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"Inertia's Course; Charting a Path to Musical Success by Keri-Jade Ruddick"

Brampton - Inertia's course is a fairly new band in the GTA scene, but that doesn't mean that the collective members haven't worked hard to pay their dues.

Lead singer Jared, lists their single biggest role models in music as "Alice in Chains, the harmonies between Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell are incredible... over my life though everyone from Pink Floyd, The Doors, Alice in Chains, Zeppelin, Lennon, Pearl Jam, Tea Party, Zack Wylde, Slash, have influenced me, the list is endless..." Inertia's Course has a sound you may not be expecting. They layer classic rock riffs with progressive changes and vocals unlike any other band. "We're definitely getting a great reaction from our sound... we're getting people moving in all sorts of ways."

Jared laughs when I ask him how and when he learned how to play. "When I was 14, I wasn't very popular and I thought if I were to play guitar than people would like me.... who doesn't like a guitar player?" He loves being on stage and in front of a crowd. "It's my outlet...I feel most comfortable on a stage performing music... it's the feeling I get in my stomach before I go on, it's like the best natural high there is."

Charismatic Jared grew up in Streetsville although the other members hail from Toronto and Montreal. Jared brings raw lead vocals as well as strong guitar and piano work. His best friend Chris Chaisson, brings the bass to the band. They have worked together for years now. "He used to swing between instruments but at one point just after joining the band I persuaded him to pick up a bass and now I sure as hell am not going to let him put it down."[Although] I've been writing, rehearsing, perfecting, jamming and all that fun stuff with my bass player for 3 years... we've gone through about 8 drummers since then and they all seem to not work out. "With all the drummer losses we've gone through it started to look like we would never find that critical piece to help get us off the ground."

Inertia's Course like many other bands from around the world utilize myspace to promote their music. They have two sites dedicated their band: & On these sites you can hear samples of their sounds. Some songs they present in acoustic and some in full band arrangement, illustrating their musical range. One of my personal favorites is "Show Me". Here, Jared's voice rings strong and clear and I believe the heart of Inertia's course can be found. It is this voice and distinct sound that is building them quite a reputation. I had the pleasure of seeing them perform at The Hype a few months back and even then they held their own against local favorites. Jared's voice is hard to portray accurately without actually hearing it. Perhaps this quote from his personal myspace is the best description (and shows well that Jarred is quite the poet): "Like the Razor, cutting through, passion and lust, a sexual view, twisting and turning, tearing and burning, something so primal, and deliciously primeval... From the ashes darkness falls, death arrives to answer the call, entwined with life to the bitter end, the sound creates an orgasmic blend…"

They have a clear idea of the promotion needed to get their name out there and are willing to work hard to make that happen. "It's hard in the beginning... there's a lot of promotion 24/7... out on the street, handing out free demos... but it just takes that one person to start the word of mouth... keep promoting and you can double that ONE person who will give you the word of mouth... you just need to do whatever it takes... even renting a bus and jamming full of people to come to an out of town show can work." Their role in the southern Ontario music scene may still be developing but they have studied it to try and pave their own path. "It's growing faster than we know... this is the best place to be an independent band...[and] there are so many good Toronto area bands." Handing out demos has always proved to be a good way to pass on your music and make new fans. They want these new fans to experience "a warm fuzzy feeling inside... something that jumps up and down inside them and makes them turn it up... to have them listen to a song and feel like they can relate to it." The band has a very simple goal that they keep focused on. "[Our goal is] to share our music with as many people as possible... period..." With the huge turnout at their recent shows, I see that goal happening very quickly and being achieved swiftly. Especially since Rogers Television will be filming their upcoming show (air date and time TBA on their website). It is planned on being their first of many.

Their musical roots are also an important part of Inertia's Course. I asked Chris why the band wanted to be involved with the Beatles tribute night they recently participated in and the upcoming gods of Metal tribute night, seeing as how they are an original band. "The Beatles Tribute is a great way to show respect for one of the greatest bands to step foot on American Soil. I'm a big fan of British Rock Bands. From The Beatles, to The Who, T Rex and The Sex Pistols. Face it, every note and every word has been used in a song before from Generation to Generation. The Beatles brought us so many classic songs. They really started things for so many bands to come. No matter how old you are, you know at least 1 Beatles tune..." I'm sure that with the local musician participation fans of all ages will find something that night to dance to. Ian also adds, "Participating in the Gods of Metal tribute allows us to pay homage to those who wanted things heavier and faster, bands like Metallica, Black Sabbath, Pantera, and Alice In Chains really paved the way for guys like us..." I ask Chris what would be at ultimate thing to come out of this show. He smiles wickedly. "I would really love to see everyone get together at the end and play Let it Be." I can't wait to hear what these guys have up their sleeve next.

Inertia's Course

- 01/23/2007 brampton times




Jared Bell; leading force for Inertia's Course has been writing music for almost 10 years... with influences from Pink Floyd to Metallica and Alice in Chains the vibe of any particular song can change from slow to upbeat, sad to triumphant, acoustic to slashing guitars...searching for the right musicians has been hard over the past 6 years...... a phenomenal Percussionist and drummer in Niall Mellors brings thundering kick drums and energy with an experiment for the Djembe and Tabla in our acoustic sound... Jamie allows for this project to not rely on high end frequency and explodes with raw bass riffs making sure you feel the music... Bart goes from serenading to slashing with the best of them... When you add these three musicians into Inertia's Course coupled with what I believe is a talent for writing music you can only be born with; well... you've got yourself something special... and we will NOT stop at ANYTHING until we have exposed our music and the messages it conveys with as many people as possible...
Let the Music Take it's Course: Inertia's Course