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Indigo and Shock B make a dynamic duo combining urban street appeal and Native soul. Indigo's lyrics are deep and dynamic with a punk rock edge and energetic presentation. Shock B rock's traditional American Indian dance steps, flute, and songs in between cuttin it up on the one's and two's.



Since 1998 Indigo has been an outstanding member in the Twin Cities
and Midwest Hip Hop communities. An Emcee true to self and spirit
Indigo follows her heart as she creates songs about self actualizing, revolution, gratitude, and hard times. A representative for
women's rights, she is uncompromised in her dedication to create music
that shows females in a positive, respectful light. Raised in broken homes and living in over 30 places by the time she was 21, her music is expressive of real life issues and situations that are easily identifiable but difficult to diagnose. Indigo's music has been described as food for thought, with desert included. The City Pages full page article on Indigo is quoted as saying "Like her personality, Indigo's music is full of sass. With lyrical swoons and provocative spits, her album oozes a sexuality that comes across as confident and respectable." Aug. 2007

Indigo survived a difficult childhood that included poverty, upheaval
of living situations, divorce, changing schools, family drug and
alcohol abuse and the eventual suicide of her father. These real life
situations while painful, helped to make Indigo
resilient and and modivated to make change in the lives of people that need inspiration to keep going thrugh hard times.

A member of Culture Shock Camp since 2006, Indigo frequents
American Indian Reservations with Shock B and others of CSC bringing a
positive representation of women, Hip Hop and Native Culture. Indigo blends the boundaries of her cultures and
brings a world perspective to her art, while relating to young women,
men and children on a personally cultural level through spiritual
values and walking the Good Walk. Her goal is to inspire and teach
young people how they can create and find meaning through art in their
lives. Whether their personal expression is in the tradition of old
ways or inventing new styles, Indigo believes that art in all forms
saves lives.

Indigo and Shock B bring an eclectic, high energy show to any venue. Their musical stage show ranges from traditional American Indian songs and flute, to bangin Hip Hop tracks with Punk Rock energy.

Indigo has opened for Cee-Lo, Slick Rick, Jean Grea, The Coup, Anacron, Kill
the Vultures, Power Struggle, The Anomalies, El Vuh, Keith
Secola, and I Self Divine to name a few.


Radio Singles Include- Criminal Limerick, Hip Hop is the Way, and XOX TNT
LP - Released 11/11/07- Kiri'Ke
Featured on - It's Her Turn Out of Europe, InRadio Compilation out of MN, Culture Shock Camp Sampler 2007, Bloody Black Eyes EP

Set List

We open with American Indian Cedar Flute and Seminole songs, transition into a song produced by P.O.S called Bang it Low, transition into Criminal Limmerick (a Hyphy beat), Hip Hop is the Way (a crowd interactive B-Boy Jam), the high energy Dear Lord produced by Bean One follows, then we shut it down with What Do and some flute.