Gritty, heartfelt sonic exploration of faith and renewal in light of revelation


Since its inception, Inertia has sought to redefine the Christian music paradigm with its edgy and honest lyrics and unique musical style. The band formed almost two and a half years ago through the amicable separation of HIS and released its debut album, the LP "Today's the Day" in August of 2003.

"Today's the Day" retained much of the contemporary worship style which HIS Band was rooted upon; and themes of corporate revival and personal struggle are present throughout the album. With the addition of bassist Jee Kim just prior to the album's finish, Inertia was already moving towards new musical possibilities, even as they released "Today's the Day".

Inertia's newest product, "The Dojo Sessions" is more focused than its previous contributions and offers a grittier, rockier sound. Growing in the last two years through hardship, and at times, intensive gigging - "Sessions" articulates an often sharp but hopeful perspective on life and examines renewal in light of revelation.

"The Dojo Sessions" EP, in part, reflects Producer Joel Burleson's (Ki:Theory) avant-garde style and Steve Van Dam's extensive musical experience. Much of "Sessions" emanates pointed vocals and anthemic guitar riffs - as driving bass rhythms and intricate drum beats run underneath. The band also demonstrates flexibility in its quieter and contemplative musings as in the album's third track, "Deep Calls Unto Deep".

"The Dojo Sessions" further pushes Inertia's vision of creating passionate music and encouraging an expansive outlook on what worship can be.

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Written By: inertia

yea, you're the better
yea, you're the better

i've been living this life as best i know/
as best i could imagine i could live but its been second best/
cause finally i've seen and tasted of your grace, your grace/

all i ever wanted, all i ever need/
you're so much more than what i'd hope for/you're so much more than i'd imagine/

yea, you're the better
yea, you're the better

this world means so much to me in its limited appeal/
cause my eyes see in that limited way/
but eternity you've opened up in all its beauty, your beauty/

bread of life, you satisfy/
living water, there is none better/
i will thirst no more/
no more

Awaken Me

Written By: inertia

i've got an ocean of feats and deeds/
but not a drop of sincerity/
hoping the night will be deep enough/
to cover me just a little longer/

i've forgotten life, i've been amused/
at the prospect of living something else/
the hope that's real i've found to be/
too wounded to hold up to the light/
the aspirations of this day/
a reflection torn and frayed/

awaken me/
from the american dream/
breathe into me/
life that's not held down/
make me rise again/
make me rise again/

i've become sedated by this conformity/
the misconceptions of humanity/
where once i'd been quite sober/
i am drunk on these so-called needs/
and still a voice inside of me:/
"this isn't how it should be"/

awaken me, awaken me, awaken me, awaken me, awaken me.../

breathe into me/
you're life to me. you're life to me jesus/
awaken me

Deep Calls Unto Deep

Written By: inertia

its quiet once again/
its been like this for far too long/
my heart is yearning, yearning for you/
are you coming, are you coming my way/

deep calls unto deep/
in the roar of your waterfalls/
all your waves and breakers/
sweep over me/

waters come pass over me/
let me be covered up as only you can cover me/
i've seen you stirring, stirring in the deep/
and seen the surge arise, come overtake me, take me over/

send me reeling plunged in deep blue seas/
as long as i am moving with you/
fine by me


Today's the Day (2002)
The Dojo Sessions EP (2005)