Incognito Souls

Incognito Souls

 Galva, Illinois, USA

Alternative rock band influenced and guided by Christ. Our music and lyrics come together for a common purpose of uniting people and their love for Christ. Each of our songs has an encouraging and positive message. We are high energy and believe that our words and music speak for itself.


Matthew and Scott C. played weekly writing their own material and eventually recorded with Bert in his studio. Bert plays guitar and also produced the Incognito Souls first recordings. Mattew and Scott S. have been band members in the cover band Blue Steel since 1993. Bert, Scott S. and Michael were band members in the band Maxx Saavy. Dustin joined the group in 2008 with his talents. The Incognito Souls jam in the name of the Lord and will continue to do so as long as we can, God willing. God Bless you all!


We are currently putting the finishing touches on our first release.
You can download our songs for FREE at:

Set List

Be Real
Get It Together
Back Again
The Change
Keep on Smiling
Into Heaven
Love Around the World
Do What You Can
Taking You Home
End of Humanity