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"Infighter - S/T (Independent)"

Sporting former members of Oasis tour-mates Red Autumn Fall and current Mint records buzz-band Novillero, Toronto new-wavers Infighter deliver their first self-titled independent release. A collection of saucy, romantic Brit-influenced rock anthems, Infighter is a solid start for these veteran scenesters. Fronted by self-styled "blazer-boy" Simeon Ross, who spent part of 2004 walking across Canada to raise funds for cancer research, Infighter also benefits from contributions by co-vocalist Ami Spears. Combining spiky guitars, retro synth lines and lyrics that actually mean something, the record is anchored by a killer rhythm section featuring Gail Thompson on drums and Scott Hildebrandt on bass. Like a sonic tour through the best of brit rock, Infighter will definitely garner comparisons to contemporaries Editors, Metric, Keene and old-school classmates Shed 7 and Pulp, to name a few. Standout tracks include, opener "Regret," "The Actor" and dainty duet "Deserter." -Jordan B.

Rating: VVVV - Issue date: 11/16/06 Section: Arts and Entertainment


S/T Independent - The eponymous debut album by Toronto’s Infighter is another jewel in the already teeming crown of new Canadian music. Unfortunately radio stations and music television are cursed with a deviant myopia, which leaves great new bands like Infighter to toil in obscurity. Infighter fuses the synthesizers of new wave with the melody and rhythm of Brit-pop while steering clear of imitation or duplication. The sonic crash of the band and the haunting, angelic vocals of Ami Spears compliment and heighten Simeon Ross' boyish crooning and forlorn lyrics. Opening tracks "Regret" and "Out of Range" are a terrific one-two punch of danceable rock. "The Actor" bounces and pops like any hit song should and Spears' lead vocal on the sorrowful ballad "Deserter" springs goose flesh up the spine.

James B. - Capital Mag

"Pop & Rock Reviews - Infighter by Stacey Sleightholm"

On listening to their self-titled debut, you might mistake Toronto-based new wavers Infighter for Brits, probably from some charming yet dilapidated little corner of Sussex or outer Manchester. The band are actually pieced together by members from Toronto, Calgary and Austin, TX. However, their sound definitely leans toward the British side of things and is easily comparable to the Cure, Pulp, the Smiths or one of the hundreds, if not thousands, of imitators that preceded them. Infighter may, however, have a substantial edge over the scores of others, in that their sound is more a tribute to, rather than an aping of, the post-punk Brit-pop heavy hitters the band have so obviously been influenced by. And what’s more, they’re actually pretty good. True, lead singer Simeon Ross’s faux-English accent can sometimes come across as affected but he’s saved by the fact that his vocals are strong and earnest. Backed nicely by the sporadic and sweet contributions of co-vocalist Ami Spears, the melodies are at once elegant and catchy, highlighted by a seriously talented rhythm section, sweet synth lines and thoughtful lyrics. (Independent) - Exclaim! Magazine

"Infighter by Michelle da Silva"

Stylish and sleek are the best words to describe Toronto band Infighter’s appearance. Actually, those same words could also describe the band’s post-punk, indie-rock sound.

Infighter’s sound has often been compared to the likes of Interpol and the Kaiser Chiefs, due largely in part to its catchy, post-punk guitar riffs and energetic, foot-stomping beats. The band also sounds similar to Canadian indie-band Stars, thanks to Spears’ sweet, soft falsetto interlaced with Ross’s powerful vocals. The fast-paced single “Regret” shows influences from Joy Division and The Cure. And “Silencer” is a brilliant example of how synthesizers layered upon beating guitar riffs create a hypnotic effect.

Infighter will be bringing its mod wardrobe and spiky guitar rock to Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto in the new year. - GLOSS: The Fashion Magazine

"Infighter at Club Lambi 02/02/08"

It’s hard to say if Infighter, the Brit-inspired sextet from Toronto, is just a medium for Simeon Ross to act out his somewhat larger-than-life persona. True, the band has a full-bodied sound: obvious in their studio work, we feel the echoing guitars, the propulsive baselines and the up-tempo tunes. True, the male-female interplay between Simeon’s Manchester moan and Ami Spears’ timid harmonies is central to the group’s sound.

But, when you see them live – especially in an intimate venue like the Main’s Club Lambi – you realize that the meal ticket is the enthusiastic and spastic rock-&-F’n-roll of Infighter’s leader. Playing in front of an audience of friends and – plausibly – family, you’d think Simeon was doing Shea Stadium in ’82. With the whole crew squeezed onto not much more than a 10 X 5 stage, he didn’t have much to work with. He jumped up onto platforms, banged his guitar with voodoo-like intensity, he fell to the floor in seizures. One can only wonder what he would have done given the Springsteen runway.

Infighter banged through their best songs, especially the Killers-inspired single Regret, with impressive intensity. The driving guitar was complemented by the dark, wry lyrics of someone who likely wishes he was born poor, pale and depressed in the rust-belt of middle England. -

"NXNE Festival Reviews - Infighter"

Front-man Simeon Ross’ mid-set decision to move his mic stand to the middle of the dance floor afforded the capacity crowd an opportunity to focus on as competent and cohesive a live unit as they were likely to see and hear on any NXNE stage. An undeniably talented performer, Ross’s manic and unrelenting antics (which one patron likened to a severe toe-stub victim) didn’t so much as engage the audience’s attention as demand it. Accordingly, the second half of Infighter’s set — typified by tight, hook-laden classic indie pop motifs — proved that much more memorable.

By Chuck Molgat - Exclaim! Magazine

"Infighter by Matt Hartwick March 2008"

Infighter bring their sound of Alternative Post Punk alive in their Self-Titled Debut Album.

Toronto’s Indie Rockers Infighter combines and blends the sounds of Alternative, Post Punk and ambient vocals to create what seems to be the way Indie Rock is weaving into.

A couple of influences that immediately break through Infighter’s sound are Radiohead, a little bit of the Cure, Depeche Mode, The Killers, and The Smiths.

The album has a total of ten tracks that all seem to stay within the same boundaries of each other, so if you are a fan of one of their songs you will enjoy the entire album.

“Regret” is the lead track off of the album. At the start of the song there is a little catchy guitar riff that leads your ears into the song. What I like about their sound is their vocals. They are a mix between the Cures and The Smiths and Ami adds her ambient backing vocals that seem to illuminate the song. “Regret” borders along the lines of a slight electronic eighties/nineties sounding song because of the light backing sound of the synth and keyboards, but keeps inline with an alternative post punk sound.

“Lost Types”, now here is a song that your mind can get lost and wonder into an almost oasis state. Ami’s vocals just simply does the song in (in the best way possible). As I listen to the song I don’t even really listen to any of the lyrics to the song but just to the instruments and focus on the backing vocals. Now I am not knocking Simeon on vocals in any way, but I just can’t seem to follow the lyrics at all. I think a good idea for this song would be to add “Lost Types” to their next album as a bonus track at the end of their album without the lyrics.

For my favourite track off of the album to pick as a lead single was a bit of a hard choice to make because of the relativity of each track has with each other. So in the end I left myself choosing between the three tracks that I have written about in this review. My final decision was a tie between “Regret” and “Lost Types”. It is the vocals between each track that makes it almost impossible for me to choose which one has a “stronger sound” than the other.

One of my favourite characteristics that is brought forth to my attention and keeps shining from track to track is the vocals and “Believable” doesn’t let you down. The combination of the Simeon and Ami’s vocals just simply put works beautifully. -


2007 Infighter (S/T)



Infighter is a five-piece alternative rock/post-punk revival band from Toronto, Canada. Formed in late 2005, their brand of sweeping indie rock is frequently compared to the sound of bands such as Interpol, Kaiser Chiefs, Editors and The Killers and draws on the influences of post-punk bands Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, Pulp, The Cure, and The Smiths. The band's sound is a mix of dense guitar and synthesizer atmospheres combined with bass throb and spiky guitars. Infighter is known for energetic live performances and frontman Simeon Ross' showmanship and soaring vocals.

The genesis of Infighter began with Simeon and Brad getting together to share ideas and write songs, and what emerged over the next few months would end up constituting much of the band's debut release. Simeon, Gail, and Brad previously were the core of the Toronto band Charmer. Simeon and Gail had been founding members of the Calgary band Red Autumn Fall, which had garnered many accolades and even opened for Oasis. Harrison had been long time friends with the band and was the logical choice on keyboards. Scott was the final piece of the puzzle and he previously had been a founding member of the Winnipeg bands Transonic and Novillero. Brad and Scott are from Winnipeg. Harrison and Gail are from Calgary. Simeon has roots in both Calgary and Winnipeg, but was born in Inuvik, NWT.

Infighter has begun work on their second album due out June 2009

Ami Spears adds backing vocals on Infighter's debut CD.

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