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Rochester, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1997

Rochester, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 1997
Band Hip Hop




"INF! Interview"

Today i had the pleasure of speaking with High Caliber artist INF!, who’s currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming project Animal Awarness dropping December 1st. We touched on everything from his Musical influences, his opinion on the state of New York hip-hip, the new project of-course and much more. check out the full interview below.

What drew you into hip-hop music?

When I was about 5 years old I remember visiting my Aunts place in Harlem, she had the tv on and the first video that caught my attention was LL Cool J’s Mama said Knock you out…when I first saw that I was sure I wanted to do what ever it was he was doing. As time passed I’ve been a sponge to whatever my older brothers, Uncles and cousins were playing, I was hooked ever since.

What kinda music were they into ?

A Tribe Called Quest, Outkast, Wu-Tang, Pac, Nas, Dr. Dre Snoop, pretty much the whole Death Row they were bumping that heavy back then. My Mom evened it out with Stephanie Mills, Prince, MJ, Mary J. Blige, the list goes on and on.

Nice, so would you say that your rhyme style is inspired more by old skool hip-hop & soul music ?

Definitely. I appreciate the music from that time period, it meant something to hear a new joint and go crazy. Glad to have grown up back then.

How do you feel about the current state of New York hip-hop?

I feel like it’s missing its true identity. You have a few known NY rappers that are doing their thing like Joey Badass, A$ap Mob, & Troy Ave, but a lot of other music I’ve been hearing sounds like some musicians are trying to follow a trend instead of being themselves.

What do you feel your style brings to the table?

I feel that my style brings hope, authenticity & originality. My style is a combination of what once was, mixed with what listeners need today.

Are you currently working on any new projects?

Yes I am. It’s called Animal Control. We’re almost done with the project, putting the final touches to it at this time.

Any tracks from the album that you feel stand out the most?

In all honesty it’s hard to pick which ones stand out the most. But the key ones I feel represent the message the most is “For Nothing” “Keep Pushing” , “Kill Me” & “Mandatory” each song I feel has something everybody. No matter what background, or place you come from, you can relate to it in a good way. has something (for) everybody*

What goals do you wish to accomplish during your career?

I’d like to be known and remembered as one of the artists from New York state that helped change the game. I’d like High Caliber Music to be the brand, and list of artists that are the reason East coast music is back, and ain’t goin no where. And last but not least, financially secure. To be able to tour the world with my music and have people appreciate the music I create, and utilize it as a way to motivate them to succeed in whatever it is they want to do. -

"the9elements Presents: “The Whole 9″ w/ INF!"

New York’s Hip Hop scene is more than what happens in the five boroughs and Long Island. As you read this, emcees in Albany, Buffalo, Yonkers and all around The Empire State are honing their skills and a variety of elements, including emceeing. One such place is Rochester. Made famous by Kodak, the city has fallen on hard times since the picture company’s decline. So through the concrete of The Roc, Hip Hop has grown like a rose. One such example is an emcee by the name of INF!. Formerly INF! Da Beast, he now goes by just INF!, but he’s still beasting on every beat he gets his hands on. He also reps the collective known as High Caliber Music, with him and general JD Riggz, showing that their city is more than the dopeness that is Emilio Rojas.

So INF! and I chopped it up in the latest installment of our The Whole 9 interview series, where we spoke on his recent mixtape release Animal Awareness, as well as his upcoming album Animal Control, shifted gears to his style of rhyming, what inspires him, when he started rhyming, how he linked up with JD Riggz and HCM, his city of Rochester and the role it played in his development, songs that define him and the future. For more on homie, hit him up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So read The Whole 9 my dude after the jump, and learn that even a beast can have some Animal Control.

th9elements: At the top of the year, you released a released a new mixtape Animal Awareness, which serves as a prequel to your upcoming album Animal Control. Was the thought process behind the release of your mixtape, and the upcoming release of your album?

INF!: What we wanted to do is generate the buzz to the people that the album was coming, and we truly wanted to lure people in with some new material, unreleased material we always wanted to put out but felt it wasn’t time for yet, and put out some freestyles I always wanted to kill. I had fun making those freestyles, and we had even more fun making the mixtape flow like a project and mixtape should.

T9E: Let’s talk about Animal Control. What can we expect from this album?

INF!: You can expect a project that you’d want to listen to on repeat. Good music that’ll keep you wanting more, kind of like a good movie you’re willing to see more than once to catch detail you haven’t seen the last time.

T9E: When does it drop?

INF!: February 17th Digitally and February 24th for the CD version.

T9E: As an emcee, you’re known for your aggressive style and great wordplay. What emcees inspired you and your style?

IMG_7682INF!: When I was 4 years old visiting my Aunts house in Harlem music was always playing in the house, whether it was the radio, or videos. One day LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out came across the screen, and that was one of my first experiences seeing this video, hearing his voice and aggression, that was the first artist that inspired my style. 2pac, Chuck D, DMX, Eminem, N.O.R.E were just a select few that inspired my voice. The word play I feel comes from Big Daddy Kane, some B.I.G, Snoop, Rakim and Jay, definitely Jay.

T9E: You’ve dropped quite a bit of music over the years, so there’s no doubt that you’re comfortable letting people listen to your rhymes. As you were coming up, when did you comfortable with letting people hear your music and letting them know that rap is what you do?

INF!: I started rhyming when I was 9-10-years old so 96′-97′, I was so excited to show that I could rap, but I was 100% sure Freshman year in High School I was ready to tear sh*t up (laughs).

T9E: You rep the Hip Hop crew High Caliber Music or HCM for short. I know the homie JD Riggz has been repping that for the longest. Tell me how you got down with Riggz and the crew?

INF!: It had to be 5th grade. Me and Riggz had to take the long bus rides from the City to school, and one day we were sitting on the back of the bus, him in the seat in front of me. I was hearing him rapping to himself, I asked “Yo, you rap?” “Yeah”, Me too” and I was beat boxing Pac’s hit em up beat while he was spittin’. After that day we would just have a cypher before and after school every day. The rest of the crew came together through middle school & high school, We were already going to school with a HCM original Brieux, and later on I’d come to meet Q Ea$y and Hundoe Luck through JD Riggz, and Shee Blue through my brother KXL.

T9E: You rep the city of Rochester, a city in upstate New York made famous by Kodak, but since their fall, has come on some tough times. Has being from Rochester helped your pen game in any way?

INF!: Absolutely, being here from Rochester NY, you see a lot of well known businesses flourish and then fall. Kodak was one of the very few, where if you or a family member worked there, there was a sense of pride. In my opinion Kodak was truly one of the most influential companies to hail from Rochester New York. Rochester is forever my home and the knowledge I picked up from this city will forever show in the songs I make, and the passion behind it all.

T9E: If I was someone who had never heard you rhyme, and you wanted me to listen to a song of yours that best sums you up, what would it be?

INF!: It would be either the song For Nothing or I’ll Never Fail, off of Animal Control. These songs define who I am and what I’m about the most. I make music for the dreamers, for the masses that go through life’s ups and downs, overcome those obstacles to do great things. >

T9E: With Animal Awareness out and Animal Control on the way, what else can we expect from you in 2015 and beyond?

INF!: I’ll definitely be doing shows out in and out of state, I love to travel. HCM Is The Gang: Reloaded will be coming soon! I’ll be features on JD Riggz’ Gods Gift 2, Q Easy, Hundoe Luck, Shee Blue and KXL’s next projects, I’ll be working on making more beats, beyond? You’ll have to wait and see, I’m just getting started.

T9E: Yo thanks for taking the time to chop it up. Any last words?

INF!: Head over to to Pre-order Animal Control, listen to Animal Awareness and more. Thank you for having me, I had fun. -


RTGv5: Beauty of The Beast (Mixtape) Released 2009
INFsTruMentalz (Mixtape) Released 2010
Animal Awareness (Mixtape) Released 2015
Animal Control (Debut Album) Releases 2015


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INF! is a hip-hop MC/Producer based out of Rochester, NY specializing in traditional hip-hop & R&B Music. INF! Began rapping at age 10, after meeting fellow MC/Producer and now production company owner, JD Riggz, at elementary school. INF! has since appeared on various local albums, stages and gained a loyal fanbase once he released his debut solo mixtape, INFsTruMentalz, available for download at INF! was recently nominated for best hip-hop video for his single "Keep Pushing" at the ROC Awards in 2015 and his debut album, Animal Control, can be ordered at featuring the smash "I'm Gone" featuring brother/producer KXL, which is what garnered him the buzz he has today on a local and underground/online level.  Dubbed "Da Beast" for his stage presence and rapid flow, INF! has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

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