Midland, Texas, USA

Bearded Jazz - An Explanation

Bearded -
Aggressive, Full of Life, Manly, The Feeling of Fighting a Bear

Jazz -
The Most Creative Musical Outlet, A Focus on Musicianship, An Emphasis on Spontaneity, A Discipline


all about inEpitome

in epitome: a literary term describing a body of work in summary.

Our goal is to create a presence. We have created a this presence for our gratification. This music flows through us, speaks to us, changes us. We welcome any and all into this place, it will move you, it will change you.

We create this place to better ourselves, to shape ourselves, and to feel this power.

We lose ourselves gratefully in this presence.

Join us...

in Epitome: the culmination of four men building themselves through tireless exploration of music.


The Beginning is Here
now available for full download at, thru all major online distributors, and @us live

Set List

We have several sets, for whatever the situation brings.
All original music in:
27 minute
45 minute
And hour long sets available,
As well as up to 2-2 1/2 hour set if the situation calls for it.

Ocassional covers will creep in, but not often and they do not have a set regularity in our shows.