BandHip Hop

My music is a fresh taste of hip hop. A mix between Jay-Z and Talib Kweli.


I was born in Portland. I lived with my mother until I was 16 I was forced to leave and survive on the streets. I introduced myself to hip hop which saved me from some bad situations. I’ve been rappin’ for 6yrs. I write, produce, mix and master all of my music. I have created a strong buzz in the northwest with my group Sidewayz Speech. We recently came out with the CD “Taking Over” and have moved over 1000 units independently, the album is available online @ My solo album will be dropping this year July 6th. The album will be featuring Dialek from my group Sidewayz Speech and Destro from Boom Bap project. I have done shows at every big spot in the northwest opening up for: Naughty by Nature, Living Legends, Boom Bap Project, Kool Keith, Nappy Roots, Souls of Mischief and Aesop Rock. I grew up in the Northwest but my style was influenced more east coast artists’ such as Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Wu-Tang. I also mixed in a lot of the west coast flavor and some of my influences include Brotha Lynch Hung, NWA and Snoop Dogg.


I released Sidewayz Speech "Takin Over" with my boy Dialek in 2005.
I currently have "Rainy Nightz" in rotation in Portland.

Set List

I usually do 6-8 trakz mixed up with hype and a couple of laid back trakz. Usually 20-30 mins.