Indi Star

Indi Star


Sexy, dreamy melodic, and fast fiddling electric violinist Indi Star is entertaining and recording alongside Australias finest artists, and her own band is nothing but brilliant.


When you've just returned from playing Glastonbury Festival for the second time in your career, you can only fly back with more ambition to get back on the road.
Indi is determined to return with one of her new projects. The first being her newly released debut album "All the Faeries in my Head are Real". A collection of Irish instrumentals, sounding her passion and playing of Irish music over the past 12 years. Her journey has had her touring through NZ, Australia, UK and Ireland.
Or maybe with her new project Seven, a more theatrical rock orientated soundtrack, set to an animated story based on Indi's life. The journey of her adoption, her magical discovery of music, search for love, her fall into the dark void of drugs and rock n roll, and being shown the way out.
Indi works with the same band for each project. Each member is of Irish decent and has grown up listening to very similar rock, and hard rock bands like Megadeth, Metallica, Dave Matthews Band, Led Zeppelin....
So after playing a hauntingly beautiful version of the Irish song "She moves through the fair" they then sneak into a very sexy version of Led Zep's "Kashmir".

As well as all this, Indi managed to fit in an 8 month nation wide Australia tour with Australian Idol winner Damien Leith. They toured in 2008 promoting his album "Catch the Wind".


Indi Stars debut solo album "All The Faeries In My Head Are Real"
Available end of Oct 09 on iTunes.

The Live Room "7 Inch Vinyl Movie Club"
Available through MGM Distribution Australia and Itunes
Also digital streaming of the single "Crush" is on rotation in selected retail outlets throughout USA and Australia.

Set List

All the Faeries in my Head are Real

Some Mothers Son
Coming Home
On Ponsonby Rd
Last of the Mohicans
Rain on Fire
The Sleeping Tuna
Lannigans Ball
Finlay McCrae
Toss the Feathers