Indigovox is a "one woman" band. Influenced with a touch of Retro, Electro, & Synthpop. Indigovox is Infused with hypnotic female vocals, driving beats & lushes melodic sounds that stick make you want to dance.


Originally from Miami, Indigo Vox is a self-produced solo electronic music composer and performer. Comprised solely of Raquel Pupo, she now resides in Atlanta, GA and is a part of the live electronic music movement. With one self-titled self-released album (2006) under her belt, she is currently working on a follow-up, entitled "Destroyed By Love & Hate".

While receiving a growing fan base via her online and recorded presence, Indigovox has also gained broad appeal in Florida venues and radio stations. Her live show schedule has remained steady, most notably as recent opener for Freezepop and Shiny Toy Guns. Performing throughout the state, she occasionally employs the additional talents of dance troupes and theatrical performers in order to enhance each song.

Indigovox's appeal resides primarily in her very danceable, catchy melodic synthpop songs, which stay stuck in the listener's head. Her influences range from: Erasure, Freezepop, Madonna, Giorgio Moroder, New Order, and Pet Shop Boys. Due to her raw charisma and crowd interaction during shows, her stage presence always insites the audience get up and dance!


Self produced Album EP-2006

"Destroyed by Love & Hate" -
Self produced album upcoming 2009

Set List

Plastic Doll

Total set time: 30minutes