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Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Band EDM Jam


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"10.15.10 - Zmick, IndigoSun (Party at The Church)"

Excerpt: "IndigoSun nestled into the kitchen doorway/stage area to begin their set. By now there were probably closer to 60 people, the former area of worship was filling with a new breed-- devotees to the live music experience. The three-piece jamtronic group obliged the swelling crowd with an opening song of quick cadenced grooves. Kyle Liss' spacey work on the synths and with his sampler/sequencer device was the most outstanding sound, but the work of Mike Cantella and Steve Florian was solid as well. The bass was of a dense, ribcage-rattling variety and the drums were a snappy, relentless shuffle. The 2nd, and what turned out to be final song, was called "Jupiter Getdown" and it got kicked up with the addition of some distorted trombone work from a Church friend named Xavier. It reminded me a bit of Willie Waldman in the eerie, psychedelic direction the horn pushed the music. The sound was a mixture the color of The New Deal, but a texture more like STS9 and a consistency more like The Malah. It was indeed a groovy orbit in the space about Jupiter." - Chicago Jam Scene

"12.16.10 - IndigoSun"

Excerpts: "I really, really like this band. They are like a splash of The New Deal, mixed with a shot of The Malah, and a snifter of old school STS9."
"I ducked out of Weeds with a huge shitgrin on my face; I just love this kind of music right now. Comparisons were made earlier in this review, but the truth is that IndigoSun has a unique energy that really doesn't sound like anyone else. Sure there are similarities & influences, but when the dust settles, IndigoSun is a jamtronica freight train on its own course that only stops to reluctantly refuel once or twice a set." - Chicago Jam Scene

"11.4.10 - IndigoSun"

Excerpt: "Since this was mostly improvisation and there weren't many pauses in the music, I really didn't have much to specifically note about this show. What really stood out to me, however, was the drumming of Steve Florian. He has a serious talent for keeping a blazing-fast rhythm constantly driving forward, but also always shifting on the move. He would change patterns so seamlessly through different sections all while maintaining the rapidfire pace. Also impressive was Kyle Liss. With synthesizers & an Ableton surrounding him, there was no telling what otherworldly sounds were coming from his corner of the room. The overall energy of the show was very similar to The Malah or Lotus, in that they kept this very spacey but danceable soundscape flowing the whole time." - Chicago Jam Scene

"1.5.11 | IndigoSun"

When I walked into the Double Door, Rubblebucket was on stage and the venue was packed. The energy was high, and everywhere I looked people were smiling and getting down. As Rubblebucket began their last song, I knew I was ready for that unique IndigoSound. As a seasoned IndigoSun fan, I expect nothing short of a high energy show packed with a mix of funky music and crunchy jams that’ll make you want to dance until you collapse.

As the set changeover began, the crowd began getting restless and some of the crowd disappeared into the cold streets of Wicker Park. All the folks that were filing out had no idea what kind of epic jam they were about to miss. They opened with the song that they’re known best for, “Welcome Home”. This is the song that when you hear it, the melody gets stuck in your head for days and you can’t help but unconsciously whistle or hum it at all hours. This song isn’t typically an opener, so it was a surprise to all when this song began to bump through the speakers. The melody kicked in and those who had never heard this band hurried to the stage as they heard the sweet and sexy notes coming out of Ellman’s saxophone. As I looked around, people everywhere were smiling and grooving to the harmonious sounds of this eclectic music. As the melody began to wrap up, the song took an unexpected, but very welcome turn as they launched straight from “Welcome Home” into their super funky dubstep song “Io’s Emerald Cave”. When the bass kicked in, the floors and walls were literally vibrating and people were getting' down all the way to the floor. Throughout this song, the engaging sounds of Ellman’s sax in combination with the funky lines of Cantella’s fretless bass made this song nothing short of incredible. Despite the fact that they had just played a set 4 hours earlier in Bloomington, Illinois, they brought a high energy that was easily felt by every person in the venue.

They then launched into their new song called “Sapphire Sea/Cotton Candy Sky”. This was the second time it has been performed for an audience, but with the emotion and expertise they played it with, they would make you think they’ve been perfoming it for years. This song takes you on a journey through your mind, You first feel like your swimming in an ocean of funkiness then get blasted off into outer space where they fill your ears with notes of intergalactic peace and love. Florian not only commanded the stage with his furious beats and crunchy rhythms, he emanated some of the most upbeat and happy energy that I’ve ever witnessed. Towards the second half of the song, Liss took a solo on his keyboard that was nothing short of face melting. For those of you who have never seen IndigoSun perform, you have never been introduced Liss’s “get down” face. The only way to accurately describe it would be the most enjoyable mix of sneezing and orgasming that one could possibly imagine. Just watching him makes you feel the music on a whole other level, simply because positive and beautiful vibes he radiates have the ability to make you feel the music in a way you never have before.

As Liss cued their final song “Atisha”, I noticed something wasn’t right. Liss had a look of frustration as he realized that the computer program he uses had stopped working. As he restarted the program, he played the notes that were supposed to be coming from his computer on his keyboard and kept his calm. This could’ve easily turned into a fiasco and put Liss in an unhappy place for the rest of the song, but he handled the technical malfunction with ease and grace. When the program restarted, a huge grin spread across his face as he once again began to get back in the zone. As the melody of this song kicked in, Ellman’s energy was ever present and the crowd couldn’t help but bask in the glow of his sweet and expressive sax. People in the audience were actually singing the melody as the band raged on. Cantella, although not outwardly energetic the way the other 3 members are, was emitting a sense of funky calmness and soulfulness with each note he played. As they neared the final section of “Atisha”, the set took, yet again, another unexpected, but beautiful turn. Florian began to build up the song with his skillful drumming, and the crowd kept dancing, not knowing what was about to come next. As Florian hit the peak, Ellman came blasting in with the melody from “Welcome Home” and the crowd went wild. The energy and happiness radiating from the stage was incredible, and nobody could do anything but groove. Between Ellman’s incredible stage presence, Cantella’s cool and relaxed aura, Florian’s spot on drumming and Liss’s constant enthusiasm, this group really brought something magical to the stage that evening. As their set wrapped out, the crowd left covered in sweat and filled with smiles. This set was nothing short of deep fried for extra crunchiness served up with a side of funk. - Chicago Jam Scene

"Top 5 Midwestern Live Bands of 2010"


This is another recent discovery but I can't seem to get enough right now. This is some of the best instrumental jamtronica I have heard and gets a room of people dancing like fools in a hurry. Ethereal creativity is the name of their game and they are honing it finely. They hit a few festivals in 2010 and I think a bunch more are ready for a dose of SunLove. - Chicago Jam Scene

"3.12.11 | IndigoSun"

excerpt: "This was, yet again, another fantastically awesome performance for IndigoSun, and they brought the loving vibes and funky sounds for all to enjoy. I’d highly recommend jumping on the Indigo train as it picks up steam into the summer frenzy of festival season. They’ll definitely be seen all over the Midwest, and with the return of Lucas Ellman on saxophone, we’re all in for one funk-filled ride of groovy love." - Chicago Jam Scene

"Summer Camp Music Festival: Friday"

excerpt: "It was one of the tightest sets they’ve ever played. The communication and focus of the group was on another level, riding the wave of the ecstatic and indescribable joy of seeing their dream of playing Summer Camp come to fruition." - Chicago Jam Scene

"1.8.11 | Raoul Duke, IndigoSun"

Indigo set off into one of their staple tunes, "Atisha." I have definitely heard this song a bunch of times now and I always thought it was a particularly good one. But this version was kicked way over the top with the addition of Lucas Ellman on the saxophone. He's the nephew of Galactic's Ben Ellman and I guess music really does run in DNA because he is a chip off the family tree. His harmonization with the synth hooks and ability to launch into a sultry solo felt like it completed this song. Like the missing piece of sound. In fact, that is pretty much what he felt like the entire set. No offense to the rest of the band, but this show was all about Ellman for me. This was the first time I'd seen Indigo with him, and although he is an official member of the band, performances with him are rare these days as he is attending school in Boston. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought he was here practicing all the time. He fit their sound perfectly.

Ellman's smooth transition into the sound was apparent again in another familiar song, "Bubble N Bounce." This song feels like the title suggests and just had an uplifting & friendly energy that only got more rich with the syrupy dose of saxophone. The end of the set brought a new song called "Sapphire Sea/Cotton Candy Sky" that had a mature sound for such a young song. This led right into their traditional set ender, "Welcome Home," which was a really smart move and created a unique experience. The newness of "Sapphire" and the familiarity of "Welcome Home" created a palpable energy gradient without shifting the actual intensity of the music. This just told me that the people who were there really knew Indigo's material and were passionate fans. I don't think it will take too long to make more of these passionate fans. This band just has such an accessible jamtronic sound. It radiates positivity & naturally light energy and if you like to dance at all, this music just makes your bones move. These guys need to open for Lotus or STS9 next time they're in town because this sound is far too sweet to be confined to tiny venues for much longer. - Chicago Jam Scene

"10 Best Weekend Shows Under $10"

[This post is written specifically about Rubblebucket, but IndigoSun co-headlined on the bill for this show, playing a late night set after them]

Fine, some are $10 even. But pay the door guy $9.99, tell 'em Aaron Neville sent ya, and it shouldn't be a problem. So for those looking to sing, dance, grind, or ogle some talent and want to save their money for things like bourbon, craigslist massages, or school supplies, here are your best weekend options for "live" music (that cost $10 or less).

Rubblebucket @ Double Door - 8pm - 21+ - $10 w/ promo code "Rubblebucket" (Saturday, 1/15)
Being a poser is what it's all about. So pretend this isn't the first time you heard that Rubblebucket has just recorded their first full length with DFA records. Know how easy it is to sell your friends on going to a concert by saying, "OMG, this hot-ass New York band that just joined the label with LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip is having their first big chicago show this weekend?" Head to and use the "Guest Password" of "Rubblebucket" for discounted $10 tickets.

Read more: - Chicago Now

"Big Gigantic*Two Fresh*The Malah*Indigo Sun - 2-27-2010: Kinetic Playground; Chicago, IL"

Concert review by: Didi Trout

The Kinetic Playground once again succeeded to spread the cheer with fantastic music bumping the whole night through. Bringing a combination of artists together to diversify the music. Touring together, Big Gigantic and Two Fresh closed out their tour with the Chicago scene. The crowd came out to recognize these up-and coming bands. Both have sincere appreciation for each other, Big G and Two Fresh clearly showed a connection while they were at this venue. Bringing life to the KP with electro-infused sounds and an added dash of powerful instrumentals, all the bands which appeared on stage set up the evening for those waiting to dance 'til the break of dawn.

Adding a unique and new sound into the mix, the band Indigo Sun played first. This band has been around since 2008, going through different genres throughout their time playing together and expanding on forms of dance/ jam music. This enables them to have a solid combination of genres in their performance as well as adding an impressive display of artistry to their music. They are a collaboration of jam band with a dash of electronic style, along with the funky sounds to sauce up their music. The band had very terrific stage presence together. On the keyboards, synthesizer and laptop; Kyle Liss pumped out the electronic flare to the music. Along side playing on the guitar and electronic bass, Kevin Florian. Hitting out the drum beats, Steven Florian and Lucus Ellman on sax and using a unique instrument called an electronic wind instrument. A genuine appreciation for spreading the love through their music was shown while they got the crowd moving. It was a great jump-start to the night as the headliners awaited to come out on stage. - Kindweb

"Alex B: 1/16/2010: Kinetic Playground; Chicago, IL"

Concert review by: Didi Trout

The appreciation for the genres encompassed into electronic and experimental scene is certainly one that can be hard to come by and accepted for some. Yet one major feeling which cant be denied is the way it gets a crowd moving. Something about the beats, the buildup and the flow which are all combined to wave the audience. Chicago has an expanding following for this scene and it showed on Saturday evening when Alex B hit the city with a few others, Phaded, Indigo Sun and Kendo. The Kinetic Playground brings an environment which makes you want to party into the wee hours of the early morning. A smaller venue with enticing lighting and a close knit vibe for those who have stepped into this late night enjoyment. As the music began, the population of the audience increased and the rhythms flowing off stage livened the evening right from the start.

***Hitting the stage first was the Indigo Sun, a jam filled psychedelic sound derived from Chicago. Getting the night started to the right beat these guys started a jamming night of music. A band which combines many genres to create a unique sound. A dash of electronic but for the most part they come off as a funky, driven, jam style band which added a different sound for the evening to begin with.***

Next up was Kendo, (of the Band Two Fresh).. Playing solo this time and showing the audience his own rhythm and flow without his other band members. A great boost of beats erupted from the stage, his stage presence, throwing his arms around and bouncing back and forth, generated emotion in the music he was mixing. Upbeat and powerfully moving, this artist streamed out positive rhythm with every sound. As this display of talent came to an end, the night seemed to just begin. The hype was bumping as the anticipation for Alex B was in the air.

Its a very difficult way to visually perform for an artist, on stage with just a music box yet when you combine the lights and the undeniable serge of energy which protrudes from the stage you get a great electronic performance. With Alex B the sensation you get when he is live, in front, performing the creations that has drifted into his mind, now flowing into the crowded venue, its a powerful collaboration of beats which gets bodies moving. The inventiveness in which he puts forth his music is spectacular. He has a pure passion for the mixes and samples he brings together. There is a positive vibe and sincere closeness which Alex has with the audience, this was established seeing his wander the crowd prior to his set on stage. There is a respect and appreciation to an artist that steps out and gathers the environment which the performance is being put out to.

Bringing on stage his music player, the collection of beats and samples held inside erupt into a gathering of up-lifting melodies which move the Chicago audience naturally. Adding a different stage presence appearing solo, Alex B did a phenomenal job of putting his music out. Usual populating the stage with the band Pnuma Trio, his solo performance was just as entertaining and creative as the band together. It was a different kind of performance with just his positive presence on stage. This artist has many accomplishments with music under his belt, from this performance the passion in his playing is clear, Alex B will surely rise in the upcoming to be an act not to be missed.

The night ended with the experimental, dub step beats produced by Phaded. The artist followed a fabulous performance and jammed into the night. Late night was fulfilled with electrifying tones that waved the audience till the break of dawn.

The night was a success. With music and fantastic vibes flowing through the air. Those populating the Red line trains which traveled past the Lawrence stop that night could hear the rhythms bursting upward into the cars as the doors opened and outward into the streets of Chicago . Music is a beautiful thing, and these artists know how to express their glorious insight into the beautiful world. put on a fabulous night of music and you can check out more at the website for upcoming shows and videos of those from past events. Chicago always brings together such amazing kinds of music and this evening was nothing short of a collaboration of beats raving the city with new music. When Alex B came to town it wasn't surprising to see him rock the house and gather those passionate towards his music to dance all night long. - Kindweb


Numerous live sets available for free download or streaming from our site:

"Official Releases"

*Behind Closed Eyes*
-Our latest studio effort, to be released February 2012. 6 tracks, totaling a full 80 minutes of music. Mike Rempel of Lotus is featured on "Ride the Wave" and "Beyond the Beyond," which you can hear on this press kit!

*Sticky Summer Funk Fingers 2011*
- 5 live tracks from the Summer/Fall of 2011

*Spring Daze 2011*
- 5 live tracks from the Spring of 2011.
- available for free download or streaming at:

*Summer Sampler 2010*
- 6 live tracks from the Summer of 2010.
- available for free download or streaming at:

*Voyage to Planet Funk*
- 6 tracks of our first EP, released 2/1/10.
- available for free download or streaming at:



One rare beautiful September night in 2009 a few good friends began to explore the possibilities of electronic music on the terrace of their apartment building. This improvisation became the tune “Welcome Home,” a suitable sound track for the genesis of IndigoSun.

IndigoSun is a Chicago based quartet whose sound dives deep into the realms of groove oriented electronica , enriched with funk, and a metaphysical connection leaving the listener with a profound feeling of transcendent joy.

The band consists of Kyle Liss - synthesizers, sequencing, and keyboards; Lucas Ellman- Tenor Saxophone and EWI; Mike Cantella – bass; and Steve Florian – Drums.

They have shared the stage with Big Gigantic, Orchard Lounge, Alex B (Pnuma Trio), Future Rock, Ghost Stepper (Lotus side-project feat. Jesse, Luke, and Mike G.), Rubblebucket (LCD Soundsystem/DFA Records Artist), Dark Party (Eliot Lipp and LEO 123), Two Fresh, Juno What (members of The Motet), the Coop, The Malah, Family Groove Company, Fifth World, Steez, Wook, Afro Zep, This Must Be the Band, Brain Child, Jaik Willis and many esteemed others.

On their sonic journey the band has graced the stages of many of the Midwest’s most noted and respected venues including:

The Portage Theater
The Double Door
The Kinetic Playground
Reggie’s Rock Club
The Bottom Lounge
The Abbey Pub

Other Illinois:
Friends and Co. (Charleston)
Tres Hombres (Carbondale)
Sky Bar (Carbondale)
Mackie's Hideout (McHenry)
The House Cafe (DeKalb)
R Bar (Kankakee)
Majestic Theater (Kankakee)
Berta's Patio (Ottawa)
Brixie's (Brookfield)
Mack Glass Factory (Bloomington-Normal)

The Up and Under (milwaukee)
The Frequency (madison)
The Majestic Theater (madison)
Diablo's Cantina (Neenah)

The Mousetrap (Indianapolis)
Be Here Now (muncie)
Doc's Music Hall (muncie)
The Prelounge (Lafayette)

The Blind Pig (Ann Arbor)

IndigoSun has also performed at the following music festivals:


*Hoodilidoo, Grand Junction Mi.

*Glowing Souls, Jonesboro Il.

*The Land of Electric, Allegan, Mi.

*Skiddlefish, Northbrook, IL

*Jammin' on the Wolf, Langlade Wi.

*SpaceStock Music and Arts Festival, Martinton IL.

*Tall Tree Lake, Goreville, Il.

*Stik Nite Festival, Muncie, In.


*Wuhnurth Music Festival, Muncie In.

*Woodchuck Festival, Charleston Il.

*Duck Fest , Martinton IL


To see video of our recent shows visit our YouTube channel,

Album art by Tommy Spera.
Photos by Xavier Galdon.