Infectious Funk Flow

Infectious Funk Flow

 Golden, Colorado, USA

Now 4 those of u that don't know, we r Infectious Funk Flow.. servin' up our tune'z 4 yo mind, body & soul.. you'll feel it from yo head down 2 yo toes.. so just shake yo hips & free yo woes.. so come y'all its time 2 GO!!!


Molding pure intention with eclectic groove's, I.F.F. take's you on a transcendental journey that leave's both an INFECTIOUS, and FUNKy imprint on your soul. If you are consciously aware of this, you will want to see and feel it FLOW into your daily life, as well as those you meet along your journey. Hence the name...The Infectious Funk Flow project has been a long time coming. With that said, our bags are packed and the trains leaving the station...All Aboard!!

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The Good Life

Written By: Waller/Donnen

My heart just need to open to all right here & now.
Accepting the inevitable with a little grace & style.
Have you ever stop & wondered about the choices that you make
Energy flows where attention goes so be careful what you create
So don't resist your past just live right in the now
For the time is near for you to see you've got to go out & meet your destiny
From the highest peaks to the deepest seas
And attitude of gratitude is gonna keep our spirits free

I wanna live the good life of wealth & firm belief
My pockets need some money, my soul just needs relief

Missin' You Blues

Written By: Stephen Waller

When I think of you a smile comes to my face
When I speak of you my voice begins to shake
What you give to me is one I can't replace
You've got the sunshine in a smile thats on your face
Thinkin' of you so far but yet so near
If I could only reach out, hold you, take away your fears
Your inspiration when I'm in doubt
Love, patience, humility is what you taught me all about

I've got the Missin' You Blues 4x

Time on my hands since you've been gone, time on my feet again
It feels like the time just won't go away
A prisoner of war fighting my past again
And tryin' to make peace for one more day
So much to do
Yet so far to go
Will it ever end child
Tell me will we ever know?
Seize the day thats what you always said
For tomorrow may come and yesterday is always dead

Look in2 the Mirror

Written By: Stephen Waller

When I look into the mirror
I see you staring back at me
Things would be so much clearer
If you'd only come back to me....I could see
A song you play to pass the day
But still you search for more....keep searchin'
So much in this world to gain
Its up to you to change your frame....of mind

You've got to forget regret
Don't look back I say don't look back

Set List

Our sets are a comprised of mostly originals, with covers filling in here & there that hail from many genre's. Set lengths depend on the venue & the lineup of artists. We can currently perform up to 2 hours of music.


Lip Up
Get Down
The Stream
Green Chille
Vudu Queen
The Good Life
The Real Ones
Missin' You Blues
Look into the Mirror
Drivin w/ the Lights Off


Tweezer (Phish)
What I Got (Sublime)
Character Zero (Phish)
Cissy Strut (The Meters)
Best Feeling (KellerWilliams)
Black Magic Woman (Santana)

Check out some video of us "LIVE" streaming at: