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Infamous Demise

Page, Arizona, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Page, Arizona, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Metal Hard Rock




"Infamous Demise-Infamous Demise"

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A quartet from Page, Arizona, Infamous Demise are a heavy metal band, founded in 2015, with one simple goal in mind – bringing the metal to the masses.
Their self titled debut album was launched on March 18th 2019, via the digital platform, CD Baby.
Infamous Demise – Perfect intro of screeching guitar, employing immediate vibrato, with seasoned drum hits supporting. Classic new wave vocals, straight away, it’s evident that ID know what they’re doing. Throwing in every tactic you’d expect in a new heavy-metal track, it’s a sound that takes you back to the 90’s heyday of metal and wouldn’t be out of place on a metal publication album.
Violation Of Truth – Opening with a fairly gentle, but still clearly rocky drum roll. Moving right into a real power metal vocal, with all the right rhythms. Great accurately pitched power screams, brilliantly accompanying riffs fitting right in. It’s just a smooth, effortless performance, closing definitively, on an acute vocal.
No Shields – Drum rolls introing onto a great melody. Already, it’s got that indefinable edge and it’s shaping up well. Catchy, effectively paced and ringing with the sound of truth. It’s got a way of keeping the mood up, whilst still portraying the darkness associated with decent metal. Well maintained riff momentum and it all just fits together, succinctly.
Primeval Oath – Opening on a sombre acoustic note, accompanied by solo vocals. A pressing feel of profundity pervades. Exploding into electric fury, alternating with more quiescent tones. Building to a skilled crescendo, playing out a classically metallic arrangement, these guys already have many of the right ingredients. Bringing it to a sharply defined end, creating a very positive impression.
Break The Stream – Introing on an exciting, lively riff, drums falling in with it and vocals following suit. Such ease of delivery. Good solid rhythms. Verging on thrash, it’s a great example of metal structures. Fans of old school thrash and power metal should get on well with this. Real synchronicity shines through this, along with the passion with which, it’s played. This track almost crosses a line, taking them into different territory, from straight out metal to heavy thrash. Yes, it’s one of those that has me wracking my metallically medicated brain cells for that elusive riff it reminds me of, but meantime, it’ll do nicely and it takes things up a gear.
Floodgates – Coming in on a bit of bass now, then sliding in with the screaming riffs. If anything, it gets even more comfortable and proficient now. Cymbals well timed, drums keeping the pace expertly, vocals intermingling melody and power screams, the full set’s there. Beautiful steel string section, reflecting their skill for gentility, where necessary. Heating things up, to that well-known galloping horse pace, linked with so many successful metal tracks. If nothing else, what’s glaringly obvious here is ID’s sheer versatility. It’s a great sign for it to show so early on. Building to its heavy end, it does the job well.
The Flame – Banging, well synchronised intro. This one’s easy to get lost in, carrying streaks of both heavier and lighter melodies. Nice bit of classic action movie bass, breaking things up, between sections. It’s a visually effective bridge. Vocal pitch peaking there, just before the well timed looser riff ending.
Punishment – Explosive intro! Here’s a proper hard rock, heavy metal sound, holding potential for all angles and elements of both. A valuable talent to have at this point. More aggression in the lyrics, a heavy surrounding structure, with a bluesy edge. Heavily rhythmic. Another catchy one, easy to get involved with. Good bit of wah there, too. Gathering pace, till the end, closing on a solid, strong finale.
Overall – Given that ‘ID’ is a debut album, it’s already got a lot going for it. It’s strong and confident, with an ease of delivery, it shows a genuine skill, with metal performance and a natural metallic inclination, that can’t be taught. For a first album, it’s impressive and definitely worthy of recommendation. A few more years building a signature sound and ID could really go places. Give it a spin.
9/10 *********
For fans of all old school hard rock/heavy metal, NWOBHM and thrash, power and speed metal.



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March, 2019- Infamous Demise debut album released



Infamous Demise is a ripping 4 piece band that delivers a blend of Metal influences ranging from the NWOBHM, the melodic hard rock of the 80's, and the Thrash sound of the Big 4. Comparisons have been made to Iron Maiden, Early Metallica and Megadeth, along with Judas Priest and vintage Ozzy.

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