Indigo Children

Indigo Children


Indigo Children are a garage/rock band from New Delhi, India who took the Indian rock scene by storm in 2007. Today, they have recorded with renowned British producer John Leckie, won major band competitions, played internationally, and have a US and UK tour coming up soon.


Indigo Children, formerly known as The Superfuzz, is a Delhi-based band known for its well-crafted compositions. The band has generated a buzz in the Delhi rock scene, no doubt catapulted by their success as the winners of the 2007 edition of Channel [V] Launchpad.

The band first found fame playing pubs and college fests around Delhi. Some of the bigger competitions they won over their first few years include Campus Rock Idols in 2005 and the Great Indian Rock festival 2006. These competitions brought them nationwide attention among the underground rock scene and built the foundations for a fan-base.

Indigo Children were one of the few bands chosen to represent India in Singapore for Sutasi, a reality television show, featuring talent across Asia. They were also one of the four bands chosen to record with world renowned producer John Leckie as a part of the British Council's Soundpad.

The band has gone through a number of changes from their original line-up, and as Indigo Children, their current line up is Sanchal Malhar (guitars, vocals), Nikhil Rufus (bass) and Sahil Mendiratta (drums) and Rahul Sainani (guitars).

The band refrains from categorising their music, but listeners have detected traces of garage rock, indie rock, & punk, with grunge being a seminal influence during their early days.



The Superfuzz Demos
01 - What I Really Think
02 - School
03 - Maple
04 - 4 Times And Once After

Indigo Children Demos
01 - Irresistible
02 - Sing To Me
03 - You're Not There

British Council Soundpad
(produced by John Leckie)
01 - Irresistible
02 - Sing To Me
03 - Traitors And Foolish Friends
04 - High Priestess

Set List

Sing To Me
You're Not There
High Priestess
Traitors and Foolish Friends
What I Really Think
4 Times And Once After

..and more original songs, jams and sometimes a cover.