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"Hometown News"

By Tamara Dourney

Entertainment writer

Artistic collaboration isn't as easy as it seems - there are often power struggles and relationship meltdowns that occur behind the scenes.

Bands can ruin otherwise stunning careers by allowing jealousy and strife to infiltrate their presence.

A local band with five very different members has found the secret to preventing unsavory conflicts of that sort from happening.

What is the secret to their success?

Nobody is in charge.

Steve Pippin, often the spokesman for Vero Beach based "Independently Poor" is insistent. "We have a band," he said, "where just about everybody plays an instrument, everybody sings, everybody does it all.

"Dave (Mundy) does everything; I play acoustics, lead, bass. Evan (Bossinger) plays drums, base, lead, acoustic and sings. Rich is a drummer and Aaron (Rose) plays rhythm, sings, and if anyone is the lead guitarist, it would be Aaron (Rose)."

The unique arrangement seems to work for the group, which has been playing together for the past two years.

The band started out as a duo with Mr. Bossinger and Mr. Pippin, each playing acoustics and singing. The band grew when Mr. Rose joined in. A few months after that Mr. Pippin's mother was married to Mr. Mundy's future father-in-law. Mr. Mundy played with the trio at the wedding and was soon practicing with the full band. In the summer of 2006 they added yet another member, Rich Mola.

Unlike most bands, these spirited individuals didn't abandon the duo and trio performances. Instead, they blend them with the current format, booking under the abbreviated name of I-Poor and continuing to play at local establishments.

From the moment you meet them it's clear that Independently Poor isn't just another rock group playing cover songs.

They are more like a close-knit family with an abundance of talent. It turns out that family is indeed important to them. Excitedly speaking over one another, they explain that their families attend their performances and are extremely supportive of their chosen careers.

"These guys are my family, so they have to be supportive," a slightly more somber Mr. Bossinger said, but was soon laughing at the antics of his friends and partners, the moment quickly forgotten.

Their eclectic mix of influences includes Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, Metallica, Aerosmith, Phish, The Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton, Sublime, Herbie Hancock, and Santana.

While they play a large range of songs, you won't often hear them doing a Jimmy Buffet song. When someone in the audience requested one, the band members laughed and shook their head, asking if there was anything else they'd like to hear.

"We try to stay away from mainstream music, while still playing songs everyone will know," Mr. Rose said. "We play a lot of B side songs."

Mr. Mundy joined in, "We also mix genres as often as possible, making the music our own. If we had to explain what kind of music we play, it would be acoustic-jazzy-blues-reggae-rock-folk-hip hop. Wow, that's a lot of hyphens."

Mr. Rose nodded, adding, "Everyone in the band likes a different type of music, so all the flavors get mixed in."

Their music, like their laughter and camaraderie, is infectious. It isn't uncommon to find your feet tapping along with the beat as you sing along to old classics and discover new favorites. The band has collaborated on several original songs, including the catchy "Sunbleached Sands", written by Mr. Rose, which will be included on the band's first album.

"We are hoping to release our first album this summer," said Mr. Pippin. It should have roughly 12 original songs on it, but that number could change. "Sunbleached Sands," "Owsley's Door" and "185" are three of the songs that will definitely be on it."

You can hear these songs and others at Independently Poor's next performance. The trio will be on stage at the Undertow in Vero Beach on May 18 and at Waldo's on May 20. The full band will be performing on May 25th at Mother Tuckers in Fort Pierce.

To find out more about the band and their upcoming performances, visit them online at - Hometown News


Independently Poor - self-titled debut LP (2008)
No Diggin' On The Dance Floor - improv. jams (2007)



A power trio that has been blazing local music venues around Central Florida with their infectious 3-part harmonies, and blues-influenced sound since 2006, Independently Poor rings in 2008 with an upcoming self-titled debut album due out sometime in the early summer months. Having opened for Pat Travers, Tyrone Wells, and Inner Circle, to name a few, this powerhouse act will continue to make their mark in an ever changing musical environment.