Indigo Wild

Indigo Wild

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

These Columbus, OH indie-rockers craft a sonic landscape of robust rhythm, cunning guitar riffs, and soaring harmonies – a dynamic display of Midwestern introspection.


Indigo Wild poses a unique brand of no-coast indie rock, distinguished with lyrics that illustrate the tangible true-life stories of four Columbus, Ohio natives crafting their own version of the American Dream.

Born from the heart of the Midwest, this dynamic quartet’s live performances stir listeners with haunting harmonies and cunning guitar riffs complimented by rhythms that are paradoxically both powerful and smooth. Indigo Wild’s repertoire spans a broad spectrum - from anthems that evoke the shoes-over-the-phone-line vibes of summer to gripping folk ballads of friends left behind and futures yet to be explored.

Maturing past their 2011 debut EP, “If By Sea”, the band released the acoustic single “Pacific” in early 2014 and is recording new material in Fall of 2014 with gold & platinum winning producer Jim Wirt (Fiona Apple, Incubus, Buffalo Killers).


Indigo Wild has notably performed with:

Blithe Field, Bonesetters, Catfish and the Bottlemen (UK), Carbon Tigers, Desert Noises, JEFF The Brotherhood, The Floorwalkers, Forest & the Evergreens, The Harlequins, Humming House, Kopecky Family Band, Margot & The Nuclear So & Sos, Motive, Mutual Benefit, Neulore, Panama, Pomegranates, Post Coma Network, PUBLIC, The Ridges, Spirit Animal, Starlight Girls, The Yugos, Youth Lagoon


Notable Showcases:

Fashion Meets Music Festival – August 2014 (Columbus, OH) //
Communion Records Showcase - June 2014 (Bloomington, IN) //
Midpoint Music Festival - September 2013 & 2014 (Cincinnati, OH)
The Midpoint Sessions @ The Art Academy of Cincinnati - September 2013 (Cincinanti, OH //
Independent's Day Festival - September 2012, 2013, & 2014 (Columbus, OH)
Lobsterfest - May 2012 (Athens, OH)
CD102.5 Local Showcase - March 2012 (Columbus, OH)



Written By: Indigo Wild

I see waves
Of dangerous waters in this place
They crossed the shore,
Climbed up the beach
In the highest tide
And now we watch the sea level rise.

We have watched salty waters cross the sand
Flooding all of our homes.
We have watched salty waters soak the land
We won’t let it erode.

Soon enough, just soon enough some day
We’ll sit in our rowboats and say
Bring out your buckets and drain

Bring out your rowboats and bring out your buckets

This is a fistfight
With a wounded dove
So tell me,
Is this politics or love?

When You Say

Written By: Indigo Wild

We’ve grown accustomed to the sound of silence
This town has turned into a field of graves
And in our lowest days, we pray we won’t accept its fate
But our stones are freshly cut and ready for our names

When you say
When you say
When you say the word
We’ll live this

We’ll grow accustomed to the feel of timeless
We’ll spend our afternoons in mother maple’s shade
And in our lowest times, we may fear what we’ve left behind
But you’ve got the scars to show that we have turned the page

When you say
When you say
When you say the word
We’ll leave this place

We’ll spend our afternoons in mother maple’s shade…

On the Hill

Written By: Indigo Wild

Wolf on the hill
Wolf on the hill

I heard your screams
They came running (From a distance, I see)
You thought they’d come (You’re standing alone)
But this time, no

Wolf on the hill
Wolf on the hill

Their trust is dead
Your sheep have fled
Over the hills
Your flock is spread

Wolf on the hill
Wolf on the hill

Set List

Set varies by venue and time constraint. Typically, about 35-50 minutes of original music.