Inconsolable Hate

Inconsolable Hate


St. Louis,MO based , Inconsolable Hate , is the blend of many diverse influences merging and creating a dynamic metal soundscape. Equal parts Extreme Metal, Hardcore and Rock the band truly follows no trends. In one song the band can go from Death Metal brutallity to soothing melodic overtones.


Formed in 2008, St. Louis,MO based Inconsolable Hate is one of the most original metal projects in years. Featuring: Justin Stonebarger (ex-Unburied/Misanthropic) on Vocals/Bass/Samples. Rob Wright on Rhythm Guitar and Kevin Bope - Drums. The band mixes elements of death metal, hardcore and rock into one moltrov cocktail that covers the sonic spectrum. The band doesn't fit into a "cookie cutter metal band" mold. Currently, the band is working on rough versions of a debut album "Nil" and practicing for live shows in 2009.


A Legacy of Betrayal and Burnt Bridges

Written By: J. Stonebarger


On this stage I bleed forth my soul
Under these scorching lights, I fill the hole
With adrenaline and berzerker screams
It turned out as nightmares, but began as dreams

Verse 1:
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
He got what he wanted, but now isn't certain
The cost was high, fore it was his heart
Another Pisces martyr the world tore apart


Verse 2:
Possibly in death, remembrance will come
Becuase in this life all he fills is numb
I watch the crowd cheer, and all I do is sigh
Artists are only remebered once they die


Verse 3:
Don't shed tears or eternally mourn
The moment I die my legend was born
The lights grow dim, the smoke disappairs
I've been letting out a scream the world never hears



Unbound Conviction

Written By: J. Stonebarger


Verse 1:
From the ashes I must arise
Turn depressive lows, into manic highs
Create art where there was nothing before
Storm the gates, watch the bodies carpet the floor

None will stand in our path
No pity for the aftermath


Verse 2:
Set my demons free within song
Assault the stage, watch the crowd scream along
A toast to my enemies with vintage wine
Sign my soul away on the dotted line



Inconsolable Hate - Nil (Rough Mix)

Set List

Unbound Conviction
Eulogy For My Former Self
Delusions of Grandeur
Insight of Silence
The Sum of Nil
A Legacy of Betrayal and Burnt Bridges