Indigo Masala

Indigo Masala

 Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, DEU

Award-winning Indigo Masala mixes Indian sitar & tabla with jazz cello, vocals & percussion to create a spicy curry of styles from all over the world - acoustic Asian world fusion! Playful & intelligent, relaxed & exciting, groovy & meditative, peaceful & passionate - have fun & enjoy!


The music of Indigo Masala is a spicy curry, drawing musical and spiritual inspiration from a wide variety of sources from India, East Asia, the islamic world, Africa, South America, Europe, and, of course, from contemporary global rock, pop and jazz. Although the music of Indigo Masala is not bound to any specific style, they sometimes call it Acoustic Asian World Fusion, implying that it is a blend of musics from all over the world with a distinct Asian influence and played exclusively on acoustic instruments. With the unique mixture of incredibly groovy cello and percussion with spacy sitar and passionate exotic vocals, Indigo Masala has created an exciting new sound, full of ideas and colours, with catchy themes, breathtaking improvisations, exciting virtuosity and a good sense of humour. In 2006 Indigo Masala received the "CREOLE - AWARD FOR WORLD MUSIC" in Germany. Indigo Masala is occaisonally joined on stage by Greek Kathak dancer Ioanna Srinivasan, Indian world jazz drummer Ramesh Shotham or Austrian jazz trumpet player Paul Schwingenschloegl. Meditative yet passionate, serious yet playful, simple yet complex - enjoy the music of Indigo Masala! . . . . . . .

Yogendra (sitar, backing vocals, percussion, shrutibox, dan moi) was born and raised in Germany, came across a sitar accidentally as a teenager and fell in love with it immediately. This encounter resulted in about 20 years of studies in the vast world of classical North Indian music with renowned masters like Ali Akbar Khan and Partha Chatterjee in India, California and Europe. He performs and teaches Indian raga music, but loves playing other styles of music and exploring non-traditional techniques on sitar as well. -

Ravi Srinivasan (tabla, lead vocals, ghatam, kabbas, santur, whistling) was born to an Anglo-Indian family in Singapore. He has travelled the world playing music from the Equator to the North Pole, accompanying traditional Kathak Dance and Hindustani Classical music as well as playing with various bands like Abrasaz, The Hypno Theatre, Transglobal Counterblast and Midnight Court. Trained as a violinist and on the tabla, his versatility and easy-going personality have earned him many friends and admirers. -

Susanne Xochitl Paul (5-string cello, backing vocals) was born to a Mexican-German family in California. She took up classical cello at a young age, then dropped it as a teen, drifting into electric guitars and punk rock and being cool. She later studied classical music, developed a serious addiction to jazz cello, lived in Moscow for a while and is fascinated by string quartet, french cuisine, tango, foreign dialects, flamenco guitar, and the world map. -


Big Gods & Little Animals
11 original songs, produced by Markus Brachtendorf (Cologne), published by Jigit! Records / Be Publishing, available on iTunes and all other major online-platforms from May 31st, 2008.

Airplay of Baby Cockroach and other songs by various radio stations in Germany, France, California and South America.

Set List

90 minutes of original compositions, each about 5 - 10 minutes long. Usual presentation in 2 sets with an intermission.


Music: traditional in Raga Malkouns
Lyrics: traditional

The classical North Indian vocal genre called „Tarana“ is full of sweeping rhythm. It is sung in fast tempo and uses nonsense syllables for the articulation of its intricate rhythmic patterns. This composition is based upon the evocative pentatonic midnight Raga Malkouns and set to the popular straight 16-beat rhythmic cycle Tintal. To spice it up further we have added some compositions from the Kathak dance tradition of Northern India and rounded it up with a generous helping of heavy cello.

Praising Shambho

Music: Yogendra Jens Eckert
Lyrics (Sanskrit): traditional

Shiva is one of the main Hindu gods, traditionally associated with spiritual quest, transformation, enlightenment and the destruction of negativity. Shambho, literally „Causing Happiness“, is one of his many names. T