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Tychy, Silesian Voivodeship, Poland | INDIE

Tychy, Silesian Voivodeship, Poland | INDIE
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The best kept secret in music


"A phenomenal musical entity"

It's one thing to say music has no borders. But musicians from Poland, Spain and India fusing flamenco and Indian classical together takes the statement to a whole new level - a phenomenal musical entity which goes by the name of Indialucia. - JAM Magazine, September 2008

"Excellent group and excellent album"

Very outstanding among so many fusions albums of the present times. This project, exacting, perfectly balanced and fascinating as it is, represents a resounding achievement. Nine tracks, brimming with rhythm and charm, the amazing work full of flamenco compases, which adds a splendid Indian raga to shape a whole spells, rhythmic mind-as it should be so alive the memory of origin Eastern forms of flamenco. All participating musicians reach excellent levels, although it is obliged to stress at percussionist Pierluca Pineroli (real torpedo of cajon), the flute of Domingo Patricio and the singer's incredible voice of Indian Prasad Khaparde. Excellent group and excellent album. - Alma100, November 2006

"This is a must for all poets, artists, musicians and dreamers"

The combination of perfect flamenco guitar flourishes and precise tabla beats produces a sound that is abundant with festive celebration and an example of human accomplishment. Every recorded note and beat on this album is a portal to some source bigger than ourselves. The idea of cultures meshing without losing their identity, while still acknowledging their distinctive faiths, is perhaps the only glimpse of an answer to today's hostile problems around the world.

This is a must for all poets, artists, musicians and dreamers. Listen to this record, close your eyes, and dance to the possibility of a new future filled with unconditional love, harmony and fun. - La Yoga, May 2007

"All very worthily crossover"

All very worthily crossover, flash playing and so on. Ultimately is most winning achievement. - fRoots Magazine, November 2006

"Indialucia reveals the unknown, a new world of mysterious, exotic music."

Whilst listening to this album, it is very clear it compliments the diverse cultures of flamenco and Indian music, by its use of genuine ethnical instruments. It is a perfect balance of rhythm and mood. The music lifts you, it is a mixture of emotions - ranging from serious and deep to joyful and intense. Czachowski made an intense footprint not only in world of guitar but also in world ethnical music. His album inspires the listener, reveals the unknown, a new world of mysterious, exotic music. - Top Guitar, May 2006

"Extremely succeeded combination of Andalusian and Indian Music"

And another successful mixture of different cultures. "Indialucia" is extremely succeeded combination of Andalusian and Indian Music. Ragas and bulerias alternate, flamenco palos with Indian singing and sitar, all supported by tabla. Beautifully arranged CD - a fascinating fusion. - Anda, February 2006

"A blast of sound freshness."

The album Indialucia was a totally astonishing surprise for me. Whereas the flamenco productions in Spain move around in the same point with no exit, transforming this art according to predictable formulae, the ingenuity of this project was like a blast of sound freshness for my ears which were permeated with already exhausted ideas of project realized so far. - El Olivo, January 2006

"A masterful blend."

This fascinating project explores the not-so-distant relationship between North Indian classical music and Spain's flamenco tradition. Flamenco, of course, has long been associated with Spain's sizeable gitano, or gypsy, population, and all European gypsies (or roma, as they prefer to be called) share a common North Indian origin. And although the roma left the subcontinent sometime in the 9th century, their insularity allowed them to maintain many cultural traits and traditions intact. One of the most famous roma traditions has been their music making, and flamenco's classic compas, or 12 beat cycles, can trace their origins all the way back to India. Of course the music diverged over the centuries, but the common roots remained, ready to be unearthed and grafted together in a project like IndiaLucia. Recorded between 1999 and 2004, in both India and Spain, the album brings together master musicians from both traditions, including guitarist Miguel Czachowski, sitarist Avaneendra Sheolikar, tabla player Sandesh Popatkar and cajón player Pierluca Pineroli. The result is a masterful blend of kinetic percussion, stately raag-like drone punctuated by fiery flamenco fretwork and soaring vocal improvisations. - Global Rhythm, December 2005

"The completely new quality!"

For meeting the flamenco and the Indian music we needed the Pole - Miguel Czachowski. This excellent Polish performer of the flamenco guitar made this record on two continents and called it "Indialucia". What the Indian ragas share from the flamenco? Tradition of Spanish gypsies which ages ago arrived from the Indian subcontinent. The completely new quality is born bringing associations with the first revolutionary musical meeting of European and Asian artists from years 60. Beautiful album.

- Elle, September 2005

"Moving, beautiful and clever meeting of ancient traditions."

Musical fairy tale. Spiritual feast. The trip to regions of "Tales from 1001 nights". Coalition of excellent musicians of the Orient and the West. Moving, beautiful and clever meeting of ancient traditions in contemporary frames - of transcontinental peregrinations in order to sound out with sounds of the future. "Indialucía" - the brilliant idea, the masterly realization, and moreover the authorship and patronage of the Pole. Listener discovers new layers of sounds, surprising arrangements every now and then and of dazzling instrumental, vocal transcultural dialogues. Since long time I didn't heard work which so beautifully unites and expresses the intellect of the West and intuitions of the East. For all seekers of the Truth and the Spirit in the music. - Guitar Wolrd, June 2005


Indialucia - CM Records, 2005
Indialucia - Rasa Music, 2007



Indialucia is a musical project, which fuses two fascinating styles of music: Indian and Flamenco music. The album expresses both the human and musical fusion of these cultures, which could have had a common ancestor. Improvisation and rhythm are the common elements in both styles and are essential to the continued existence of this music. The recordings were made between 1999 and 2004 mostly in India and Spain. Many great artists from the two continents performed. This album is the result of the years of work, which for the first time demonstrates the common elements of flamenco and its Indian roots fused into one art form.

The album was distinguished with the 1st prize "Best Album of the Year 2005" Wirtualne Gesle and 2nd music critics' prize at the New Tradition competition for the "Folk Phonogram of 2005" award.