India Taylor

India Taylor


Kate Bush meets Heart in a candlelit Buddhist temple to create moodlifting pop/rock/jazz with strong, passionate female vocals. "You can make a flower grow out of anything in your soul." India Taylor


Her sound conjures up the passion of early Heart, the lyrical significance of the Indigo Girls-meets-Jewel, the joyful vocal jamming of Natalie Merchant, touches of Natalie Cole sophistication, and the enduring wit of Mary Chapin Carpenter and Rickie Lee Jones.

In sharing the most poignant thoughts, humorous ideas, and uplifting realizations from her life, India Taylor uses her melodies to set the words in such a way that they have power words alone would not. Then she lets her very soul out to rock and jazz the vocal performance.

As an artist, India believes you can take anything that happens to you, take away the part of it that challenges you, and create from it an earthy, romantic word painting, or mine from it an idea that is intriguing, even wisdom-provoking. The act of doing so will heal you. (Read topic descriptions next to her songs on her Music page!)

She does not seek to be trendy, but timeless. Through her art she shares a new way of looking at things with greater meaning and clarity, often bringing about an elevation in mood and perspective, or just making the song an event to celebrate for itself.

Her trio for live performances includes a talented drummer and bass player:
Rick Ellis, drummer, has enjoyed playing music all over the planet, especially in Japan, and has worked with several original and cover bands in the States as well. Bass player Jack Heiss is a veteran of R&B, garage rock and big-band swing. He plays with soul! They are based in Austin, Texas. Available for your special event, the India Taylor Trio plays a flexible, tasteful blend of light pop/rock/jazz hits and originals. India's past clients have included The Pier, The Oasis, Vintage Villas, weddings and other events.

India's career achievements to date include a CD called Mosaic which she recorded with Lloyd Maines of Dixie Chicks fame, and she was selected for an Emerging Artist grant by Jim Beam Bourbon. She has earned other national and local songwriting awards.


One Prayer at a Time

Written By: India Taylor

Sometimes I have moods that are less than angelic, and I fail to see the beauty of the stars.
Sometimes I don’t know where I am on this journey, till I look back and see I’ve come this far.

One prayer at a time, I’m living.
One prayer at a time, I’m practicing forgiving. Only one prayer …

Sometimes I forget to give thanks in the hard times, and I fail to notice all the ways I’m blessed.
Sometimes I neglect a friendship or a loved one, till I spend time with you and find my rest.

One prayer at a time, I’m sharing.
One prayer at a time, I find my heart more caring. Only one prayer …

Then sometimes I do feel Your gentle presence.
Sometimes I remember what is true,
One prayer at a time.

Sometimes I’m not sure what to think of certain people, when their words and actions wound so carelessly.
Yet sometimes I recall that they may be crying, “Help me.” So I’m asking You to help them, heal their need (and help me.)

One prayer a time, I’m learning.
One prayer at time, I feel my peace returning. Only one prayer …


Written By: India Taylor

When a day seems like a desert of tumbleweed and dust,
And there’s only the saguaro and the scorched and crumbling bluffs,
Where you long for one dry riverbed to fill and flow again,
The voice of the Great Spirit is whispering in the wind.

You’re a Rainmaker, each time your spirit can dance. You’re a Rainmaker. There’s a one-hundred percent chance, child of One who made the rain, and the mesas and the plains, You can make a flower grow out of anything in your soul.

If the trail that seemed familiar turns wild and untamed,
Perhaps you are not lost here, but discovering your name.
Underneath a sky of turquoise, your personal Wild West
Is suddenly becoming a sacred Vision Quest.


You are an ancient flute playing.
You are a poem in the making.
From your spirit eagle’s eyes, life below looks well-designed.


What to Do with the Rest of My Love

Written By: India Taylor

I'm breaking out of this broken heart, finally feeling trapped within its walls,
thinking there might be life out there, but I've got no answers at all.

I didn't hold back my tears
I didn't hold back my love
I won't hold back this question:

What to do with the rest of my love?
What to do with the rest of my heart?

I thought I was all washed up, but now I see it's just a different shore.
I've figured out what's hurting is new hope trying to be born.

Life a rediscovered ocean,
my soul is bigger than my tears.
I've only got this question
(repeat chorus)

I've found this part of me that never dies,
a restless heart in me that has survived.

I'm through with trying to change the past, my mind rewriting all the scenes.
I'm like the kid who graduated but hasn't figured out yet what to be.
(repeat chorus)

The Attitudes

Written By: India Taylor

I am blessed should I need;
I am blessed should I weep;
I'll be satisfied in my hunger,
For all is blessed,
even blessed in disguise,
delivering my soul to wonder.

I am blessed when I'm meek,
for it's then that I seek.
I am blessed in forgiving,
freeing my heart for living.
Blessed is life, blessed is mind,
where these attitudes shine,
and my spirit reflects the Divine.

I am blessed should I mourn,
Should I ever be scorned,
knowing comfort is mine for receiving.
All the truth that I need
is provided for me,
to my heart, ever childlike, believing.

I am blessed to make peace,
for then I am released
from my quest for personal power.
I have overcome;
my new world has begun,
for the earth I inherit has flowered.

Red Lipstick Blues

Written By: India Taylor, Gina Marisa

My lips are red, but my heart is blue
The color of midnight without you
But my heart is a believer you could give me scarlet fever
if you choose
You could take away my red lipstick blues

Did you know -- my lips they won't tell you lies
Words from the heart don’t need no disguise
You could set my blues to mendin'; I could see our colors blendin'
What's there to lose
So kiss away these red lipstick blues

Stain me forever
Let's draw our shades together
We could be makin' wild, ultraviolet lavender

I'd feel so hip with you on my lips
In a new shade called "True Love's Debut"
Wearin' the style of your kiss on my smile
Just a touch of you
would get me thru these red lipstick blues

Just a touch of you
would get me thru these red lipstick blues


CD album "Mosaic" 1999

Set List

Our typical setlist includes originals and, if desired, covers. Sets are 45 minutes to one hour. We adapt according to what works for the venue or event. Lists for general use and weddings are shown below:

Fever - Peggy Lee
The Kid You Are - a touching, rocking original
It Had to Be You - various artists
Love Me Do (jazz version) - The Beatles
You Got It - Roy Orbison
Rainmaker - original
Beautiful Stranger - Madonna
Yellow Submarine (hippie funk version) -The Beatles
Walking After Midnight - Patsy Cline
At Last - Etta James
You Really Got Me - The Kinks
Constant Craving - k.d. lang
Gimme One Reason - Tracy Chapman
Let's Stay Together - Al Green
Traffic Jam - humorous original
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - The Animals
Alone - Heart
Stand By Me - Ben E King
Still in Love - original
Frogs in Princes' Clothing - original
Crazy - Patsy Cline
Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffett
Emerald Eyed Cat - original
You've Got Me Goin' Crazy - origi