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"Indorphine - September 27, 2005"

Hardcore Dinner Music is the only way to describe Orlando based Indorphine. Metal/Rock/and Hardcore is the foundation of Indorphine. The band will be showcasing for a few of the majors on September 30th at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando, Florida. The band has just finished recording their new self produced album "Glowsticks for Clubbing Baby Seals" and is shooting a video for the song Spaghetti in the coming week. The band will be heading out for a full U.S. tour on Oct 6th. Check out the track Spaghetti. For more information contact Squiggy at or Scott Frazier (Flaw, Bobaflex, Abby Owens, Outspoken) at or 502-426-4637.


"Cover Story: Homegrown heaviness"

It's not uncommon to find the "streets" of Universal's CityWalk overrun with high-school kids on any given weekend night. The pseudo-nightlife environment makes the kids feel cool while the theme-park safety makes parents feel less neglectful. Yet, on certain nights, the gossiping cliques are interrupted by a steady stream of black-clad rebellion; boys and girls decked out in their finest post-apocalyptic attire, all headed toward the Colosseum on the hill called Hard Rock Live. Like pilgrims toward Mecca, the individuality of each member is soon swallowed by the conformity of the group and, once frisked and carded, the shrine opens up to allow the faithful to collectively bang their head against the altar of metal.

Yet, despite the fact that anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 kids are packed into the venue, this isn't a show by a Clear Channel/MTV-embraced band. In fact, it's quite likely that none of the bands playing have even signed a recording contract. Rather, this fanatical spectacle is provided by a handful of local bands, each of whom easily inspire the roiling crowd to sing-along chants, frantic moshing, headbanging catharsis and a damned good time. Whether it's the freak-out, multigenre attack of Indorphine, the pummeling thud of O.F. Beatdown, the grinding darkness of Five Billion Dead or any of the other powerful metal bands that routinely destroy local stages, it all adds up to a sound that's deeply resonant with an increasingly larger -- and younger -- audience.

"High-school kids are the best," laughs Indorphine guitarist Buddy Fischel. "They do crazy shit that nobody else will. They have the best time at our shows."

Like most cities, the majority of Orlando's musical offerings are geared toward drinking-age adults. Yet, unlike most cities, all-ages shows in Orlando aren't typically relegated to VFW halls and high-school gyms. For younger fans of heavier music, the fact that Orlando can claim two large venues -- Hard Rock Live and Downtown Disney's House of Blues -- that regularly schedule all-ages shows is a godsend. After all, for a high-schooler deeply into music, nothing can top seeing a powerful, aggressive band in a big, nice-sounding room.

"A band like Deroot can put 2,500 people in Hard Rock Live and 80 percent of those kids are under 18 and can't get into other venues," says Matt Wagner. Wagner -- as both founder of the Orlando Metal Awards and bassist in Five Billion Dead -- has benefited from the increased profile that large, all-ages shows have given to the Orlando metal scene. Making heavier music available to a younger, music-hungry audience has only increased those kids' appetite for destruction.

Which brings them out to check out local talent. Fortunately, the talent in Orlando has only gotten better and more diverse in the past few years. After a considerable dry spell that found metal well out of public favor across the country, the last year or so has seen radio become completely dominated by heavy bands. And though many of them are direct descendants of the "nŸ-metal" trend initiated by Korn and Limp Bizkit, many others merge primal riffage and modern production for a sound that updates the aggression of thrash into a more melodic rage. It's these middle-of-the-road metal bands -- Godsmack, Staind, Disturbed -- who are reigniting interest in heavier music. And, like Wagner says, once the fans are hooked, they can only get more involved.

"There are always people out there looking for something more extreme," he says. "Kids will listen to what's on the radio and hear a Godsmack song or a Sevendust song and then they'll go pick up a Slayer album or whatever and then they keep looking for things that are heavier and more extreme."

"Heavy" and "extreme" are what the Orlando scene offers ... in (ace of) spades. Forced underground by trends such as grunge and alt-rock and nü-metal, the lone practitioners of the genre have been left to their own devices for the past decade, woodshedding ideas and acting like, in the words of Judas Priest, defenders of the faith. The result has been a dozen or so new bands that evoke the aggressive attack metal has been known for, while presenting it in multiple and diverse fashions that would be unrecognizable to Raven and Saxon fans of yore.

"About five years ago was probably the lowest point locally," says Kevin Bullock of Pain Principle, a band that's been part of the scene for 10 years. "Over the past year and a half though, I've noticed that heavier bands are starting to do better with their shows and that more new bands are starting to play heavier music for the first time in quite a while.

"It's probably more diverse than ever (locally). There's still some rap-influenced stuff -- it's starting to taper off, but there's still plenty of it -- but there's also bands like Five Billion Dead that are modern-sounding but with roots in older death metal, while a band like Trivium is more European-sounding."

Jimmy Grant, v - Orlando Weekly 8-21-2003

"Billy Hume Quote"

"They are the real shit! I walked in on their show at Atlantis and stay for the whole thing even though I was supposed to be going to see another band. I was transfixed. If some major label doesn't come along and sign these guys soon it will just confirm my belief that most of these labels are lacking in vision and lacking the possession of balls. And speaking of balls... Indorphine has them! Best band I've seen in years."

-Billy Hume
Platinum Super Producer
- Billy Hume

"Mark Tremonti Quote"

“What I love about Indorphine is that they are a metal band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. They just go out there and kick some serious ass.”

- Mark Tremonti formerly of Creed

- Mark Tremonti

"Stace Jareti Quote"

- After years and years of prepackaged, preplanned, and preordained bands, whose marketing strategy has more ‘legs’ than their songs, Indorphine is the breath of fresh air this life time audiophile has been turning blue for.

-Stace Jareti
Publisher Volume Entertainment Magazine
- Volume Magazine

"Tim Hall Quote"

“Indorphine's live show is better than most of the bands on the road today, they really know how to rock the crowd”

-Tim Hall
JackRabbits / Freebird live bookings
Jacksonville, Florida
- Tim Hall

"Volume Magazine Summer Jager Issue"

Sip your Jager from a wineglass if you must, but get ready for green with your Spaghetti! You simply must see them to believe, so at long last, a visual experience to compliment the progressive-experimental metal music of Indorphine is now available in the media section of their website, and expect it to air nationally very soon! Our hardworking boys (Tanner, Jimmy, Adam, Buddy and Everett) are scanning 1600 paid tickets as they headlined 09-30-05 at the House of Blues in Orlando. They have finally landed in the bulls-eye of the industry radarscope! Featured on Kings of A & R, finalizing a new deal with DMD Management and Scott Frasier (Bobaflex and FLAW), receiving full sponsorship from Jager music and Michael Kelly guitars, (and possibly the Mob) hopping onto a national tour with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and landing more HOB show dates with nationals like Clutch are just a few of their many accomplishments since August 2005, when Indorphine delighted the large Stuck Mojo crowd at Atlanta's Masquerade as part of the Volume Mag/Hairy Breakfast Prod. Atlantis Music Conference metal showcase, (along with Suckerhead and Infernal Machine) and attracted the attention of one very talented Atlanta based producer..ssssshhhhhhh. Heavy and downright comedic in their performance with musicianship unsurpassable, watch for their meatballs to grow even bigger and roll into national mosh-pits in 2006 !

-Volume Magazine Summer Tour Issue 2005 (Circulation 100,000)
- Volume Magazine

"Orlando Radio Quote"

"One of the most requested bands for the Native Noise program is Indorphine. Everytime I receive a request I smile a little knowing the show will ROCK that much more. Live or on CD, they leave quite an impression.

Clear Channel Communications
Creative Services
Host - "Native Noise" Real Rock 101one

- "DJ" Native Noise Host

"Hard Rock Live Quote"

I have worked with the band and their management several times over the past few years and it has always been a very professional and pleasant experience. They have proved very dedicated to promoting their shows and building excitement about their live shows within their fan base. They have extremely loyal following and we can definitely see a growth in numbers since we first booked the band to play at our venue.

The band and management have always conducted themselves with great professionalism in advancing shows promptly and their behavior on show nights has been exemplary. I believe that this band will go far with their stellar attitudes and their immense drive to succeed.

Colleen Flynn
Senior Talent Buyer
Hard Rock Live
- Hard Rock Live

"X101.5 Tallahassee"

"I would rather slam my head in a car door than miss an Indorphine show"
One of the biggest kept secrets in the Southeast.
Dominating stage presence,and infectious guitar riffs,ten minutes on stage and I guarantee you will be addicted

WXSR -Tallahassee - Geo


-2002 released Self-produced album “12 lbs” 4500 copies sold.

-2003 released the Tijuana Donkey Shop EP ” 3000 copies sold

-2003 released “Live Under The Big Tent” DVD 2000 copies sold

-2003 Performed at and was Featured on the Florida Music Festival compilation distributed through Axis magazine and Jeff Hanson Management “Creed, Alter Bridge”

- 2005 released "Sonic Throwdown" 1500 copies sold and still selling

-2005 released "Twice as long, Half as Fast" 1000 copies sold and still selling

- Winter 2006 "Glowsticks for Clubbing Baby Seals" will be released


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