East Setauket, New York, USA
BandAlternativeNew Age

Indra is a collection of progressive/experimental/classical/grunge/jam band/ fusion ideas and concepts that are defying conventional music as we know it. Indra's music is meant to break down those conditioned walls of what music is and replaces it with a higher musical consciousness.


Indra is a 2 person project aimed at destroying conventional music. What is meant by this is we are viewing what we are doing as totally revolutionary in terms of music style, how people perceive a traditional band or artist and an overall change of thinking in terms of life style and finding a new consciousness for the entire planet. All of these themes are extremely important to the both of us. We are surrounded by these important factors everyday of our lives and live and breath these life style modifications every moment. We believe by introducing an unconventional, original, but very high quality musical art form this can begin to awaken people to a new consciousness. If people can appreciate and open their eyes to something new and positive in terms of music, they can then apply that same appreciation and awareness to everything. We feel that this is essential to the survival of our species. The music we create is bigger than us and we believe that this music would exist even if we werenÂ’t the ones creating and playing it. I know this may seem very strange to hear, however this is very real for the both of us. We genuinely feel that most bands that are perceived as being innovative or different are just arranging a more traditional style of playing in a non-traditional way. Where as Indra arranges a non-traditional style of playing in a non-traditional way. Indra's goal is not only to open peoples eyes up to redefining how they view and perceive music, but also how they view and perceive their world.


We just released our first single, "Lojong". We have clips and the full single streaming on multiple sites and the single will be available to purchase online in the near future.

Set List

Massive improvisations followed by 2-4 structured songs ranging from 4-12 minutes each. Every show is different.