Infidels Of Sanity

Infidels Of Sanity

 Pune, Mahārāshtra, IND

Infidels of Sanity is a five-piece band hailing from Pune. Our music is different from the rest but still something that will appeal to all. "Infidels (non-believers) of Sanity (whatever the world feels is sane)" will always want to cross new boundaries of sound and thought through our music.


Infidels of Sanity, affectionately called IOS or just “Infidels”, is a five-piece band hailing from Pune. Our genre, after a whirlwind of changes that started from Power Metal and Speed Metal, now has been given the name Hypnotic Progressive Rock (by the fans themselves) because of the deep psychedelic elements thrown into the progressive, deep lyrically themed songs. Like our name suggests, our music is different from the rest but still something that will appeal to all. We aren't afraid to use our technical knowledge to make our music more worthwhile to the listeners. Our songs are usually themed on complex human emotions which are evoked at their prone extremity.

Pune Mirror seemed to describe us best: "Infidels of Sanity play hypnotic progressive rock with an inkling of psychedelic sounds thrown into the mix. With trance inducing polyrhythms, and dizzying melodies the band plays esoteric music that grows on the listener. True to their name, Infidels of Sanity bend the very boundaries of music."

Our main influences have been Iron Maiden, Pain of Salvation,Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, Rush, Shadow gallery, Opeth, Tool etc who are all thought provoking artists!

1) Were given the honour of playing for Swedish Progressive giants Pain of Salvation at Chennai.
2) Only Band From Maharashtra to do so and one of the four bands from all over India.
3) Selected as one of the top twelve acts in the country to compete for opening for Bryan Adams!
4) Opened for German band Fire on Dawson in IIM Bangalore. (Only band From Maharashtra)
5) Selected to Play @ JRO Chennai 2010.
6) One of the only two bands from Maharashtra to get selected to play for Unseen Underground PubFest 2010 which is a “4 CITY TOUR EVENT”.
7) Were on Air on a Radio Channel In Chennai in January 104.8 FM.
8) Have won various local gigs and college competitions in Pune.



Written By: Infidels of Sanity

There she was as nimble as a ghost..
there she stood as careless as the road...

In the winter, derisive madness..
throws me off my work..
As she stands clutching my shirt..
I wake up to the worst..

She's all i have..
But she's spiralling through..
Her wounded mind..
Built of everything

That you said..
That you dread..
I just hope she forgets..
So she could come..
Back to this worldly place..

That little pain..
that one day..
all i said was
There is no way i can forgive you..

In a moment..
Of fury..
and helplessness..
I cant believe my child is gone..

That awful pain..
that one day..
all i said was
There is no way i can forgive you..

Then suddenly..
Wide awake..
with glazed eyes..
She just stood there staring at the floor..

Now i'm losing myself..
Now i'm cursing my sins..
Taking solace in her breath..
But she's just tearing up her days..

There is something that sinks my pain..
There is something that makes me beam..
There is something that i can wake up to..
There is something I'm meant to do..
To wake you!

How can I let you go..
When every night
I dream of seeing you..
Laughing and speaking of..
Everytime i wiped..
Your teary eyes..
I can only hope you'd
Be waking up..Be waking up..
How can I let you go..
When every night
I dream of you
Waking up Waking up..
From this daze..

Ocean Rip

Written By: Infidels of Sanity

Narrow Streets...
Help me choose my way
Though dreams start to cause disarray..

Holy rain ensnares
The riot overturns the plank
The bold wander out
Pale horizon lays bare..

Wet but oppressive
The tramp hinders the feet
Keeps begging for you to stay
Keeps begging for a sigh astray..

A hand clutches your heart
Like a widow's last attempt
Squeezes out every trickle of fear
A hand on the shoulder keeps the leper at bay...

How can this feeling be left alone
A glaring breeze with an earthly drone
A flowing mane and a glimpse of a scar
In its prison i can't see too far...

From this valley a throbbing acquittal
A confluence of hope and eviction
The ghosts inclined to uncover my seers
But i have waited too much...

Across the ocean..
Where I lie..
Across the ocean..
Where I find my dream...

Not Today

Written By: Infidels of Sanity

A long day passes
Reveries left for clocks
Neither the tomb, nor the bosom
Shivers for the lost heart

Breathing slowly
Tearlessly breathing
Staring closely
Wondering harmlessly

(a jaunt erupts out of the bushes
leaps into the eyes
trembles horribly
shudders creepily
faints suddenly
screams in pain
dances unseemingly
the jaunt of black dots)

Never fades
Not today

Bleak Pages

Written By: Infidels of Sanity

Crouched by the doorway
He cringes with fright
A tremor climbs up his spine
As morose words sink in...

Ripped inside
An ebbing life
Awaits as he weeps...

Feeling weak
As this certainty
Engulfs from within...

The years flashed by
Dreams have dried
I need more time
But nothing..
The bright light awaits...

An open page
The blank last days
The age of eight
In arms of fate
Just nothing..

A flicker of hope
As the mother appears
The summoning name he hears..

For the young child
A savior she is
A sudden wave of tears...

"Take me far away
Though this ageless grey
Her loving embrace
Sucks all fear out of his barren gaze
Makes him laugh again
Though he has no days to speak of.."

"I'll take you far away
Forget all this grief
There is nothing that can take you from me.."

Today..I'm alive!
Today..I'm alive!


Till the present time we have released 4 original compositions. Namely,

1) Glazed
2) Ocean Rip
3) Not Today
4) The Arsonist