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"Nov. '08 The Noise"

"a distinctive and seamless, almost otherworldly musical and spiritual journey"

"Incus is completely different in breed, vibe and execution than any other band that I’ve come in contact with." - T Max-Shady

"Jan. '09 Relix Magazine"

"music that 'reflects life’s darker truths' and inspires listeners to sweat out their demons on a dance floor"

"The ensemble embraces the sounds of the Middle East, West African drumming and orchestral rock in creating boundry-free music that gnaws at the soul."

"There is an unsettling beauty in the way mystical violin solos are met by forceful drumbeats in Incus’ latest release, Fire and Bone." - Steve Bernstein

"CD Baby Reviews"

Oh yes, universal
Reviewer: John from Our Haven
Tribal music on the highest level. Live or CD is pure listening bliss. Spiritual soaring lyrics, a powerful musical collection.

Tribal Rock, with amazing vocals and instrumentation
Reviewer: Shelly
I was really enjoyed the music when I first heard a friend's CD, and then I heard Incus LIVE!! OH MY! What heart this group has, and the female vocals are absolutely unearthly! Jason connects so strongly with his audience through this music. It's dark and uplifting at the same time. I sing Incus' songs in my sleep. Please, Incus, come back to Ohio to play for us again!!!

WOW, this band rocks and soothes at the same time, Awesome, even better live!
Reviewer: Veronica
I recently had the privelage to see INCUS live and in person, they are a cool bunch of musicians and friendly souls. The CD captures every essence of their awesome sound, which tells me they did not do a lot of editing in the recording studio. They are RAW and soothing to the soul. Their sound is unique and addictive. I want more, more, more. I heard a lovely French Love Song at their live performance, I only hope a new CD is in the works including this delightful composition of a love story. I"m hooked, please come to my town soon Springfield, Ohio, or Yellow Springs, Ohio, they would definatley appreciate your cutting edge music ensemble.

Music as magic and spiritual transformation
Reviewer: Moonshadow - CE community / TN
Burning Thread is a journey beyond the senses into a realm of primal heat and thinly veiled sexuality. Seeing the band live recently in Tennessee convinced me that I am a full blown devotee of the music, of the meaning and of the men of Incus. Anyone who connects to the Earth, dances the Fire or is intrigued by the Mysteries should check this out.

Reviewer: Angelica
I love this band!!! They are a truly innovative and magical sound very tribal.

Reviewer: Adam Annable
When I first heard of Incus, I was intrigued. I saw them live and then were amazing and their CD proved to be an equal replication of their talents. This CD provides the listener with an accurate representation of art at its best and I would encourage any music enthusiast to invest in this truly great CD.

very nice debut album
Reviewer: Robert
I really liked the performances on the album, the music ranged from slow and languorous to heavy and/or fast paced which was good. I liked the instrumentation. I would have liked to have heard more of the female vocals, though, as I thought one of the best moments on the album was the short intro to Big Grey and for most of the rest of the album she is deligated to backup vocals. Other than that, there's nothing really wrong with this album and if you like what you hear in the samples then by all means buy it!

mentally & spiritually expanding
Reviewer: M Peltan
I was greatly impressed with what I heard when I popped in the cd for the first time. I was expecting a bit more native sounds but was not disappointed in the least.

Mesmerizing Fire Dancing Music!
Reviewer: Tawny from Jacksonville, Florida
If you are into Earthy, Trance-Like, Pagan Oriented Music... Then this CD is a must have! Namaste!

This band Rocks!!!!!
Reviewer: NorthStar* From the Dark Forest
If you feel the vibe of the rhythm, and vibration of the winds, the thundering of her voice through the Spiritual curtains, and the Haunting madening vocals, and dont get moved from your mortal coil.....something is seriously wrong with you.... this band is setting new standards in the music industry, I recomend it to everyone!!!

Reviewer: Rob from Charlotte
Although Incus certainly has their own sound and style, the best way for me to describe these guys is a mix between Rasputina (strings only), Dead Can Dance and the soundtrack to Dracula! Every single song is wonderful, with deep bass strings, ethereal voices in the background, deep drums and dark vocals. I played this CD 3 times in a row when I first bought it and I couldn't stop listening to it. Each time the CD is over, I yearn for more!!!! - CD Baby

"Burning Thread:Rating 9 out of 10"

“Rating: 9 out of 10
Tribal Ethereal Rock
Seven+ member tribe led by visionary singer/songwriter Jason Cohen

Ethereal female vocals interplay with the dramatic male lead vocals. Filled with lovely piano, impassioned percussion, intoxicating cello, and haunting atmospheres, the sublime music of Burning Thread casts a spell on the listener. “

Outburn Magazine
- Outburn Magazine


Incus - Burning Thread (Self Released / Dragonfly Disc 2004)

Culminating the Light and Dark of life into a powerful and very
tribal and sonic vision of fire and shadow, Incus is primed and already making
a robust and permanent mark in music today. Each song on this CD is a dark
sound scape of cinematic proportions bring us incredible tribal drums, soulful
strings and warm bass lines that are in-compassed by the cold presence of the
occasional swirling synth melodies only to be risen to iconic grandeur by the
god-like vocals of Jason Cohen. I haven't heard anything like this before and to
try to compare Incus to anything would be taking away from the true creativity
that this 7 piece act bring to our ears and to list the stand out tracks on this disc
would be almost like giving you the entire track listing.

I was hard-pressed to find and be able to critique much of this CD but i did have favorites so here they are.. "Just One Thing" (featuring Yanka Rupkina, often
called the best vocalist on the planet earth), "Even if it Kills Me..", Dead Wood",
"In An Instant", "Fear" and "Fading Away". Currently touring select cities in the
US before heading back home this would be a act not to miss live. Fire dancers,
body-painting and a hauntingly strong stage presence worthy of the ancient
ancestors of warriors and royalty alike, Incus is truly and utterly a musical force
to be absorbed thru every sense we as humans posses. Feel it - the pounding
tribal drums, taste it - as the sweet strings and full bountiful bass lines slither
down your throat. See it, as their stage presence grabs you and makes you want
to remember your true instincts. Smell it's aroma like refreshing incense, as it harks
you back to a time and a way of life simple and full of nature, life and spiritual
energy that resinates through your mind, body and soul. Dare I say, a religious experience of sorts captured in digital perfection.[Mystchief]

- cd review

"DJ Ian Ford-Albion/Bat Cave"

"Incus is an interesting band to say the least, their sound is organic, their talent off the charts, musically they’re in the style of Tool – they should be huge…record labels are you listening? At one point they had FOUR drummers on stage, it sounded fantastic – the energy of their performance grips you from the get-go through to the encores."
- DJ Ian Ford - Albion / Bat Cave - NYC

- Legends Mag.

"Mike Ventarola"

"It has been a long time since this reviewer was anxious to purchase a CD so expediently" - "beauty, grandeur, and majesty" - "a combination of haunting orchestral work, Rasputina-like rock and a mix of jungle like percussion."
- Mike Ventarola; Legend's Magazine - Legend's Magazine


Burning Thread '04
Live and Acoustic at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors '06
Live at PSG 07'
Fire and Bone Nov. 08'



About incus
Incus is a wonderfully interactive group that mesmerizes it's audience, and manages to sweep an entire festival into a heart felt dance party and sing along.
Chosen as "Band on the Verge" in Relix Magazine's January 09 issue, Incus is a combination of glorious light and soul stirring dark. "Under the powerful vocals and drums that drive Incus's music is a soul that is rare. If Incus is dark, then it is dark like the woods under a full moon: unexpectedly bright, full of brilliant stars, inviting, warm, natural and seductive." J. Bonni, Boston's Weekly Dig

Incus's full sonic spectrum has moved audiences from Boston to Miami to LA and back. An article in Boston's Weekly Dig suggested that they would be better suited performing in the woods around a fire in front of thousands, than on stage at a bar. Strangely enough, the band took up the idea and has since been a major headliner at fire festivals all across the country.

Drawing on influences from Middle Eastern, Native American, African and Eastern European musical traditions, Incus is redefining the American Tribal music movement. In addition to five national tours and an independent CD release ("Burning Thread") with guest vocalist Yanka Rupkina, vocalist/composer Jason Cohen is also known for his work developing the "Forestdance Gatherings".

There is certainly a magic that is almost impossible to describe about the band's live show. In both their music and ideology, Incus embraces darkness and embodies light. Experiencing Incus can be deeply emotional, uplifting and joyous. Incus's fiery energy has been gaining national recognition.

"Fire and Bone", the bands new full length album was released in Nov. of '08 and is currently receiving acclaim and lots of airplay on college radio.