Gadsden, Alabama, USA
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CEO of Street Royalty Entertainment/ Hip Hop Artist/Minister/Actor/Event Host all with the message of life in Christ Jesus. Infamous' electric personality allows him to connect with the streets while his anointing allows him to feed their spirits with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



"You will be hated for My name's sake." Jesus' words still ring throughout the world over 2,000 years later. Infamous definitely know how those words relate in the life of ministry. Transformed from a life of touring, women, drugs, and violence with artists such as Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, DMX, Jadakiss, Pretty Ricky, Redman and Method Man, Beanie Siegel, Freeway, 50 Cent.....the list goes on and on, Infamous is now spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music and sermons. His new album, Street Disciple, is a testimony of how God caused him to "Switch Lanes" from a wide road of self destruction to a narrow road of life in Christ Jesus. He speaks on everything from "church folk" looking on the outer man, his past life, a best friend's death, to gay marriage, adultery, and our new president. Infamous definitely credits the Holy Spirit in creating this album. He calls himself "God's Hypeman," saying that none of the life-changing lyrics are his, but are the voice of God. With recent attacks from different adversaries such as Ozone Magazine, religious fanatics, and others, Infamous knows a small portion of what it means to be hated for Jesus' name sake. He doesn't mind and realizes that there will be worst persecution in the future. As the Apostle Paul calls it "little persecution," Infamous rejoices in knowing that he is at least worthy to be persecuted for his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


Fired UP

Written By: Terry D. Washington(BMI)

For GOD we get Fired UP, Fired UP, Fired UP, Fired UP (Who woke you up?) Fired UP, Fired UP, Fired UP, Fired UP (Who made you whole?) Fired UP, Fired UP, Fired UP, Fired UP (Who brought you out?) Fired UP, Fired UP, Fired UP, Fired UP (Who saved your soul?)

1st VERSE:
Who woke you this morning?
Who's given you peace?
Sun sets in the west, but rise in the east
Who made all the planets? Billions of stars in the sky?
Some take for granted the heart and the value of life
Who spoke to the dsrkness and said let there be light?
Took a rib from his cartalidge, created Adam his wife
Told Noah to build it, with animals fill it, some found it so silly but his faith kept him living
Who came to Moses, told him lead HIS people out?
Came to Dr. King and had him go the same route.
This is spiritual war, in HIS fight I'm a soldier
Though some call HIM Allah, HE's Almighty JEHOVAH!
{Throughout the verse the phrase My GOD is chanted}


2nd VERSE:
Who gave Joseph his dreams to rule as a king?
Showed the pharaohs of old times miraculous things
Who gave little David power to crush a mighty giant
Kept faithful Daniel safe in a den of ferocious lions
Kept Abed-Nego, Meshach, and Shadrach
A fiery furnace couldn't burn one hair off of their backs
Knocked down Jericho's wall, caused great cities to fall
If there's anything that you need just give HIM a call
Whether it's great or small
HE's the Master of all
Whether Barack Obama, Bush, or Bama Dawg
This is spiritual war, in HIS fight I'm a soldier
Though some call HIM Allah, HE's Almighty JEHOVAH!
{Throughout the verse the phrase My GOD is chanted}


3rd VERSE:
Who loved us enough to give up HIS SON?
To wash away the sins of whoever may come
You listening people?
You hearing my words?
HIS praise in my mouth will forever be heard
Who prepared us a place with mansions and gold?
Where we'll never go hungry and we'll never grow old
HIS glory and honor, dominion and power
Bring signs and wonders in which demons they cower
HE's freedom and peace, HE offers release
From all of your situations and all of your grief
As for other religions, you can say what you will
But my GOD is Almighty, and my GOD is real!
{Throughtout the verse the phrase My GOD is chanted}



Album 1996 North/South Compilation Chase Records

Single 1998 Bama Bounce Alpha Records

Album 2001 Alabama's Best Kept Secret Infamous Records

Album 2002 Nu South Compilation Vol. 1 Nu South Productions

Album 2004 Miami's Most Wanted Black Market Records

Album 2007 Civil Write: Freedom Music Street Royalty Ent.

Album 2008 He Is Legend Mixtape Street Royalty/Straight From The Soul Ent.

Album 2009 Infamous Street Disciple Street Royalty/Straight From The Soul Ent.

Fired UP is now playing on radio stations nationwide and abroad.

Set List

Depends. I just let the Holy Spirit lead me. Usually, the time is given by the venue.