Individually Twisted

Individually Twisted

 Rincon, Georgia, USA
BandAlternativeCover Band

Exciting and unique. This band of 3 hard rocking teens will make the girls scream. Each talented member brings there own twist to the group. Hence the name Individually Twisted. Young and talented they would appeal to young rocking teens as well as the young rockers at heart..


Raised on his father's old school rock and soul LP's, Simon Hodgson at 17 was wanting a band with committed members. His inability to find teens with his level of experience was difficult. He first met 15 year old Andrew "50 inches" Ottimo who played bass. Andrew played bass upside down for months before he was given the gift of a left handed bass guitar. Once these two got together they started to search for drummers. A professional drummer and family friend recommended one of his drum students. Mark Blankenship was told about 2 teens looking for a drummer and jumped at the opportunity to play with kids as talented as he. The band is currently playing covers of different musical genres, but they are looking for that dare to be "Great" moment. Laid back and fun to be around these guys are hard rockin and hard workin teens..


No Current Releases

Set List

Beautiful Disaster...311
Hysteria and Knights..Muse
Voodoo Child/Purple Haze..Hendrix
You Really Got Me..Kinks
Bulls on Parade...Rage Against the Machine
Free Bird...Reggae Change
Stray Cat Strut...Stray Cats
Painted Black...Rolling Stones
Heard it on the X..ZZ Top
Lead Boots...Jeff Beck
Immigrant Song...Zepplin