Induced Coma

Induced Coma


We look at music as a tool. Many believe that music comes from the heart, we say our souls. We try to let our music breathe, and become a living force.


Darkest Hour

The band didn't start in the normal manner. We were all in different bands to start out with. It was the "Kevin Bacon Syndrome" with Kenny knowing Blaine, Cordel knowing Kenny, and Douglas knowing Tom. Right now you are probably wondering who Douglas is since his name isn't listed as a member of the band, but it is part of the road that leads us to where we are going. The bands that we were in had either broken up or weren't going anywhere. Kenny and Cordel started jamming out for fun and writing material. We decided we needed another guitar player and that's where Blaine comes into the picture. We started to lay down some tracks and decided it was time to look for a singer. We came across our first singer, Douglas, through mutual friends. Then things went a little crazy and Blaine left the band for a while. In the mean time, Douglas called Tom to replace Blaine on guitar. He was a breath of fresh air. With all his talent, he brought a new perspective to the music we were writing. Now all we needed was a bass player, which brings the return of Blaine. He came back to the band, not as a guitar player, but as our bassist. The craziness returns when Douglas was asked to leave the band. Since talented singers seem to be very hard to find here, we suffered through many auditions before stumbling onto Colin. Kenny was at a local guitar store and asked the owner if he knew of any singers looking for a band. The owner pointed out to him that just a few minutes before a guy, Colin, had left his flier on the wall. Kenny, being the nice guy that he is, decided to take the whole flier instead of just one of the phone numbers attached, in order spare anyone else the agony if this guy couldn't sing and if he could then no one else would call him. He came for one tryout and we were blown away by his singing. We knew he was the one and offered him the job ten minutes after he sang one song.

We are Induced Coma.


Ep: Darkest Hour
Release date- 2007