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The best kept secret in music


Indulge This
Rick Coates

Musician and vocalist Ryan Whyte has been a mainstay in the region’s music scene for the past five years. His lyrically-intense band Indulge has developed a strong local following and now Whyte feels that it is time to move on. No more Indulge? Far from it, Whyte and the band are moving west to see where their music will take them.
There will be only one opportunity to catch the band before they leave; they have and will continue to be in a performance hiatus until they load up the equipment and relocate to Los Angeles in July. Before they go they have promised to rock Northern Michigan one more time. That last opportunity is this Friday as the band performs at Traverse City Central High School Auditorium. It will also serve as a CD release party.
Whyte and Indulge have been noticeably absent from the scene but with good reason.
“I felt it was necessary to make some changes in my life. I guess it was the stark realization that I was turning 25 and this industry is mean and it gets meaner the older you get,” said Whyte. “So I know I have this 10- year window to accomplish my goals. Once you hit 35 it seems there are few doors that will open.”
So what are the goals?
"I want to make it as a musician. That wasn’t happening here and, in fact, as I found myself being drawn into the scene I found my goals starting to slip away,” said Whyte. “I found myself partying every night and hanging with people that were becoming a distraction.After awhile I got so caught up in this life I lost track of my goals.”

Whyte made a major change in his life.
“I decided that I had to start treating this more like a business. I quit my job, quit the bars and took a job as a garbologist,” said Whyte. “So now I am getting up at 5 a.m. -- heck before I use to go bed at 5 a.m. and wake up at 5 p.m. -- and picking up trash. It sucks, but I am making money and I have been able to use the time each day to think and write songs.”
When Whyte finishes his day, sometimes at 7 p.m., he heads to the computer and checks in with his longtime bandmate, guitarist Shawn McGhee who moved to Arizona to work construction.
“We go back and forth on lyrics, business ideas and our plans for when we arrive in L.A.,” said Whyte. “This music thing is expensive but Shawn and I are committed to this and so is our bass player Joe Alpers.”
The biggest expense the band has incurred is developing their CD “Tomorrow’s Another Day.” Whyte has spent over $14,000 and two years to get a sound that he is happy with.
“This is my resume when I go out West. I want it right,” said Whyte. “I am banking my future on this.”

Whyte lives each day for his future, and why shouldn’t he? After all his past has been marred by a hell no child should ever have to experience. He says his biological father told Whyte at a young age, “Your mother raised you to be a pussy,” and those were the last words he heard from his father who quit calling after that statement. He says his stepfather beat the shit out of him with a frying pan on a regular basis. In between, various individuals sexually abused Whyte. He spent much of his youth moving back and forth between Washington and Northern Michigan. As a teenager he was homeless, living in his car and eating food scraps from the leftovers on customer’s plate at the restaurant he worked at.
“I was grateful that people wasted food,” said Whyte. “I moved back to Traverse City at 16 and hoped to recapture some of my teenage years. But I learned that the decisions you make in a single second of contemplation reverberate consequences longer than thought.”
But all that is now in his past, a past that serves as a reminder of where he has been and motivation as to where he wants to go. But Whyte doesn’t want to dwell on the negative when writing lyrics. He named the new album “Tomorrow’s Another Day” as a subtle reminder to himself and others that no matter what hand life has dealt today, you get a fresh deal tomorrow.

“I write songs to tell a story,” said Whyte. “I try to be upbeat with my lyrics. The trend is to be negative today in the alternative scene, but I want to send a message that no matter what is happening ‘Tomorrow’s Another Day.’ Indulge has a signature sound, but each song is different. These songs are definitely self-reflective; they serve as reminders to me personally to strive for the better. Every song is written as a letter to myself.”
Musically, lyrically and vocally Whyte is self-taught; his mother was a singer and performed in the ‘80s metal hair group White Heaven (regulars at Union Street). He learned to play the guitar, keyboards and drums simply by listening. He learned to write provocative songs and thought-provoking lyrics from his life’s experiences. Whyte is grateful for his time here, and for the friends he has made, but knows the area has nothing more to off - Rick Coates - The Northern Express


we are currently promoting our new album"tomorrow's another day" in selected stores and on


Feeling a bit camera shy


Perhaps the best kept secret in the South west, Indulge emergred into the music scene in 2001. With best friends (Ryan whyte Maloney) And (Shawn Mcghee) and (Joe Alpers) and (Sean DeVincent) four determined songwriters sharing one dream to rise among the vast and Baron music scene. From 2001 to 2006 They toured Northern Michigan and surrounding areas, Boston Ma, And shared the stage with many bands and headlining acts. Fall of 2006 (Indulge) set sail to Las vegas taking a risk of the unknown sacrificing all that was known for the chance to make Indulge a known name to stamp the Las Vegas Music scene with Something creative and musically Honest. Each one bringing a challenge and gift to the musical drawing board creating something artistically unique and special which stands out true within the music. Coming out of Vegas with all members driven to Rock,sweat,bleed a passionate message of hope and strength, will capitvate and fill your inner spirit with knowing therefore even in the darkest hour a light inside each song will direct you to a warm place with a promised hand forever.