Infidel inc.

Infidel inc.



“Refined Brutality” is how Christopher Aidan describes Infidel inc.– his one-man band. Hailing from California’s hi-tech Silicon Valley, this vocalist/ multi-instrumentalist/producer blends a variety of influences into original take on heavy aggressive music. After hearing a demo, Metal Hammer listed Infidel inc. as one of the most promising upcoming acts in their April ’06 issue.

With a vast array of influences like AC/DC, Prince, NIN, Joe Satriani, & Peter Gabriel, Christopher aimed to mix it all to create a new take on what Gothic Beauty magazine describes as “heavy, intense rock”. Not only have fashion magazines begun to notice, but guitar fan websites have been praising the music as well for it’s elaborate production and intense guitar playing.

While performing, producing and recording almost everything on the album, Christopher Aidan has also assembled a live band to help deliver the music to audiences. The debut performance at this January’s NAMM show for the Monster Beverage V.I.P. event, was met with thunderous applause and industry acclaim. Since the album’s summer debut the band has performed at various Southern California venues including House of Blues and B.B. King’s nightclubs.

Christopher Aidan’s past accomplishments include production work for film - Final Destination 2 (New Line), November (Independent/2004 Sundance winner); television - Road Rules & The Real World (MTV). He has performed with Stimulator last summer on the Duran Duran ’05 North American Tour and on the Van’s Warped Tour. The Infidel inc. album was recorded at legendary Bomb Factory Studios in LA and mastered by Tom Baker (Beastie Boys, NIN, Velvet Revolver).

Clothing brand IZOD recently licensed Infidel inc.’s song ‘Fix’ for their national ad campaign. The ad debuted in US & Canada theaters with the film ‘Borat – Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit of Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan’, the ad was also featured during NFL Superbowl XLI '07 and was featured on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.



Set List

Flexible set list, can be expanded or shortened (typically 30-50 minutes).

'Short set list'
1. Professional
2. Snapdragon
3. Social Disease
4. Little Pretty Beat Up
5. Liquid
6. Better
7. Bonebreaker
8. Fix