that has ensured their growing success. Hailing from Charlotte NC, Incog is changing the music scene, one dance party at a time.

The rise of Incog's success has brought them many great opportunities in years past. Sharing the stage with The Disco Biscuits, Raq, Victor Wooten, Perpetual Groove, Brother's Past, and Barefoot Manner, (just to name a few) as well as prominent sets at Asheville Music Jamboree (, Camp Barefoot II ( and a rigorous touring schedule has brought the band to a new level of exposure in 2008.

"We aren't just waiting around to be discovered," asserted Lead Guitarist and general manager Ansley Wynn, "we can only accredit our growing success to proactive promotion, and first hand help from loyal fans." Incognito Mosquito's marketing efforts include specialized and organized street teaming in multiple cities, an aggressive online presence, and thorough promotional branding and merchandising, all of which seem to be unparalleled on the truly independent level. "We literally get our hands dirty when it comes to promoting, even out of town." And it all seems to be paying off. 2008 has already proved to be a climbing success.

Put together their persistent business plan, with the magical live experience that they bring, and it is no surprise that they are up and coming in the south east's Jam band scene. With plans for two album releases,(the first in SPRING 2008) and a slew of new cities to tour, 2008 will undoubtedly be a growing year for Incognito Mosquito. "COME SEE THE PHUNK!"