Infernal Arms

Infernal Arms

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

We formed in 2010 from diverse musical backgrounds. We have parts that might put you to sleep, and sections that could give you a concussion. We often play fast, and we commonly play slow. Sometimes we sing, but we usually shout. We are almost always loud. We don't talk much between songs.


Infernal Arms assembled a couple of years ago with the intention of writing semi-catchy rock songs with some semblance of pop sensibility, but we ended up in other places, tempted incessantly by big riffs and the compelling notion of being heavy.
In 2011 we released digitally our 4 song ep, The Architect. It is now available on translucent blue 12-inch vinyl, with packaging lovingly assembled with our own hands.
In November 2012 we released the "Doctors" EP, which is the farthest thing from pop music we've done so far, but it's also the most thorough and calculated collection of ideas that we've put together.
If you think you'd enjoy a good balance between sharp riffs, thoughtful arpeggios, fuzzy noise, singing, shouting and occasional restraint, all played at aggressive volumes, Infernal Arms is probably up your alley.

For fans of Glassjaw, At the Drive In, These Arms are Snakes, Envy


Doctors EP (Fall 2012) - Digital EP

The Architect EP (Summer 2011) - CD-R EP/Digital/12" Vinyl

Infernal Arms EP (Summer 2010) - CD EP/Digital