Independently Poor

Independently Poor


Power trio with infectious 3 part harmonies, and rock bottom grooves.


A power trio that has been blazing local music venues around Central Florida with their infectious 3-part harmonies, and blues-influenced sound since 2006, Independently Poor rings in 2008 with an upcoming self-titled debut album due out sometime in the early summer months. Having opened for Pat Travers, Tyrone Wells, and Inner Circle, to name a few, this powerhouse act will continue to make their mark in an ever changing musical environment.


Independently Poor - self-titled debut LP (2008)
No Diggin' On The Dance Floor - improv. jams (2007)

Set List

1. What Do You Think Of Me Now?
2. Baby It Hurts
3. Something Unknown
4. 185
5. Who Knows
6. No Shelter
7. She's On Fire
8. Insomnia
9. Stop Or Go
10. Gypsy Blues
11. Owsley's Door
12. Sunbleached Sand

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