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InDidgDance is a US based indigenous Australian music & dance group sharing their traditional songs & dances & the didgeridoo of the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander cultures of Australia. Performances & workshops will take you on a spiritual journey to the Ancient Dreamtime of Australia.


InDidgDance was created from the roots of the unique indigenous cultures of Australia. They inherit the spirit of their Elders passed on through values and traditions, energy from the red earth of their indigenous lands and inspiration from their Dreamtime stories told through song and dance. Dance is a keyform of cultural and spiritual expression. InDidgDance delivers Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander song & dance at its best. InDidgDance is a family group descended from the Wuthathi, Kuku-yalanji & Yindinji Aboriginal tribes (people) and Moa, Yam & Darnley Islands of the Torres Strait. InDidgDance are now based in the USA to create awareness and educate on Australia's two unique indigenous cultures.


Traditional Aboriginal Music - InDidgDance (CD)
Didgeridoo/Urban Sounds - Ryka Ali (CD)

Set List

Our sets can range from 10 mins to 1 hour depending on the performance.

1. Didgeridoo playing
2. Welcome Dance
3. Blessing song and/or Dance
4. Kangaroo Dance
5. Emu Dance
6. Didgeridoo solo and explanation
7. Mosquito Dance
8. Shake-a-leg Dance
9. Audience Participation
10. Farewell Dance