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Luton, England, United Kingdom

Luton, England, United Kingdom
Band World Hip Hop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



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Currently Released tracks for distribution;
Dancefloor- Debonez Ft. Capone and Kappadonna

Currently Unreleased tracks but being promoted;

*Hate On Me
*U gotta
*Boy I Think
*Boom Boom Boom- Capone Freestyle
*All up in you



Debonez A.k.A Jimmy Bonez/ Jimmy Two Shoes, Chronic Master, Abzo and so many other names by which those who are quite close to him call him by but for the rest of the world, "Debonez" is not just another rapper/hiphop musician, Mr Bonez has kept both his ear and his heart true to the music scene and in the course of it influenced quite a few.
Over the years he has worked with some prominent musicians and music loyalists. Some of the people he has worked with in and around the industry include individuals and groups such as music producers, rappers, garage MCs, DJs and some good vocalists here and there.
Debonez's uniqueness and ability to work with different people from different parts of the world; from Africa, Europe, the United Arab Emirates and also artist from the Caribbean Islands including Haiti, which has given him quite an understanding of what people can achieve through music; for example, the freedom of expression in a musical form. He integrates aa variety of musical forms to create something new.
Although debonez hasn't Released an album yet, Dancefloor (WorkTape Version) has been released digitally and is being distributed globally by Island Def Jam Digital distribution via most major digital music retailers including itunes and Nokia Ovi to name a few.

Debonez's ability to tap into the various talents at his disposal (a very talented and hard working team who are ready to work around the clock to keep the Inferno Team moving forward at all times) cleverly places the Inferno City SoS name above peers, the integration of the team relates to how everybody has something to do in the camp which keeps the motivation amongst the crew as they also all have something in common which is; "succeeding at whatever you do and the ultimate love for music.

Inferno City is the brain child of Mr Bonez aka Debonez aka The real Jimmy Bonez. Initially the group was formed by Mr Bonez in 2003 after meeting up with Mr Kappa at luton, Mr Bonez had been into music for a bit before he met Mr Kappa, he then introduced Mr Kappa to the music making scene. at that time Mr Kappa was and still is a great fan of music but had never considered being a creator of it till he met Mr Bonez and got inspired for the first time to write a freestyle rap. Although having just started getting the hang of music production Mr Bonez and Mr Kappa set out to explore music creatively and through it's various forms came across alot of people from different places in the world through music oriented interactions. They finally decided it was time to get the music out there so they started putting together a little crew of rappers with Mr Bonez behind the Sound Production and Engineering.
The duo put up a great team of diverse lyrically atheletic artist together to create an evolution of music that has never been heard before.
In 2009 summer a new addition to the camp by the name of Capone was introduced to Mr Bonez, without much delay the lyricall tenacity of Capone and the wittiness of his delivery gave birth to the new dimension of inferno city, together they have been aiming for unquestionable but applaudable hype within the luton town and have appeared in a couple of events and have been also given a spot in the luton carnival in may 2010, for the team this is an excellent way to get more exposure locally and also nationally.

The group is called inferno city SoS and they have a variety of musical creativity to deliver to the world and the UK Music scene will be taken by a whirlwind once the team has convinced the right people this is what the UK Urban Music will appreciate along side the rest of the many talents in the scene. the only difference is that inferno city is the streets diy solution to the UK's urban Music Scene. We Are The SoS