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Gadsden, Alabama, United States | INDIE

Gadsden, Alabama, United States | INDIE
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"Infamous: The Ozone Missionary"

Published by Kellus Hill on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 12:45pm EST
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UPDATE: To understand the full context of this interview you'll need to be familiar with this article by Ozone Magazine where Ms Rivercity labeled Infamous "Stupid S*** of the Day." Click Here

Since when did the world know what the life of a Christian is supposed to look like? How about how a Christian should dress/ look? It’s always a not so funny piece of irony when a publication of secular focus attempts to define a believer by their shallow, religious understanding. Such was the case last week as an artist by the name of Infamous came under fire by an uninformed journalist. The sad thing was that not all of the brethren rushed to the side of our brother and some of us dissected everything from the writer’s mindset to our brother’s thought process. I myself spent too much time worrying about the world’s lack of understanding of the cross. I sat down to chop it up with Infamous so we could get a real look at his heart for the lost, his challenge for the Church, and what the Lord challenged him with.

Kellus Hill: First of all, on behalf of Dasouth, I want to say how appreciative of you we are for your time! Let's start by having you introduce yourself. Who is Terry Washington away from the mic and studio?

Infamous: Infamous/Terry D Washington is a husband of one, Stephanie Washington, a father of 7, Tahge, Tamia, James, Mark, TJ, Teyah, and Teryn. Thank you all for wanting to know about me. I am a Youth Pastor at Lion of Judah Worship Center, then a Hip Hop Artist.

KH: Seven kids! Man that's a blessing right there, many soldiers in training for His service! Let me ask a question about the family then. How do you manage your time as it relates to your wife, kids, church home, and ministry?

Infamous: My family is a big help with my ministry. We have Bible Study together, we travel together to shows (if any minister is always away from his family, check him!), we pray together, we fast together, we go to church, and worship together. GOD designed family to always be together, if it’s not that allows the devil to try to tear it apart.

KH: Amen! Ministering at out of town events should never be a getaway for any man/ woman of God, especially a married one. I agree with you on upholding the family structure as God commanded. Now, some folk may not be aware of your music ministry. Tell us about the name Infamous, your music, and any background as far as music before doing it for Christ.

Infamous: I've always been Infamous. I use to tour with Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Pretty Ricky, and all them cats down there in Miami. I’m from Gadsden, Alabama, but I've opened for Lil John, done shows with DMX, Jadakiss, the whole nine. I've always been a battle rapper and an artist who could hang with the best of them. I remember battling Freeway in Philly when he had just got signed, and won!

KH: Word, that's a trip right there! And just so the readers are clear, we're not glorying in the past, just giving some background. When did you surrender your God- given gift to the Lord?

Infamous: In 2006. I had gotten saved, so I didn’t want to rap anymore, just wanted to save souls. GOD told me that HE had given me that gift and I WAS going to use it for HIM! I obeyed, as you can see. You don’t want to challenge GOD!!! (Laughs)

KH: Man, you ain’t never lied, definitely don't want to fight His Will for you!

Infamous: So I'm a minister first, then an artist. That's always the order of this thing.

INFAMOUS performing "Fired Up" at Fire Fest 3 in ATL

KH: That's the absolute truth right there man. Now let's go ahead and speak on this Ozone mag issue. Give a brief timeline from your decision to send stuff to Ozone to finding out about their foul response to it.

Infamous: Well, I was a fan of Ozone when I was in the secular music, and GOD has called me to go back like Moses and reach the Hip Hop pharaohs that I left. So I was just trying to display the Gospel of JESUS on their "Patiently Waiting" column. My manager Corey Bivens hit me up and told me to check it out. I was stunned! I prayed that GOD give me a response back and that's what you see now.

KH: And much respect for that response, you definitely showed the Light of Christ with the wording. As I told you before, I was a little hesitant due to the shine on the chain and read other's concerns about the photo they went bad on. Of course, the Holy Spirit told me not to worry about the shine and focus on those who would be drawn by the content of your rhymes! Just so we hear it from your mouth, (well typed quote) what is the meaning behind the photo?

Infamous: The photo is ya boy offering the Cross to those that are lost. It's actually two statements: JESUS' "take up your cross and follow me," and I will offer the Cross any and everywhere I go. If you look at the background we are in a gutta-looking alley. I am saying I will go where GOD sends -

"Top 40 Movers and Shakers Under 40"

34. Infamous (Terry Washington) 30, Youth Pastor/Gospel Rap Artist

A "Mover and Shaker" is someone who is wise enough to know that true success is bringing glory to God. On Being A Leader: Being a leader means being a great follower. A leader must maintain a servant's heart and be obedient to those in authority. On Saturdays, one can usually find me observing the Sabbath, seeking God, resting, having Bible Study, and spending time with the family. In the next five years, I plan to own a record label that allows ministers to spread their talents worldwide and also renewing my vows to my lovely wife Stephanie. - Divine Magazine

"'Music for Him'"

`Music for Him'

By Trevia English
Times Staff Writer

Published: Saturday, September 8, 2007 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Saturday, September 8, 2007 at 6:47 a.m.
Terry Washington mixes rap and Gospel as Infamous

Rapper Terry Washington has enjoyed every incentive the hip-hop industry has to offer. He's also experienced the trappings of the underworld in the same industry.

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Rapper Terry Washington, known as Infamous, has released a Gospel rap album titled "Civil Write: Freedom Music."

Washington, who's also known as Infamous, said those underworld dealings, which included numerous women, expensive cars and rampant drug dealing, made him take inventory of his life.

After a close friend was gunned down in Miami, Washington decided it was time to move home and permanently change his life for the better, so he recorded and released his first full-length gospel rap CD titled, "Civil Write: Freedom Music."

"I was on tour with Trick Daddy and I was just in the streets a lot with him and my boy Bhuta, who is Trick's right-hand man," Washington said. "We used to run the streets together and we was into everything. When (Bhuta) got killed, it basically affected my life in a big way. Then, I met my wife and we got married and God just started dealing with me about doing my music for Him."

Washington, who lives in Gadsden with his wife, Stephanie, and their seven children, said after he dedicated his life to Christ, he had no intentions of recording a gospel album - he only wanted to motivate the youth to do something positive with their lives.

"I had actually stopped doing music," Washington said. "I just wanted to help the youth and show them that this music that they're listening to is not the real side of things. They don't hear about how your friends get killed when you're in the drug game or how people run up in your house and rob you. You might not be home and you come back and everything's missing because they know you sell drugs. They don't tell you that, so I just wanted to talk to the streets.

"God told me to put this album together and to reach out because He's the one that gave me the talent in the first place. I needed to use it for Him, so I started working on the album and God just started pouring in things to talk to the people about."

Washington said he calls his style of rhyme "Freedom Music" because God freed him from his situation and he believes that God can do the same thing for anybody else who asks.

"I call it Freedom Music because it's showing people that they can be free from any situation," Washington said.

"They can be free from drug addiction and prostitution and free from all these things that hold them down. It's Freedom Music because Jesus can free you from all that."

Washington said his main goal now is to encourage adults to become more involved with the community to try and create some positive resolution in a negative environment.

"I went the long way around to get back on track and I want them to know they don't have to go through that," Washington said. "I've been on the road with Trick. I've been on tour with Pretty Ricky and Rick Ross. I've had those deals with those artists and I've been in those situations. I just thank God that I didn't have to go through a major tragedy in my life. Even though I lost my boy, I didn't have to lose a limb or be in a wheelchair for me to change my life over and I thank God for that. Now I'm moving for him and letting people know that you don't have to be a part of that lifestyle to live a good life. I'm here to tell these kids that that's not the way to go. There's a better way and that's through Jesus Christ."

The CD is currently available for sale at the Gadsden Christian Bookstore.

For more information or booking, call 458-6419 or visit the Web site at
- The Gadsden Times


Album 1996 North/South Compilation Chase Records

Single 1998 Bama Bounce Alpha Records

Album 2001 Alabama's Best Kept Secret Infamous Records

Album 2002 Nu South Compilation Vol. 1 Nu South Productions

Album 2004 Miami's Most Wanted Black Market Records

Album 2007 Civil Write: Freedom Music Street Royalty Ent.

Album 2008 He Is Legend Mixtape Street Royalty/Straight From The Soul Ent.

Album 2009 Infamous Street Disciple Street Royalty/Straight From The Soul Ent.

Fired UP is now playing on radio stations nationwide and abroad.




"You will be hated for My name's sake." Jesus' words still ring throughout the world over 2,000 years later. Infamous definitely know how those words relate in the life of ministry. Transformed from a life of touring, women, drugs, and violence with artists such as Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, DMX, Jadakiss, Pretty Ricky, Redman and Method Man, Beanie Siegel, Freeway, 50 Cent.....the list goes on and on, Infamous is now spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music and sermons. His new album, Street Disciple, is a testimony of how God caused him to "Switch Lanes" from a wide road of self destruction to a narrow road of life in Christ Jesus. He speaks on everything from "church folk" looking on the outer man, his past life, a best friend's death, to gay marriage, adultery, and our new president. Infamous definitely credits the Holy Spirit in creating this album. He calls himself "God's Hypeman," saying that none of the life-changing lyrics are his, but are the voice of God. With recent attacks from different adversaries such as Ozone Magazine, religious fanatics, and others, Infamous knows a small portion of what it means to be hated for Jesus' name sake. He doesn't mind and realizes that there will be worst persecution in the future. As the Apostle Paul calls it "little persecution," Infamous rejoices in knowing that he is at least worthy to be persecuted for his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!