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Denton, Texas, United States | INDIE

Denton, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop


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Is there something in the Houston water table that causes two homo-hop acts to hit their strides at the same time? Infidelix makes his own path in music but with unabashed attitude and full-force drive.

"The Houston scene is way different than what people think, but it yields great newer musicians like Paul Wall and Destiny’s Child," he says.

But now he’s dropped his hat in North Texas — today, he calls Denton home. And he performs this Friday in the college town with Lil Wyte, the rapper with lots of buzz discovered by Three 6 Mafia.

"This is what I’ve wanted my whole life, to make music on my own. This is a dream that I never wanted to tell anybody about," he says.

That dream stemmed from almost the same life Drew Mason had. In his youth, Infidelix (born Bryan Rodecker) was also sent to a military academy for spotty behavior, taking it a step further by ending up in the Navy. He claims to have lived an out life in the service, which seems true: He maintains a very loud, gay perspective, down to the rainbow tattoos.

"I’m very openly gay. I whoop somebody’s ass if they talk shit. I’m all tatted up with Pride tattoos. I let it be known, but it’s just the perspective of how you look at it," he says. "In my music, I make fun of myself. People don’t care when it comes to listening to my music. I have a lot of support. I think it’s the way I hold myself."

He has been told that "the gay thing" might be bad for a budding hip-hop career, but Infidelix pushes aside such worries. His pride is almost off the charts yet his persona is hardcore street. It’s almost the first thing he let’s people or artists know about, and if it bites him in the ass, he’s fine with it.

"People are hesitant to do stuff with me because of the gay thing or think it’s a bad thing for hip-hop. It’s not like gay hip-hop, I just so happen to be gay doing it. People are stuck up in an image. If shit happens, it happens," he says.

And with that brazen attitude, Infidelix is both character and artist, much like Eminem. He can crack jokes on himself with lyrics about how he "loves shitpacking" and coming out of the closet practically every time a microphone is in his hand. He just thinks it’s funny.

CARDS ON THE TABLE | Infidelix says he was openly gay when serving in the Navy.

"I’m very open. Even at my shows, I crack gay jokes on myself. I’m pretty vulgar," he says.

What he does, though, is create a different kind of idol. Infidelix right now may just be a local musician trying to make it big, but his pride matches the audacity of the whole hip-hop genre. He talks shit and he doesn’t give a shit, either. If he blows up, Infidelix would represent a whole new type of pride.

"I wanna send a message that it’s OK and to pursue things you want. There’s no rapper today that’s come out. I wanna portray to people you can be a rapper and still have fans and people don’t hate you for that. I think it’s good to tell people if you’re gay to help the movement. Plus, I just want people to listen to my music and think that it’s badass," he laughs.

The only time it bites him in the ass is when he’s on the hunt for a boyfriend. He’s looking but he’s also in a scene that keeps him in the minority. It messes with his gaydar.

"No boyfriend here, but I need one. I end up liking straight dudes but I don’t pursue that. Plus, I have horrible style. I don’t match half the time. But I think it shows I’m cool to do whatever I wanna do."
- The Dallas Voice


Pork and Beans (Apr2013)

Mac Lethal:
Special Reserve Vol 8. (ft Infidelix) (2011)

Debut Album (ft. Infidelix) (2013)

SXSW 2013 Exquisite Music for Homeless People to Listen To while Dancing Naked (2013)

Purple Nights (ft Twitchy)



Whether Infidelix is passing out his cd's at local concerts or opening up for major label acts on national tours, you will always see him working. Started in 2009, Infidelix quickly became noticed in the underground scene after collaborating with Black Clovers Mac Lethal and Houston's finest Lil Flip on his debut album "Pork and Beans" which can be found anywhere digitally and in select stores worldwide. Taking on the likes from his idols Infidelix has followed in the footsteps of many before him and he doesn't plan on quitting anytime soon. Recently signed to the indy label Citizen Soldier Entertainment which hosts the likes of Twitchy and other growing artists, Infidelix has gained the support needed to allow the masses to hear his message. From volunteering and speaking in Ireland about hip hop and following dreams, to working with his label in the local community, hip hop to Infidelix is more than just music. It is his life.

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