With an Eclectic Vintage Psychedelic sound Indigo has established themselves as one of the most interesting acts in the Rock en Español music scene. Their unique and sexy sounds will captivate any listener with an ear for good music.


INDIGO was born in the year 2010 with its members Xavier Rodriguez XAVO (lead vocal, guitar), Pedro J. Santiago PJ (vocals, base), Jesus D. Matías DIMATIAZ (vocals, drums), and Mike Mulet MR MULET (vocals, keyboard, percussion) after having shared in various other projects that lead them to the band formerly known as Los Convertibles. Their influences, as well as the need to make good art, gave way to their inevitable conversion into what is now this style of music where their multiple anxieties are merged. This group unites with the sole purpose to project ROCK music with a solid character eyeing an international market. The band was given the opportunity to shelter themselves for two months at the Jibaro Music Recording Studio, in the center of Puerto Rico, to work a very unique and personal project. Following a prime show at the Coors Light Indie Rock Fest in the enchanted island, they began working hard on their first production as well as having successfully toured in the US. After having had the experience of recording in acclaimed multiple Grammy Award recipient artist Draco Rosa's Phantom Vox Studios in LA, Xavo, PJ, DiMatíaz, and Mr Mulet have decided to bring the public a concept album that will fill a huge gap existing in today's Rock en Español scene. With a vintage psychedelic and eclectic sound, this album promises to be an epic must have production. Finally, the band has finished the mastering and is eager to bring you their prism of sounds. Indigo will be releasing their new single “Detras de la Luz” in the month of August and their first production in September.


Single Hit:: Y yo tambien
Single Hit:: Sesion

Album:: Para nadie en particular (Out in September)

Set List

ovejas y lobos
detras de la luz
para nadie en particular
y yo tambien
el malo de la pelicula
la gran ciudad
invisible norte
nunca he parecido
la muerte de apolonia