Inertia's Course

Inertia's Course


We just love performing at every chance and changing it up during a show to keep it interesting... our sound merges heavy, memorable guitar riffs, minor melodies, solo's that speak and rythem running like thunder... we're often compared to Metallica, Queen, Iron Maiden & Alice In Chains...


Jared Bell; leading force for Inertia's Course has been writing music for almost 10 years... with influences from Pink Floyd to Metallica and Alice in Chains the vibe of any particular song can change from slow to upbeat, sad to triumphant, acoustic to slashing guitars...searching for the right musicians has been hard over the past 6 years...... a phenomenal Percussionist and drummer in Niall Mellors brings thundering kick drums and energy with an experiment for the Djembe and Tabla in our acoustic sound... Jamie allows for this project to not rely on high end frequency and explodes with raw bass riffs making sure you feel the music... Bart goes from serenading to slashing with the best of them... When you add these three musicians into Inertia's Course coupled with what I believe is a talent for writing music you can only be born with; well... you've got yourself something special... and we will NOT stop at ANYTHING until we have exposed our music and the messages it conveys with as many people as possible...
Let the Music Take it's Course: Inertia's Course


Mulligan Stew

Written By: Jared Bell

when all else has failed,
a change of life in me,
we're living these nightmeres,
a change of what i see,
just throw down your arms,
embrace this requium,
just fall down and pray,
get up and lead your fate.

and why, must we lie
everytime we open up our selves like this
and all we ever want is one more chance to do things right
and i - feel like i'm...

when every path you take,
reveals another dead end,
you're twisting and you're turning,
in this maze within your head,
slipping into this river,
slowly drowning you
deciet and vanity this is your -
Mulligan stew...


Written By: Jared Bell

if i could show you what you mean to me
all i am for you to see
behind closed doors i'm still the same
trying to save us from all our pain

we try to hide our shame in this veil of falling rain
feel at peace on your knees
praying for eternity

if all i feel is all i can give
then take me inside you our reason to live
with you by my side i'll swallow my pride
you starve my fears and we're imortalized

we try to hide our pain in the veil of falling rain
thoughts try to provoke the day so let your tears wash away

and when you find yourself lost in all the things you've said
you know it's not better in the dreams within your head
something we can't feel not sure even when it's right
but you know it's there from the whispers in the night...


Set List

Our set list will usually consist of a ratio of 5 originals to 1 cover...