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In Erupt


In Erupt is any and all rock. We make it do what it do......


In Erupt was a band started an attempt to make music that could touch a broad variety of emotion, using instances in our own lives as its inspiration.
This is why the band In Erupt plays such a wide spectrum of rock music styles. The band itself likes to think it breathes in life and spits out music.

In Erupt's major influence, as far as writing is concerned, has nothing to do with music and everything to do with what we feel. The music, however, has been influenced by every type of rock you could think of. Be it Pop Rock all the way to Heavy Metal, our appreciation for Rock and Roll can be heard in everything we do.

It is guaranteed that no matter what style of rock you like, there will be something for you in every set we play.


Forever Gone

Written By: Chris Hughes

Don't pick up that dusty bottle
You won't like just what you'll find
The remains of a broken promise
And the thoughts that were on your mind
It's been so long since I've seen your sweet face
It's hid behind those tears you've cried
So dry your eyes girl. I love the way you smile
And make my world girl, and hear me when I say.

I've been there and I have seen
The way the past can make you be
Don't feel alone I'm always there by your side.
It's all gone now so say goodbye
To every single tear you've cried
And please don't hold on to the past that's forever gone.

I know exactly what you're thinking
How does he act like nothing's wrong
He's always happy when he's beside me
Even after all that I've put him through
Well I can't pretend that it doesn't bother me
That things have to always change
But as long as your heart still beats for mine
I'll forget about all those bad days


You can't run from the past
So why hold on to all the bad
And don't forget about the smiles we've shared
And your tears will be forever gone.

2x Chorus

Can't Look Back (Delay Song)

Written By: Chris Hughes

I'm going by myself this time
into that place thats been left for me all my life
I've tried to let you in on it all
But I have to do this on my own to understand

I can't look back, until I'm gone
until I can't return, to what I've left
and I can't hold back I've got to be so strong
I must forget my past to make it somewhere
I've hid from the spotlight, pretended it's alright to settle with what I have.
So I can't look back, until I'm through, I won't forget you. I'll never forget you

It's time for me to set my own path
For all of my days I've let everyone rule my life
I'm so glad to make you so happy I never know if I am ever happy
This is the first time I've ever made a decision on my own


I've wanted this for so long, why can't it be so
Easy for me to go for what I want
I've never pushed so hard


Hold Your Tongue

Written By: Chris Hughes

Step up in my face
Your eyes are wide and your waving your arms around
Smoke is forming around you mouth
I can tell you can't take any more
What have I done to get so far under your skin
Must have hurt real bad what I said, must have hurt real bad

Hold your, hold your tongue
It's the only thing that may save you
Choke back those words
You want to scream at me

Your point has been made
It's my turn to make an effort
Although it's been on my shoulders for ten years now
You've never heard the fears, you've never wiped the tears, you've never been there to take the pressure off of me
Thats why I am busting at the seams


Just think about it
Those words you regret
Please hold your tongue

Can't believe what you said to me is that all that I am to you
I can't understand what you're wanting from me
What is the point, why am I wasting my time

It's too late now to hold my tongue
My tongue


In Erupt - Numb To Nothing (Demo Album 2003)

Radio Airplay (WTBK Rock 105.7FM The Widest Ranged Rock Station in Kentucky)

(Tracks Include)
Forever Gone
Wasting My Time
Silent Voices

Streaming Audio available at

Set List

Our typical set list is all original songs up to 2 hours long.

We do play covers when need be, and have played sets lasting as long as 4 hours (breaks included).


Hold Your Tongue
Numb To Nothing
Wasting My Time
Silent Voices
Trip Fall
Set Me Free
Bound To
Can't Look Back (Delay Song)
Be There For Me
Drug Down
Walked Away
Forever Gone

Covers include:

Guns and Roses-Sweet Child of Mine
Guns and Roses-Paradise City
Velvet Revolver-Slither
Ozzy Osbourne-Crazy Train
Ozzy Osbourne-No More Tears
Jet-Cold Hard Bitch
Metallica-Sad But True
Metallica-Fade to Black
Live-Lightning Crashes
Collective Soul-Shine
Beastie Boys-Fight for Your Right to Party
The Darkness-I Believe in a Thing Called Love
Hootie and the Blowfish-Let Her Cry
Red Hot Chili Peppers-My Friends
Van Halen-You Really Got Me
Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit