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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Metal




"A Cure for the Restless Band"

Incura will be busy recording, gigging

Incura has been named the top band in CFOX's annual Seeds competition.

The band played a sold-out show at the Commodore Aug. 9, with four other bands that will grace the resulting Seeds compilation: Innocent Bystander, Cold Driven, Jordan Carrier and Versus the Nothing.

Finalists will be part of Seeds' 10,000 CD pressing, will get airplay, performing opportunities and gifts from Long and McQuade.

Additionally, Incura gets management consultation from Coalition, agency consultation from The Agency, an EP recorded at Mushroom, a writing session with Brian Howse, a single mixed by Mike Fraser, a demo deal from Maole Music and an opening spot for Stone Temple Pilots.

Tom Harrison, The Province
Published: Tuesday, August 19, 2008
- Vancouver Province

"INCURA: Doing What They Love, Not What They're Told"

Incura is a dynamic Vancouver-based band whose unique sound takes inspiration from video games, opera and metal. Gatlin (guitar) and Jon (bass) have played music together since they were in their early teens while Jim (keys/noise) and Kyle (vocals) met through a professional theatre company. Jeff (drums) was handpicked by Incura to take the seat behind the drums and in late 2005, Incura was formed.

Originally called Invein, the band changed their moniker to Incura, but what does it mean? "Incura is when all of us are performing on stage. The music makes the name. We're not Gatlin or Jim or Jeff or Jon or Kyle, we're Incura. We're one; we're a machine," explains Jim. And this machine has just released their debut album, Swords. Souls. Secrets.

This project, which took 10 months to create, was recorded at Green House and JMP studios in Vancouver, produced by Incura and Jay Evjen (Hot Hot Heat, Odds, Wide Mouth Mason) and has a clear motivational/inspirational theme. It's about doing things for yourself and really focusing on what you love doing in life. "Do what you love and not what you're told," explains Kyle.

One of the most powerful songs on the album, Condemned, was written to address the state of the world. In this song Kyle writes, "The sky should make it quite clear that we're hanging by threads. It's never too late just to stop the hurt and start using our heads," which reflect his optimism that although there's many problems we face today, it's not too late to change things.

With all the time and effort they put into their first album, the band feels the finished product is a mind-altering adventure that challenges the world to be something more.
So now that Incura has tackled this first step of releasing an album, what next for this musical machine? In 2008, they see themselves touring all-around the world and as Kyle puts it, "world domination." With determination and a totally unique sound, Incura should be able to continue doing what they love – making music. - Katrina Huberman (youthink magazine)

"INCURA... Concert Preview: Music as anger management"

26/2/07 issue 8, v 125

I'm pretty much a virgin when it comes to the local music scene. My knowledge is basically as extensive as a handful of random shows at the Buffalo Club. One group, though, was pretty unforgettable. I caught a performance by Incura last Thursday the 15th. The lead singer, Kyle Gruninger, was probably the most animated performer I've seen. With ripped jeans and a forearm tattooed "fuck" (though he bashfully insists that the tattoo is not finished), Kyle jerks around the stage, making sexualised gestures and staring deep into the crowd with his lined eyes through his highlighted hair. At times, I was almost afraid that he would fall over and, once, he smacked his mic against the side of his head.

Kyle was in the area so I invited him to my apartment for the meeting. His hair was pushed back under a cap, wearing a fitted zip-up and (unripped) jeans. I led him into my apartment with clothes and paper all over the floor, my still-buzzed friend curled up in a mattress pad singing jingles about feminine hygiene products. He played with the coasters, sunglasses, and pens at the table beside him, and was distracted by my decor. "Definitely one of the strangest interviews," he commented at the end, "and I've had some pretty trippy ones."

Incura will be playing at the Red Room March 1 with THESET and the GLIM Project. Tickets are 12 bucks at the door, or you can contact the band themselves through their MySpace for $10 tickets. Incura will be touring with the GLIM Project, and THESET in May.

So what is Incura, anyway? "People say your band name needs some kind of meaning. We're just a bunch of dudes playing music. It's a collective name. It's a name for the art we're creating," he said. Overall, the band collectively writes the music and songs are written collectively while Kyle writes all the lyrics and vocal melodies.

Incura is from Lethbridge, Alberta, but migrated to the West Coast for more media exposure. "Vancouver's a good recording town, but staying in one city is a bad idea," he said. "I think that touring is the best way to promote your band and get out there. If you don't have the radio behind you, you need to tour to get the fanbase." Signed by JMP Productions, Incura's currently working on a new album.

So what inspires their music? "Life inspires me. I really don't get inspired easily. It takes something that I truly believe in or have passion for. I have to really believe it to perform it," says Gruninger, "Sometimes booze influences me, too." Judging by his performances, one is tempted to speculate that it takes more than booze to move like that. "We're not a radio rock band so live performances are how we sell our band. You don't go to a show to hear the greatness of the music. You go to jump around. I'll put performance above the music for a good show."

These intense shows aren't just for our amusement only, though. "If I didn't [make music], I'd be a lot angrier," he said. Well, it seems like it's working because the real-life Kyle seems pretty easy going to me.
- Monica Rudd, Associate Staff Contributor


2007 (indie)

99.3 THE FOX SEEDS 2008 Complation CD-Platinum winners INCURA

"The lost Ep"
2009 (indie)

2012 ( CoalitionMusic/Warner)




Everything about Incura appears to be as unique as their name, and the deeper you dig, the more you realize how true this sentiment really is. Their new self-titled EP is the debut release for Coalition Music /Warner Music Canada and their first taste of new music since an independently released EP in 2009.

Incuras music is virtually unclassifiable. Genre-hopping across many different styles of hard rock and clearly inspired by the love of theatre, Incura takes you on a thrilling and adventurous ride. Their influences are an impressive, cross-cultural mix of the expected and the unexpected. Savage, crunching metal grooves segue into technical prog-rock prowess; classic rock arrangements nestle alongside the operatic drama inspired by Andrew Lloyd Webber, while Kyle Gruninger's passionate falsetto takes centre stage.

Incura sets a rare musical scene, one that is so compelling it lures you deeper and deeper with each repeated listen. Epic, grandiose arrangements. Dramatic crescendos, building tension as the drama unfolds. A manic vocal delivery from a breathless circus leader. Lush, complex arrangements. Intricate rhythms. Staccato beats. Layered, textured, beautiful four part harmonies lulling you like a lover's serenade. These are the images and feelings Incura evokes.

This creative passion and attention to detail impacts all that Incura does, including their blistering live performances. It was this unparalleled intensity and energy that brought them to the attention of fans and industry professionals alike. Refusing to hide behind studio wizardry or pre-recorded tracks, each of the five members delivers a highly skilled level of musical complexity that is exhilarating to watch.

Although Incura is almost impossible to categorize for the ease of radio programmers, playlist creators and reviewers trying to find a category for them, Incura will ultimately fall under the Hard Rock classification. This is the most basic category yet it still doesn't do any justice to the sheer creativity of this quintet.

It's not the type of music you would expect from a young band who comes from a small Canadian city in the Prairies. And perhaps that's why the band packed their bags and moved to Vancouver shortly after forming in the late 2000s. It's clear this group has an original and creative vision for both their music and artistry. Even the band's name stands alone, with no other like it. In fact, it's a word they even created themselves by combining their old band name with that of a spell from the Final Fantasy games. And with that, Incura was born.

Incura spent a full two years writing numerous songs that would ultimately come to life on this new self-titled 6 song release. Yet despite the length of the creative process, which could cripple some young bands, the frantic urgency of this production is palpable. The songs literally scream to be let out, revealing a story waiting to be told and aching to be heard.

Their message is simple; be a leader not a follower. Always question why. Be your own person. It's this powerful and positive projection of passion, self-worth and tenacity that unites the band with their devout fans. Their emotional intensity is an empowering release.

In a fitting analogy to Phantom of the Opera, Incura seems to revolve around the beauty of a singer who becomes the obsession of a mysterious, disfigured musical genius.

Incura is indeed a vision, realized.

Incura is:

Kyle Gruninger - Vocals

Jim McLaren - Keys

Jon Olson - Bass

Royce Whittacker - Guitar

Phil Gardner - Drums