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"Industries of the Blind - Chapter 1: Had we known..."

Absolutely beautiful, moving, and thought-provoking. Industries of the Blind haven't exactly set out to reinvent the post-rock wheel with this release, but their conception and execution shine with brilliance and life. Chapter 1 has evoked some of the most profoundly deep emotion I have ever experienced in a composition, most strongly defined by the strings sections. These people have pulled their heartstrings from their chests and strung their violins with them, undeniably touching the soul with each stroke.

Industries of the Blind will undoubtedly be one of the best post-rock bands to look out for in the future. We haven’t even learned who they are, let alone what they're planning, but I can say with certainty that their talent will take them far if they get the attention so deserved by such a masterful debut. -

"Industries of the Blind's multi-media show at The Knit on 12.21"

Industries of the Blinds impressed us at our recent "post-chestral" CMJ show, where they performed their post-rock/ambient tunes with the intensity and instrumental precision required by the sober and atmospheric material. The band has been working on a multi-media show involving projections which will be unveiled with a show at The Knitting Factory on 12.21.

The event will unfold in two acts; Act One will feature Industries of the Blind performing their original music (think Explosions in the Sky, SIgur Ros, Godspeed!). During Act Two, four short films will be screened while the band simultaneously performs their scores in real-time as they unfold, creating an intimate, immediate bridge between music and film. - The Deli Magazine

"Industries of the Blind play Deli CMJ show on 10.17"

For those of you sick of being lazy at the beach and ready for some epic jams to get you back in the swing of things, look no further than post-rock ensemble Industries of the Blind. Lifting off to planets only visible to bands like Mogwai or Sigur Ros, the instrumental nine-piece includes three guitarists, an industrious drummer, and two very hard-working violinists. This is a band that starts at 10 and keeps hashing out an idea until it clears your skull of all misgivings. And with song titles like "The Lights weren't that bright, but our eyes were so tired," who needs lyrics anyway? Check the band out when they play The Deli's Post Rock/Orchestral CMJ stage at The Living Room on 10.17 with You Bred Raptors? Cuddle Magic, Doe Paoro, Friend Roulette and a few more. The full list of Deli CMJ shows will be announced towards the end of September. - The Deli Magazine


Chapter 1: Had we known better



Industries of the Blind are a nine piece post-rock ensemble comprised of classically trained musicians and composers that currently call Brooklyn, NY home. They compose sweeping, emotionally arresting scores for films that reside in the imagination of the listener as well as, more recently, films produced by artists they believe in.

Their first release, “Chapter 1: Had we known better” – self produced, engineered, mixed and mastered -- is a collection of three tracks that is neither an EP nor full-length. It is a cohesive idea in and of itself, but more importantly it is a part of a larger body of work that has its own ebb and flow across three more chapters.

With every string swell, melodic theme, and overwhelming wall of sound, they guide the audience through the narrative arc of a story without words. Their music is just as much a lullaby, as it is a victory march, as it is a love ballad, as it is a funeral procession.