Indigo Crow

Indigo Crow


Making every song completely different from the last we challenge ourselves as much as the listener.


Indigo Crow have been in existence since late 2006 . With a diverse list of listening tastes the band has tried to combine these influences and make every song different from the last one written. Indigo Crow have recorded 4 sessions so far at Calder Recordings under the expert guidance of the Steve Twins and played with numerous local bands. Indigo Crow have always tried to experiment and play around with conventional song structures and confront important but less popular topics in their lyrics.
Indigo Crow operated as a 4-Piece until mid-2008 before downsizing to the current 3-piece line-up and have opted for a punkier more immediate sound culminating in shorter, more punchier songs.


Banco De Franco EP(2007)
Supposed To Win
Songs of Superstition
Liberty Vs Freedom EP(2007)
Been A Long Day
She left Me On The Rapture
Secret World
Marshall Law
The New Sound EP(2008)
El Sonedo Nuevo
Devils Dandruff
Love To Hate
Welcome To Tomorrowland EP(2008)
A Balance That You Crave For
The first two EPs were played on local Radio in 2008

Set List

Keep on regressing
Glorious Century
Beautiful People
Suspension of thisbelief
Secret World
Get-Out Clause
Love to hate
Poor misguided you
Sets are roughly 45 minutes at the moment. Current cover version is Planet earth by Duran Duran, as covers tend to be rocked up versions of 80's songs