Indigo Vibe

Indigo Vibe

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Indigo Vibe is a soulful, jazzy, funky sound that crosses music barriers. Each member possesses unique skills and abilities that work harmonically to produce a sound full of energy and most of all full of "vibe."


Indigo Vibe-
is the culmination of musical originals on the genius level, connecting on an oddossey of entertwining tones and notes.

This journeys path was allowed to flow within the wave frequencies of Mr. Robert Walker Jr.'s melodic soulship. Riding the jazz tracks, of the obviously overlooked underground escapism through music portal to be opened in ages. Brought about through the inspiration of Kimbo Owens.

Following a timeline from divine origin to it's return trip, this concoction of sound resonating utensils have banned together to create musically, in hopes of being tuned to a higher "in".

Piggybacking on the movement of " life expressed musically", a.k.a "Rhino",
Indigo Vibe vows to embrace "Rhino" at it's purest form, which is music with no boundary lines. Crossing all the genre lines of catagorizing and seperation, to once again unifying it all as "good music".

Rhythymically arranged on levels few have dared to fuse at this intensity upon release.
Indigo Vibe packs weight, while simultaneously lifts your grounded being to the tangible awakenings within. (Feel me.) Push Play.......
......enjoy the ride...........


First CD - Need a Day Off
Current CD - Buscando la Paz

On Air - Speechless (Buscando), Mr. Finadoo (Buscando)

Set List

1. Feelin' You
2. Do Wow
3. Have You Ever
4. Speechless
5. Living Waters
6. Living for the Love of You (Isley Brothers)
7. Mr. Finadoo
8. Reminice
9. It's a Matter of...
10. Time and Space
11. Tell Me (Groove Theory)
12. Sweet Thing (Chaka Chan)
13. Don't Go to Strangers (Chaka Chan)
14. Now That Love Has Taken Over (Shante Moore)
15. As If We Never Met (Shante Moore)
16. Medly (Gladys Knight)
17. Medly (Cool and the Gang)
18. Medly (Earth Wind and Fire)
19. Bitter Earth (Mikey Howard)
20. Good Morning Heartache (Billy Holiday)
21. I'll Find a Way (Blu Can Trail)
22. Flashlight (George Clinton)
23. The Dog (George Clinton)
24. Bustin' Out (Rick James)
25. Super Freak (Rick James)
26. In the Air (Phil Collins)
27. Sweet Love (Anita Baker)
28. Been So Long (Anita Baker)
29. Mix Melody (Jeff Lorber & Biggy Smalls)
30. Mr. Magic (Grover Washington)
31. My My My (Johnny Gil)
32. Whip it Baby (Dazz Band)
33. The Steppers Song (R. Kelly)
34. Living All Alone (