Seconds Apart (formerly Indy NoseBone)

Seconds Apart (formerly Indy NoseBone)


Indy NoseBone is best defined as a unique blend of heavy melodic grooves complimented by infectiously catchy vocals; presented in a finely polished, highly energetic live show. This refreshing take on rock music has catapulted Indy NoseBone into a dominant role as leaders in their local music scene.


In mid 2005 Indy NoseBone welcomed Jimmy Thow and David Boyle to the band. Jimmy is a well established vocalist from the West Coast and David is an extremely skilled drummer both creatively and technically. Both Jimmy and Dave have brought new elements to Indy NoseBone which has resulted in a massive public interest as reflected in their debut show being packed, along with a selling out of their merchandise and 3 song demo. The tracks "Juvenile" and "Burning Bridges" have received overwhelming responses. Both featured on Freq 107fm in Winnipeg and various other national college/university Radio stations. The potential of the band is limitless and has already garnered the interest of Industry Insiders.

Indy NoseBone has supported significant acts such as, Nickel Back (Roadrunner), Filter (Warner), Mathew Good (Universal), Sho-Core (Linus), I Mother Earth (Universal), Big Sugar (Polygram), Hot Hot Heat (Warner), Noise Therapy (RedLine Ent), Econoline Crush (EMI) and the Northern Pikes (EMI). Indy NoseBone signed a management deal with the Management Trust in December 2007.



Written By: Jimmy Thow

Verse 1

we are an ever changing turn for the worse I feel immersed
in a fallen nation where ignorance is bliss
like a plague it spreads it's vice to the masses we must fight with a fisted army
to rise against the mold.


juvenile, will the world be a better place now thanks to you and I
we know, juvenile, you and I, the world will never be the same again, never again.

Verse 2

we've fallen prey to a TV screen, can you here the heavens scream
will we ever get there, ever regain control of, all the damage that we've done
to your future daughter's son, we can pave the way, pave the way to light...
or will we stay and fight.

Chorus x 1.5

never again


why is it that we're infected
what is it that we've injected
why do I feel so rejected now that we belong
and we will never be the same.

Chorus ( call and response)

juvenile ( we must open our eyes) you and I (we must open our eyes)
the world will never be the same again ( never be the same again)

repeat 2 times.

Burning Bridges

Written By: Jimmy Thow


burning the bridges I built with you
I’m gonna find my way crawling back again (find a way for me to get back again)
crawling back again ( crawl away cause it wasn't an accident)
out (into) from the fire

verse 1

its time to take a bow its finally here
don’t let them take this and break you down
cause there’s nothing to fear
its a place that you thought that you'd never be


verse 2

I thought you wanted to be part of the plan part of the way out
its what you wanted from me to pave the way before you fade away



once you fall this far you open up a can of who you are
(and this changes things)
you wanna find yourself again (its tempting and its true)
you wanna find yourself again (there’s so much more we can do)

Chorus x2


The tracks "Juvenile" and "Burning Bridges" have received overwhelming responses. Both featured on Freq 107 in Winnipeg and on other national college/university Radio stations.