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INDIANBURN @ Arlene's Grocery

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

INDIANBURN @ Arlene's Grocery

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

INDIANBURN @ East River Bar

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Brooklyn, New York, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"I have to say that you guys are one of the best bands i've heard on myspace. most of the bands that add me are terrible, but the time spent listening to you was not wasted."

Harrisonburg, Virginia 1/22/06 - Myspace

"You are perhaps, the most orginal band on myspace, and that is saying something, since i have discovered quite a few original talents. I'll be adding a song of yours to my page soon!"

-Doom Genie
Rich Square, NC 1/24/06 - Myspace

"you're really good. bands as good as you are too rare on myspace. thanks for finding me, you made my day :)
you make me think about wilco even in terms of songs quality. circus makes me think about Blackbird by the Beatles.

Keep on writing and playing good music."

Trou paumé, France 1/24/06 - Myspace

"your sound is really cool... i can't stop listening to indianburn!!"

Brazil 3/6/2006 - Myspace

"Hey Indianburn!
THank you so much for your kind friends request. I really like the energy in your music!!! Makes me want to get up and dance!!! Keep up the great work and have a blastful weekend!

Much love to you :)"

USA 3/3/2006
- Myspace

"Thank you for adding me to your are my daily music pick for Sunday...thanks for the great tunes, look forward to hearing more of your stuff as it arrives."

Oxford, UK 2/25/06 - Myspace

"Of COURSE I like your music. The song "Another Day" played first. The beginning was so sucked me in...righteous list of influences you have there. And righteous songs."

Bloomington, IN 2/15/06 - Myspace

"Love the new disk your working on!"

Brooklyn, NY 3/23/06 - Myspace


Galaxie Radio 3/5/06
- Myspace

By: Bob Ciampaglia

What a treat it was to listen to Indianburn. First of all, I love the name. Who can forget the classic Indian burns you would give your little brother or to your friends if they lost a bet or a dare. Actually the name has a lot to do with the act itself. You know what’s coming, it’s fast and painful, but it’s awesome as well. That is what this band does to me. My research let me know what I was going to listen to and the sound is raw and can get under the skin, but I wanted more of it.
Indianburn’s line up is Chris Belding on vocals, Greg Jarrow on guitar and vocals, Barry Holsten on guitar, Jason Fritz on bass, and Markus Jarrow on drums. Belding looks and sounds like the next Joe Cocker. Images of him on the website show this. The 2 guitar and front man line up gives excellent stage presence and can produce a sound that brings back classic lineups like Guns N’ Roses and Def Leppard. Indianburn takes advantage of that without the kitsch and the overdone machismo. These guys have been making music and playing the NY/NJ area for over 10 years. The result is a seasoned band with a very tight sound.
The three songs I listened to are excellent. “In a World”, is unique in its sound but rhythm section of Fritz and Markus Jarrow provide an excellent foundation. Belding’s vocals are fresh and powerful. He has an Axl Rose style to his voice, but in my opinion, Belding is a much better singer. The whole song has a retro vibe to it, as does “Crying Shirt.” Belding borrows a little of Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson with a gritty, growling type of vocal in the chorus. Then, like a stake in the ground, “Smile with my Arm” brings it home. This is my favorite cut. Excellent power chords and riffs really accent Belding’s vocals. The rhythm foundation mentioned earlier is consistently present. There could be a little head-banging going on here.
Indianburn is definitely a band that has paid their dues and should be in your face very soon. I recommend visiting their website. It’s fun, different, and a little off center. Just like the tunes themselves.

Click link for full review w/pics:
- Northeast In-Tune


-The Red Demo 2004
-Five Song Sampler 2006
-Full studio album (title/release date TBA)



INDIANBURN is a five-piece rock band based out of central NJ and Brooklyn. They have released two recording projects (The Red Demo 2004, Five Song Sampler 2006) and are currently playing out regularly in the NJ/NY/PA area. All five members have been writing, recording, and performing original music, separately and together, for over a decade.

INDIANBURN is looking to go as far as their music will take them, and with more than two albums worth of unrecorded and unheard material in the vault, the band appears to be planning far ahead. With each new song that they write, they push their own boundaries but somehow always keep it INDIANBURN. They don't appear to have any intentions of slowing down.

The founding four members (Chris Belding, Barry Holsten, Greg Jarrow, and Markus Jarrow) officially fused in 2003, bringing their individual volumes of material together and to the stage. In 2005, Belding decided to focus solely on vocals and Jason Fritz stepped in on bass guitar, becoming the fifth and final element. Although new to INDIANBURN, Jason had crossed paths with several members of the band in previous projects, and added years of diverse and improvisational musicianship to the bands chemistry.

Unbound by any particular sound or genre, INDIANBURN writes music that spans generations. As a vocalist, Belding has been described as the love child of David Bowie and Elvis Costello. On stage, he seems to involuntarily channel the forces of Joe Cocker and Godzilla, creating a captivating presence that dominates audiences. Musically, the band draws from the guitar-driven sounds of 70s and 90s rock, bringing together two guitars, backing vocals, and a bi-polar rhythm section to layer harmonies and melodies, both delicate and aggressive, that perfectly fill the space that they create. The final product is a sound reminiscent of a little bit of everything, but more like a lot of nothing you've ever heard before - at least not in a while. They call it lawnrock. Spend some time with their music and you will soon begin to enjoy the magic that exists within it.

A six song self-produced EP, The Red Demo, was released in June 2004. The band finished recording a full-length album in the spring of 2006 (title to be announced), and has been distributing the Five Song Sampler to showcase the record. A digital single and video for "In a World", a sonically intriguing journey into the mind of autism, is being planned for release to coincide with the launch of their innovative website, Stay tuned for the lawnrock revolution!