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We are a Hip Hop label called Inflewential Records. Five solo artist who come together to form INF. Unlike most rappers, we are not scared to be ourselves. We deal with real life as we see it. Positive and negative.


Inflewential Records, INF for short, is an independent record label out of Bridgeton, NJ that mainly produces Hip-Hop music. The label consists of five artists: BraisonM, Uniek, Bricks, Keisha and Inflewence the CEO. Besides being rappers, Inflewence and ILL are also the in-house producers for the label. Our music is sometimes called conscious, and compared to artists such as Common, Outkast, and Kanye West. Those comparisons are flattering, however, we believe that we have far to go to accomplish what these great artists have accomplished.

The name of our label, INFLEWENTIAL RECORDS, gives a clue as to what we are all about. We create and produce INFLEWENTIAL HIP-HOP music. Hip-Hop music has become extremely popular in today’s world and has permeated nearly every part of our society. That is, Hip-Hop is not just an American urban trend anymore; it has become a global culture and language. Likewise, at Inflewential Records we make beats, write lyrics, and produce songs that people in China, Japan, Africa, Germany and so on can relate to because they understand our global language, HIP-HOP! This is what we do.

Inflewential Records was officially founded in 2003. I say officially because since that time, we have been dedicated to the concept of INFLEWENTIAL music. In 2003 the CEO of the label, Inflewence, created and embodied our number one mantra—all music is INFLEWENTIAL. From that point on, we have set out to influence everyone that hears our music.

The easy answer to the question is Bridgeton, NJ. Bridgeton is a small town that is located in South Jersey. Most people have never even heard of Bridgeton but have heard of the more popular towns that comprise Cumberland County—Millville and Vineland. Inflewence, ILL, Uniek, Bricks, and Keisha grew up in Bridgeton. Our studio is located in Bridgeton so this is where we do the bulk of our recording. The town itself is Historic and in some parts it is aesthetically pleasing. However, in other parts of Bridgeton, you’ll find big-city problems. Nevertheless, INFLEWENTIAL RECORDS was born in Bridgeton and through our music; we are bringing our home to your home.

This is the easiest question yet…for the love of HIP-HOP music. HIP-HOP was born long before me. She was born in a place far away from where I lived. But when I met her, I fell in love at first listen. And it was the same for everyone on the INF staff. She made us feel free, powerful, joy, pain, love, understanding, pride, and so many other emotions. Finally, we had a medium through which we could express these emotions. She was like a mother, a sister, a friend, a lover…she was everything and she still is. HIP-HOP we love you! Have you ever heard LL COOL J’s “I Need Love” or “Self-Destruction” by an all-star cast of hall of fame MC’s or “Black Girl Lost” by Nas or “Smooth Operator” by Big Daddy Kane or “Lyte as a Rock” by MC Lyte…the list goes on and on…if you’ve ever heard these songs, you don’t need to ask why we do this, you already know.

"Finally, We Just Begun”, is Hip-Hop music that the average person can relate to. We don't talk about how to spend our millions, because we do not have millions. We talk about life and making it through. We are trying to make it through life just like you. Our music is thought provoking, sad, happy, exciting, mundane…everything that reflects real life. Come take this journey with us, you have nothing to lose.
“Finally, We Just Begun”, is on sale now and creating a buzz through promotion and sales. INF also has a FREE mix tape that feature songs from “Finally, We Just Begun”, new songs, and songs from the upcoming solo release from Uniek, “UNIEK…THE DIAGNOSIS”.

INFLEWENCE, the label’s CEO/Recording artist/Producer, was born and raised in Bridgeton, NJ. He also doubles as a producer and MC for the label. As a child he developed a love for Hip-Hop music by listening to artists such as LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, KOOL G RAP, and many others. Inflewence has always wanted to pursue his musical goals, but he also feels that education is of great importance. He graduated from Cumberland County College and has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Inflewence works as a social worker full-time and also pursues his musical interests full-time. The man is on his J.O.B.

UNIEK, the label’s President/Recording artist was also born and raised in Bridgeton, NJ. Uniek is most known for his relentless style of rhyming. He tries to fit as much information into a song as he possibly can. Uniek is a long-time poet and approaches rap music with a poetic flair. He is a graduate of the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey as well. Uniek has a Bachelor of Science Degree with a concentration in business management. He’s kind of like Tommy from the T.V. show Martin, nobody really knows what he does for a living, but the man is always working on something. Perpetual motion i


"Finally, We Just Begun" May 2005
"INF Mix Tape Vol. 1" Oct 2007

Set List

We got a 20 min set where we do 4 songs. Then we have done 35 min sets that consist of 9 songs. We tailor our sets to the amount of time we get. We like to know the amount of time we are getting at least a week before the performance. We also can censor our songs if need be, we really do not like to, but depending on the audience we can.