You're either going to be the one telling people about this group, or you're going to be the one hearing about it.


Indiscretions is a ramshackle power trio, born out of three men’s desire to give of themselves. They perform, that they may transcend. The line up is made by Curtis August, GB 500 (performed CMJ music festival with "The Arctic Square"), and Colin The King of Karaoke (performed CMJ music festival with "Jessie Diamond and the Thousand"). The group has been playing around the eastern seaboard for 3 months, with performances in such notable and sintilating underground venues as: Galapagos (NYC), Arlene's Grocery (NYC), Luna Lounge (NYC), AFTCP (PHILLY) Pete's Candy Store (NYC), Cousin Larry's (CON), New College (FLA), 2x4 (MAR), Martini Red (STL), Trocadero (PHILLY), (RockWood Music Hall (NYC), house parties, outdoor festivals, and on the bloody street. It’s a real tooth and nail sort of an affair; each man clawing his way through syncopation, melody, and obtuse wording, in an effort to get something-ANYTHING across to the audience. To attend an Indiscretions show is to enter into a deep and satisfying relationship with no strings attached. Peace.


"Pussycat b/w Judgement Eye" (Single released July 2007)

Set List

(Original Material)
2.Judgement Eye
3.Play it Tight
5.Sleeping On the Couch
6.Sync My Teeth
7.Love is a Dream
8.Moon in the Man
1.Your So Vain
2.Love is a Stranger
3.Stealing Peoples Mail