Los Angeles, California, USA

Indians music embodies the spirit of modern rock n' roll. These four seasoned musicians combine their talents to meld rock n' roll, blues, avant-garde, indie, and pop into a powerful style that is full of blood, sweat and raw lightning power.


Indians is a four piece American band based in Los Angeles, California. The group formed in June 2010 after cousins and bandmates, frontman Joe Hursley and drummer Patrick Hursley left their previous band, Sunset Strip staples, The Ringers in 2009. Wishing to add new depth and positive energy to their rock n' roll sound, they recruited two like-minded and seasoned musicians to the band.

Mike McGill joined on bass and synthesizer. McGill had previously toured with VHS or Beta as a guitarist. The remaining member, Michael Hays, joined on as lead guitar rounding out the group. Hays is originally from Mississippi and has worked with legendary producer Mike Chapman.

In February 2011 they recorded their first full length self titled debut album with producer Dave Cobb. The album was almost titled "Love Over Gold" after the same named track because it embodied the thoughtful energy and spirit of the group.


- Indians Self Titled debut album released in July 2011